Miss Wanda Becomes Flustered After LAMH Fans Educate Her About Melody Shari’s Success

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Miss Wanda is a controversial figure on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari‘s fallout with LaTisha Scott gained her an enemy she probably didn’t anticipate, Miss Wanda. In fact, Miss Wanda has made it clear that she takes their issues personally. And she intends to defend her daughter regardless of anyone who has a problem with that. So she has been coming for Melody on the show, as well as on social media. However, some fans believe Miss Wanda crossed the line when she commented on Melody and Martell Holt’s children. The first time Wanda said she didn’t want LaTisha and Marsau Scott‘s children to continue to play with the Holt kids because they could be jealous of the Scott children’s hair. But it was Miss Wanda questioning the paternity of the youngest Holt kid that resulted in fans demanding that Wanda be fired from the show.

A petition was actually created and some fans called for a boycott until Wanda was removed from LAMH. In response to this, Marsau said that Wanda would only film scenes with the Scotts moving forward. And since her blowup with Melody at the MaDonni reopening event resulted in Wanda trying to run up on Melody, it’s not likely that Wanda and Melody will be filming scenes together again anytime soon.

Miss Wanda had questions about Melody Shari’s success.

Interestingly enough, the sitdown with the core 6 hasn’t produced any real results. Cast members are still taking shots at each other on social media. So Wanda is back to speaking her mind as well. And she had some things to say to people who think that LaTisha is jealous of Melody.

While speaking to a couple of fans of the show, Wanda said, “And for them to think that this person is better than the next person, she got a reason to be jealous of somebody else, I mean come on! Come on! I would be jealous of somebody…I don’t think I got a jealous bone in me, but if I wanted to be jealous of somebody, it would not be nobody that’s not doing as good as I’m doing.”

She continued, “I mean, she ain’t doing no better. I know Tisha is doing way better. Y’all may say, well why would you say that? Why would you say that? Because my stuff is some steady stuff. I don’t have something to say and say oh well I got this right here today and tomorrow then I don’t hear nothing else about it. It’s over with. Okay? I’m doing this today and next week I don’t hear nothing else about it.”

Wanda then brought up Blaque, “But a Blaque y’all gon always hear that. Y’all gon always hear that champagne going up. They gon always build buildings over there.” She continued, “They gon always be building those million-dollar homes over there. They gon always be doing all that stuff right there. See the thing is, you hear it today but tomorrow you don’t hear it no more. Like I heard that this person got their on clothing line.”

She added, “I heard this, okay? But after so long, it belongs to somebody else. I mean come on! Make it make sense!”

Miss Wanda thinks LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott are more successful.

After she’s asked if she’s talking about the fashion line Melody collaborated with celebrity stylist J Bolin on that was actually a success, Wanda didn’t back down.

“Okay, well I’m just saying I don’t hear anything else about it. You say this person has a clothing line. And I don’t hear nothing else about it. You tell me what’s going on.”

A fan once again corrects her and reminds her that the fashion line Melody did was in collaboration with J Bolin. Wanda then said, “See Marsau is not [collaborating] with nobody else. He’s by his self. They doing this stuff alone, they not [collaborating]. Somebody may want to [collaborate] with them, but they not doing anything with them. They handle they own business. So make it make sense that I have to be jealous of somebody whose going in with somebody else when I got my own **** and doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

After someone says Marsau and LaTisha don’t actually own Chocolate in a Bottle, Wanda attempted to refute this.

“They own Chocolate in the Bottle…they can hear what they want to hear. But guess who getting the money? Tisha and Marsau. That’s who getting the money. That’s who came up with the idea, that’s who came up with the idea.” She continued, “And then did y’all hear that they about to open Blaque up in two or three more states? Did y’all hear that? I’m tryna tell y’all baby, this is not no game! They don’t brag about what they do unless its theirs. And they doing it, okay? If you not doing it, I can hear about it today, and tomorrow it’s gone. See what I’m saying?”

Miss Wanda became flustered after some LAMH fans did a little fact-checking.

Wanda was then told that Melody completely owns her Seventh Avenue skincare line that’s a success. And she had more questions, “That may be true, and I’m not gon take that away from anybody. But my thing is how many of her fans that’s jumped up and showed that they actually using this, making a career out of it? How many?”

