Robyn Dixon & Gizelle Bryant Blame Karen Huger for Mia Thornton’s Assault of Wendy Osefo?

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The altercation between Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo has the RHOP cast picking sides.

Real Housewives of Potomac” fans have a lot to say about the latest episode. Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton clashed something serious. Things started to go left after Peter Thomas told Mia that he has beef with Wendy. He explained that he didn’t like the way things went after Wendy approached him about opening a Nigerian lounge. While he blamed Wendy for the deal stalling, Wendy said things came to a halt because of Peter. Regardless, Mia took this personally. And she said that she and her husband Gordon Thornton have a close friendship with Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband. So Mia attempted to confront Wendy while the ladies were dining at Bar One.

Mia told Wendy that she was wrong to not hit Peter up after she arrived in Miami. Wendy thought this was nonsensical. And she told Mia that the only man she has to check in with about anything is Eddie Osefo. Wendy also said that she and Eddie don’t do things the way Gordon and Mia do.

Well, Mia responded by throwing her drink at Wendy. And eventually, as things continued to escalate during the verbal war, Mia also assaulted Wendy with her purse. As all of this was going on, Robyn Dixon told Wendy that she was being antagonistic to Mia. So if she didn’t want to get physical, she should stop talking. Gizelle Bryant also sided with Mia. Karen Huger was neutral and said both sides were wrong. However, Ashley Darby said that there is no justification for Mia’s actions.

To no surprise, the drama from the altercation continues on the upcoming episode of RHOP. And Mia, Gizelle, and Robyn place a lot of blame on Karen.

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    1. I think Mia brought it on herself she had no business talking about what Peter said.Robyn and Gizelle are both wrong.

      1. I totally agree with you. I am team Robyn, but she was wrong when she placed all the blame on Wendy. I would have reacted exactly like Wendy. Mia is habitual liar.

    2. Robin is sooooo much more messy than Giselle but she comes in as a close second. So unattractive. Then they tried to blame Karen for not diffusing the altercations. If they were so concerned, they could have done the same thing..

  1. Mia is crazy, Robin and Gizelle, are delusional, the only person that was antagonizing the situation, was Robyn dumb A$$, she needs that job so bad, she is trying so hard, but yet making a pure A$$ outta herself and Gizelle just says anything, they know dn well Wendy was right, minding her business enjoying her Dinner,til BIG FOOT showed her ugly face, get rid of Mia, all this Bullsh!t going on, RHOP, is starting to lose the viewers, ratings are down, rightfully so cause of Mia, Gizelle and Robyn, who wants to see all the phony Bullsh!t brought on by those 3 idiots, they’ll never get rid of Wendy, Maybe Mia but not Wendy, her fan base just grew 1000 percent.

    1. I am so glad to know that there is one
      other person out there that feels the
      same way concerning Giselle,Robin and Mia.

      1. Wendy got too much mouth although you guys feel she wrg nobody is saying Wendy wrg and she also kept saying she wanted to fight also she said she against violence she a professor she got degrees then learn to shut ur mouth!!!PERIOD I’m glad Mia got with her Candice just shut up exit Left and Wendy Jo with U

  2. Deja Vu, Ya think? Robyn And Gizelle didn’t have that same energy when mouthy Candiace was antagonizing Monique in prior seasons. Practice what you preach, Puppets.

  3. I think mia was wrong she ha no business asking Wendy about what was going on between her and Peter.robyn and gizzell
    Are hypocrites.wendy is right about them.
    Now the greens are trying to blame Karen

  4. Robyn and Gizelle need to quit. Mia made this bed, now she must lay in it!! She interjected her tail in something that she was never apart of. This whole situation is so immature.

  5. Rocks for brains Robert Dixon is sooo light brained. This dumb chick goes from seasons of being a lap dog up Hozelle Bryants bush ( as Karen often says) to be her true aggressive ghetto self. Let’s see her deflect this reunion when Juan Dixon ain’t sitting behind her #ONCEAGINNNNMISSING and Andy better have those damn questions together and not try to gaslight and gloss over this ish! See what u got to say about NO WEDDING, and Charges against Juan.

  6. I tried to like Mia but she has proven herself to be trash and a habitual liar who seeks approval of the other stank miserable heffas Hoezelle and Robert who are just playing her dumb butt like a fiddle. Peter aint yo family and you fighting somebody about a man you don’t wake up to in the morning. Or do you? She can exit left of this show and crater face won’t be missed.

  7. They need new women period I liked Monique and thy allowed Candice to do stupid ishhh to her Candice is a bully like her mom,she CANT sing but look go on tiur it’s bttr than U trying to be a housewife what young women ur age freeze their eggs,a selfish women U singer our real singers with husband and children this girl don’t want any kids thy dnt have her interacting with Chris kids and she shouldn’t her mouth too foul and she not a role model Wendy husband said thy messing w/his wife look ur wife mess with them too I’m not going to spoil anything but just keep waiting on the real tea and Robinette STOP just Stop y’all tell Ashley dnt get a house with Michael but U and Juan still shacking exit LEFT……

  8. This was noway any fault of Karen’s. Karen did what others should do- minding her own business. Mia insisted on being in Wendy’s business and was very aggressive about. Robyn did what she does best deflect and cast blame. Mia, her friend, nor the Green eyed Bandits can blame Karen. Karen said they were both wrong without taking a side. Karen has said she can’t and doesn’t fight, she gets out of the way. Notice they didn’t try to stop it.

  9. I’m truly sick of Robyn and Giselle. They are hypocrites nobody needs to say anything else but they don’t like Wendy so they’re just gonna go for Mia they talked about me like a dog they are hypocrites they’re both just evil

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