Wendy Osefo Makes Interesting Accusations About Mia Thornton & Peter Thomas

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Wendy Osefo spills some tea about Mia Thornton and Peter Thomas.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo is still in disbelief about her altercation with Mia Thornton. On the recent episode, the ladies were enjoying their time in Miami. Mia reached out to Peter Thomas so they could squeeze in dinner at Bar One. She told the others that he is a family friend. And Peter is someone that she and Gordon Thornton spend a lot of time with. So when Peter told Mia that he had beef with Wendy, Mia took it personally. Apparently, a business deal between Wendy and Peter didn’t work out. Peter blames Wendy for things falling through. And Wendy thinks Peter was the holdup. Either way, Peter felt it was rude for Wendy to travel to Miami and not give him a heads-up. Mia agreed. She then called Wendy out for this.

Wendy thought it was absurd for Mia to suggest she needed to check in with Peter about anything. She said the only man she has to check in with is Eddie Osefo. After Wendy went on to say that she and Eddie don’t do things like Gordon and Mia; Mia threw her drink in Wendy’s direction.

As tempers continued to flare that night, Mia also assaulted Wendy with her purse. Robyn Dixon accused Wendy of antagonizing Mia. Gizelle Bryant agreed. And fans have been dragging Robyn for this on social media. Regardless, Robyn doesn’t think she was wrong. She also said that she was worried Wendy would retaliate when she has more to lose than Mia.

Interestingly enough, Wendy does have some support in the group. Karen Huger, Candiace Dillard Bassett, and Ashley Darby think Mia was out of line to assault Wendy. After they check up on her on the upcoming episode, Wendy makes some interesting accusations about Mia.

Before the conversation kicks off, Wendy tells the ladies where she stands emotionally, “I’m hurt because I feel as though no one should violate someone and their space. And she threw a drink at me over Peter?”

“Well, let’s keep it real. Peter told me that him and Gee and Mia used to go on vacations together. But Mia did some snake **** to Peter’s girlfriend at the time. So all this, ‘Peter’s my brother.’ Since when is Peter your brother? Last time I checked, Peter told me that he stopped messing with y’all.”

In a green screen interview Ashley says, “Whatever Wendy knows, whatever Mia did, it must be juicy because the way Mia turned into Hulk at that table, hmm…it’s something she doesn’t want anyone to know.”


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  1. It must be something Mia doesn’t want to get out, and if I was her I’d leave Wendy alone because she knows and will let it be known. Leave Wendy alone Mia she knows your secrets and will tell it all. And I’m all for it and want to know.

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