She’s then told that a many people have actually posted on social media about their love of the products. And Wanda continued to have doubts about Melody’s success, “I have not seen not one and I look at a lot of bloggers. I look at a lot of people. I have not seen one of those bloggers come up and say, hey this Mel, this girl stuff right here, and I’m using it and I’m doing this and I’m doing this…how many people y’all seen with that Chocolate in the Bottle? Ha ha!”

A fan told her that popular YouTuber DJ Richie Skye uses Melody’s Seventh Avenue products as well. Wanda responded, “Okay! One out of 20!”

Wanda is also told Melody actually promotes the business a lot and constantly reposts photos as well as videos of her fans using the products because she’s getting a lot of orders.

And this seemed to fluster Wanda a little so she backed off from the topic, “Okay! Well, I’m just saying what I have not seen. I’m just talking about what I have not seen. I’m not saying that it’s not doing it, but I’m saying if you’re gonna (laughs)…I’m not gon talk about that one no more. I’ma leave that alone y’all…I’ma leave that alone.”


    1. Wanda talks ignorant. She needs to stop talking in interviews because she looks bad. Marseau needs to keep her out his business. Best off

      1. Yes she is!!! She speaks IGNORANT, she acts IGNORANT …. she’s IGNORANT!!!! She’s jealous of Mel. She’s the only one that is comparing assets. She needs to take alllllll of that NEGATIVE energy and focus on her food truck …. make that successful and STOP speaking NEGATIVE about Mel and her children. #hookedonphonicsherplease

      2. Wanda need to get somewhere and sit down. Tisha need to school her mom on right from wrong. Melody line of products is Melody’s not her ex husbands not those whom speak so fondly of it nobody’s it’s all Melody’s. Tisha is getting money from what her husband is doing she have yet to have a line of anything of her own. Wake up Wanda and speak on what you know not what you say you heard read or just making up in your mind. Melody have no reason to be jealous of your daughter or son in law. Melody is truly making things happen. I look forward to when Melody add building houses to her resume. What are you going to say then Wanda. I do not blame people for signing a petition to get Wanda off the show. She creates meds behind meds behind mess. When she put children (Melody & Martell) in her mess she was 209% wrong. Get het off the set she shouldn’t be on it anyway.

  1. Wanda actually proved their jealousy in this video. They all spend way too much time thinking and discussing Melody and it’s very weird.

      1. Bye to Miss Wanda we the (fans) have had enough of her. Bye Melodys ex friend that has the store
        MiDonni(?) if it’s spelled correctly Go get another show line see ya both We Are Tired.

  2. Melody is living “Rent Free” in their brains everyday all day! Jealousy to tha highest ‼️‼️‼️ Is what Wanda, Tisha and Destiny are. Tha look on their faces when they start talking about Melody tells it all. Do better in 2023 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. I can’t imagine having a mother who does things like this. It’s actually sad. And I cringe seeing her struggle to pronounce words. I am not about to sit back and let my mom embarrass herself because I’m that jealous of an ex friend. Latisha should be ashamed. Melody should not have all these people this pressed.

  4. I have to admit Melody’s fans weren’t all that delusional when they said these people are very jealous of her success and fan base. I definitely see it now. You only discredit/downplay someone’s success because you’re envious. And all of them spend a good amount of time trying to downplay Melody’s success when they should be too busy focusing on their own things. Carlos needs to clean all this up. The show can’t survive with cast members obsessing over one person while neglecting to show their real lives on the show season after season.

  5. I don’t understand why she cares so much about Mel’s pockets. Doesn’t affect her at all. She should be happy for her daughter and son in law’s success. Not comparing them to a person she doesn’t even like. What I love about Mel is she is in her own lane and she’s not focused on the moves her peers are making. You can’t reach the highest level constantly watching what someone else is doing.

