Quad Webb Responds to ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Calling Her Unlikable

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Not everyone believed the rumors about Quad Webb.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb received a lot of backlash from fans due to her actions on the most recent season. She’s not in a good place with Toya Bush-Harris. So she didn’t mind sharing the cheating rumors about Toya. However, Toya denied that she cheated on Dr. Eugene Harris. And she also said the rumor about her sleeping with a neighbor is completely untrue. Eugene said the rumor wasn’t believable in the first place. However, he now feels like Quad is attacking their marriage. As for Quad, she said she’ll stop speaking on the couple if they stop speaking on her.

Toya returned the energy by bringing up a rumor about Quad. Quad has been accused of sleeping with her married contractor. She has denied this. And she also attempted to prove her innocence by bringing lie detector test results to the reunion. Andy Cohen said that these tests aren’t permissible in court. However, some of the other women on the cast said they believe Quad didn’t sleep with the man.

Quad Webb received criticism from “Married to Medicine” fans.

The majority of the backlash was also tied to some fans taking issue with Quad questioning if Toya had something to do with Anila Sajja‘s house being broken into.

Interestingly enough, Quad addressed the criticism she receives from some “Married to Medicine” fans.

When she appeared on “Reality with The King,” Carlos King asked, “When people say things about you Quad like, ‘Oh, Quad is over the top. She’s unlikable, she’s doing the most. What do you have to say about that?”

Quad answered, “Well, I may be unlikable to a person who really can’t stand my flair. Everybody doesn’t like Primetime, Deion Sanders. But he has a flair, right? I am not for everyone and they are truly, truly entitled to their opinion. But don’t expect me to dim my light so you can shine. You gotta step it up, you just gotta step your game up.”

She also responded to some fans accusing her of being a gold digger who only used Dr. Gregory Lunceford.

“My ex-husband did not have this world-renowned name. He was not Doctor Oz or not one of the doctors who was already on television, honey. And very famous and bringing in millions of dollars. That was not our story. My ex-husband and I grew together. I most certainly was a driving force behind him. And pushing him to his potential and I’m happy to see he has flourished in that arena of having his own practice. I’m actually very pleased that I can say I had a hand in that.”

Quad added, “We had a very comfortable, middle-class lifestyle. But we didn’t have a very lavish lifestyle. There was no rolls royces in the driveway. There was no marble floors in our home. Go back, you girls who have said that, go back and watch 1, 2, and 3 parts of the season, ‘Married to Medicine.’ There was not these lavish trips on yachts and going over shopping in Paris and all that. We didn’t have that, we didn’t have it.”

You can listen to the full episode here.


  1. Why is Quad on the show? She is not married, neither is she a doctor. She is very messy and conceited. Why would you even want to go on a couple’s trip, solo? Just messy. And yes, you used your husband because you are gold digger and purchasing a flower vase for his office is not putting a hand in his career.

    1. Without Quad on the show there wouldn’t be any excitement. Who cares if she isn’t a doctor or married to one. She once was. She’s a original you haters!!

      1. Yes ma’am, exactly!! You have to have someone on the show to stir the pot now and then. And Toya is just as messy, how come no one comments on that? Leave Quad alone, she is who she is. Lets not forget the producers give them story lines when they edit like they do….

  2. I wonder why there are single women on ‘married to medicine’ and housewives when the shows imply married people.

  3. I like Quad because she don’t take no mess from nobody. I like that she stands up for herself and that when the ladies get together Quad can have a good time with them all.

  4. I fell like there was a lot of shade thrown at her ex Husband, which is weird because Quad just congratulated him on his wedding. She should respect the fact that he is a practicing Doctor, one that is also an entrepreneur. However, in her mind she likely feel like there was no issue with her words. I always thought she was dirty to her ex anyway, in my opinion, she didn’t need to be so exaggerated in her response. We knew that about her ex but he was a doctor, a black doctor who wanted to settle with a family. That is actually positive too see and also refreshing for a realtiy television show. Maybe that’s just me. Quad you’re full of chaos and drama and sadly that has been your storylines. She is just another contributor to this toxic culture but hide hand to cry and play victim. #Pathetic

  5. Quad bye. She never answered the question she deflected by talking about Deion Sanders. That part of why people don’t like her. Quad has talk down about the next person to make herself feel better. Fraud

  6. Forehead Fraud ..Bravo can’t yall hear the roar of millions of viewers saying that her nasty negativity is not wanted or needed on this show? Yes we watch for the drama but she is beyond annoying and puke.

  7. I like her and I have no problem with her everyone is not a like and if she out here getting her coins to provide go on girl do you because ain’t no body going to pay ur bills. Dr G is happy and I’m happy for him and you go be happy.

  8. Quad is messy and very toxic for the other ladies on the show. . I love Toya. Quad needs a check she comes with the drama. No Storyline why she on the show. She is really fake and fonna. Girl bye

  9. Gurllllll I love it yes she used her husband and did not love him. She us so bold and brazen. She needs to go. She had no part in Gregory’s career she net him a doctor. Why did she not just leave she wanted alimony can’t stand Quad and her silly mannerism of speaking

  10. I don’t know why Quad is on the show. She come across like she is confident and togethet but she is so nasty it shows she is not as confident as she pretends. She is such a revengeful person. She is not a happy camper.

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