YouTuber Shuts Down Marsau Scott After He Says Melody Shari Has Never Been Accountable

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Marsau Scott came for Melody Shari at the LAMH reunion.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari isn’t on the best terms with her costars. In fact, she’s at a point where she doesn’t even want to be on good terms with them. This probably isn’t too surprising considering last season Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott admitted to hanging out with Martell Holt and his former mistress, Arionne Curry. Melody has also accused Marsau of helping Martell cheat by buying Arionne flowers and gifts despite the fact that he was also supposed to be Melody’s friend at the time. Regardless, Marsau and LaTisha Scott believe Melody has done much worse to them. They haven’t been able to move past Melody making cheating accusations about Marsau even though Martell was the first one to make the claim.

Interestingly enough, Carlos King will address Melody’s feelings about the rest of the Comeback Group on the upcoming episode and Part 2 of the reunion. Things kick off after the drama at Destiny Payton’s MaDonni reopening event is discussed.

Carlos asks Melody, “Let me ask you this, Melody. Based on the incident and based on tonight, do you see a world where you are able to move forward with everybody?”

Melody answers, “Never…never. Nope.” She adds, “We’re trying to operate in a place where people aren’t willing to be honest, people aren’t willing to be held accountable and accept responsibility…”

Marsau then interjects, “Have you ever been accountable for anything, Melody, ever?”

Melody says, “He’s entitled to his own opinion, he doesn’t even know me like that but it’s cool.”

Marsau continues with his perspective, “You can’t find anything that she’s ever taken accountability for. I’ll stand on that. I bet a thousand dollars and a bucket of **** she can’t. Matter of fact, I’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone on this stage that can find out.”

A YouTuber was able to shut down Marsau Scott with receipts.

Well, blogger Brown Skyn Girl took Marsau up on his challenge. And she did in fact come with receipts of Melody taking accountability multiple times. She actually apologized to LaTisha for their fallout and took accountability on at least 3 different occasions.

In a past scene, Melody told LaTisha, “For me, I will say that I apologize to you for things I’ve said that have been hurtful to you. Cause at the end of the day, I don’t want to bring another woman pain or hurt so I do apologize.”

Melody even apologized to LaTisha at a past reunion. She said, “I hate to see us at this place too, before we took the break like I wanted to cry because I’m like this was a lot. So I get her feeling that and I’m sorry that you feel that, you know? Because like you said, we were close friends that hung out all the time.” She continued, “So I apologize for my involvement in the friendship not going the way it should go because at the end of the day, I can be honest and say I’ve said some things too that were hurtful. And I apologize for that because that was never my intention is for us to be at this place.”

LaTisha responded, “Thank you Mel for apologizing, I receive that.”

Brown Skyn Girl then had a message for Marsau at this point of the video, “Did you forget that Marsau? You were sitting right there. But you know what? I need you to stop with this facade because you know exactly who it is that doesn’t take ownership or accountability for their actions. Yeah you know…your wife. And I’ll further prove that because you said it on multiple occasions.”

Marsau Scott told LaTisha Scott she never took accountability in past episodes.

In another past scene of Melody attempting to make peace with LaTisha, LaTisha refused to receive what Melody was saying. And she even told Melody it was “BS.” She later recapped the drama to Marsau and he told LaTisha that she isn’t taking ownership of her role in the drama.

Marsau told LaTisha, “In what world would you ever respond positively when someone says I think that’s BS? What you’re saying is I wanna get past the arguing, but you’re starting the arguing.”

LaTisha didn’t think she was wrong at the moment but Marsau didn’t back down, “This right here, right now! You’re still not taking ownership of it. You made the comment, you did that.”

Another past scene from the show was Marsau and LaTisha discussing attending a game night hosted by Martell and Melody. LaTisha didn’t want to go. But Marsau did because he figured it would aid them all in repairing their friendships with each other.

In response to LaTisha not wanting to go, Marsau said, “I see somebody trying, I don’t see you trying as hard I guess.”

LaTisha responded, “You see who trying? I tried like 3 times already.” Marsau strongly disagreed.

And Marsau said, “Oh God! Do you take any accountability for anything?”