    1. Wanda needs to learn how to talk first and foremost and I wouldn’t have my mother on the show embarrassing me or herself and Destiny is a hater all day she needs to be off the show she is not married all these people jealous of Lil Ole Mel

      1. I agree Destiny needs to go. She brings nothing at all but BS, ENVY, and HATERATION
        Even the producers say she is hard to work with!! BYE GIRL BYE

  6. Ms. Wanda is to grown to be worried about what’s going on in someone else’s life. She need to go back to school and learn how to pronounce her words correctly. Yes she is jealous of Melody that’s why she keeps her name in her mouth. She need to thank Melody for pitching the idea for the show so that she can make her a couple of dollars. Ghetto at it best

  7. Wanda needs to get her a life and stay out of her daughter’s business. She is an embarrassment on television with her 3rd grade grammar. Why shame her daughter like she does. It’s very obvious that she is jealous of some otherwise she would keep her mouth shut. Wanda please take a seat and sit down and stop the embarrassment. She definitely needs to exit the show. Being ghetto is not cute at all!

  8. Wanda keeps talking about what her son in law is doing not what Latisha us doing Wanda is a hater of Melody and so isn’t Latisha they need to be worried about Marsaua and his cheating ways .

  9. Wanda needs to take several seats! We’ve known that this has been their problem but for her to be dumb enough to put it out there is something else. Her problem is that Mel has a bigger fan base than Latisha and in her eyes, Mel doesn’t deserve that because Latisha is supposedly better than Mel. How dare Mel capitalize on the exposure from the show and make $$ while her daughter doesn’t and in her eyes Latisha is better than Mel.

    So sad when a woman her age is still competing with other people instead of focusing on being her best version.

  10. Wanda needs to stay in the kitchen on her stoop and leave Mel and her daughter/husband business out of her mouth with her “dumb as $10 in pennies” a-s. Go back to school, starting with Kindergarten (where they teach phonics). Keep you effed up mouth closed.

  11. If you remember Liesau saying her Family come from a different side of the Tracks. For real he was calling them less than. LOL

  12. I will never understand why Wanda have so much to say but begging her daughter and S.I.L for money to get her food truck. She needs to humble herself bug time. Easy as blessings come they fall as well. She is full of negative energy ugh please don’t show her anymore.

  13. Wanda, Tisha and Destiny are delusional. They spend too much time worrying about Mel. If Tisha would stop watching Mel’s front door, maybe she could see what’s going on in her house. Wanda & Destiny doesn’t bring anything to the show.

  14. Well she said that she is gonna always defend her 9 year old daughter Latisha to Mel or anyone yall saw her little girl Tisha bring her play puppets out on the show that was not funny or cute and look at her she cry all the time when things do go her way yes that Wanda Lil girl who can’t defend herself you see why she jealous of Melody

  15. Wanda S.I.L he trys to over talk you like he doing Mel cause he doesn’t want nothing to come out about his cheating ways and yell seen the puppets Tisha brought out acting like it was Mel and her cuzin well she Marusau puppet you seen how she laid back in her seat and what did Marusau say to her don’t do that what she did sit back up like the Lil kid she really is cause Wanda didn’t and still won’t let her grow up

  16. I’m so sick of just hearing Wanda’s voice. Why she can’t just stay out of it ALL?! Anyone who has been watching since season, know Tisha is jealous of Mel & always wanted to be like her. Tisha wants to speak like Mel- poised, confident, & articulate-, she wanted to a Boss B-tch like Mel, etc. It’s clear. Actions speaks more volumes than words. We saw it play out. And nobody’s downplaying Tisha’s success, but come on now, just admit Mel was an inspiration. Period!

  17. Wanda is so ignorant and who can hardly understand what she’s saying. She’s talking about her son in law and daughter’s success but she’s trying to get money for a food truck (sounds like collaboration to me). Leave Mel alone…she’s too old for the drama and is such an embarrassment. She needs to get OFF of the show, please!!

  18. Why is Wanda so worried about Mel, money , kids and jobs ? When she is trying to get money from her daughter to start a food truck ! Why is Mel being messy with Tisha cousin ? She did that for revenge because latisha own cousin is jealous of her . Destiny is upset/ hostile all the time maybe due to the failed marriage and no support . I think that Wanda / destiny are done for this show . Even Tiffany and Louis should be cancelled too . They wasn’t at reunion

  19. I’m late, but I just have to comment. I doubt that Mel even thought about who would be her enemy after her fallout with Tisha. But, if she had, she certainly would have anticipated that Wanda would be an enemy. After all, Wanda already was Mel’s enemy from way back when Mel had Tisha escorted out of an event Mel had.

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