Blogger Brown Skyn Girl clapped back with, “So Marsau, you need to turn to the person on the couch next to you and ask her when has she ever been accountable for her actions. And her mother’s actions at that.”


  1. I love Melody because she doesn’t need a man, friends, or her momma to fight her battles. She’s not weak so she can stand on her own like a d-mn queen. Been watching the show since season 1, so I don’t fall for the lies and scheming the Scotts tell/do.

    1. FACTS!

      I had to go back and rewatch from Season . just to make sure I wasn’t being biased.
      I dint see how Melody did it for so long.
      The jealousy was seeping from them ALL towards her.
      When I found out all she did to help them and hiw they gave her their a**es to kiss, I was like “WOW” these are some ungrateful people. Even her ex husband but look now. They have to watch her soar from the sidelines.

      1. I don’t watch I been ready to shut them down Mel is beyond rich that’s where my loyalty lies I really don’t care and I pray each and every one of them realizes Mel is the whole show leave Mel leave

      2. Me either. Melody makes the show. She knows how to move ahead without all of the drama. Marsau should be he’d accountable for all his unanswered questions. Who goes on a trip with out his wife? To Africa…or who does not know their husband’s back? Latisha get real. Melody is a fighter, strong black woman. Finally, Martell does love her, but he must understand he missed up. It is one thing to cheat and another thing to make a child while cheating.

    2. Quite frankly it makes my skin crawl when Marsau argues with women (Mel). He’s a popas A-s and so is his brother (the one who attacked Mel’ Mom).

    3. I agree totally, they are all trying to get everyone against Melody and she doesn’t argue, like Destiny telling all the lies, Melody proved what she said was true by providing the texts, yet they still want to destroy Melody with their lies. They offered no support for Melody at any time and she has given some of them money and one set of the Scott would have nothing if it had not been for Melody but jealously is the real problem. She is smarter than any one of them, has a builders license, got them all started and now dumb Latisha thinks she is superior, she is a superior idiot and I make no apologies for saying it. They need to know karma is real and it waits to set them straight. Most of them was happy Martel cheated and has a baby with another woman but Kimmi and Stormi are the only decent women on the show besides Mel, I despise watching the hypocrites.

      1. They are all jealous of Mel that’s why they gang up on her. She is the only one on the show that have some class. I hate to watch the show now cause I see how mean and such liars that they are. Thayey all back stab her.

        1. I totally agree especially Latisha! People have also speculated that Marasua is attracted to Melody. I think it’s sad that Martel wasn’t more supportive to Mel when everyone was ganging up on her

          1. Martel, can’t have Mel so he want to see her hurt, he messed up his family. The Scotts are all jealous all 4 of them and Ms Wanda shouldn’t even be on the show she’s another Mama Joyce a leech with mess. Go home old people and let Cowardly Coward Tisha fight her own battle. Grow up Simple Simon Destiny because you don’t have a story line period. Destiny & Kiki , Wanda ought to get off this show period.

    4. Me Too! I think that she’s a great woman and for him to go back-and-forth with lady was really bad and Latisha cry baby self calling Mel the devil when the devil left the stage.

      1. Actually martell started all the talk about Mel when he was in Destiny store one season, he was telling her that they needed to watch Mel because she will turn on them.

    5. I think Marcel is absolutely right she has never been held accountable for anything and she has turned into a b-tch

      1. Yet Mel took accountability in this video multiple times and Marsau is the biggest b-tch on the show. Why don’t y’all ever call these messy a-s men out like y’all call out the women? It’s always women like you dragging another woman and agreeing with toxic a- s men. Eww. Marsau wouldn’t even be accountable for that naked picture he was caught with. 🙄

      2. My mother last name is Maneice, where do you live. So, Melody really don’t care what they do now. Martel did the worst thing a man could do to a woman. Yes, forgive him and move on. She is doing that. Do we want to see real life or a fake tv show. Mel is the mature person. She is hurting also.

      3. I agree 100 percent with you Stephanie. She never takes accountability for the things that she has done that negatively effects others. Her demeanor was very cold throughout the entire reunion. It appears to me that she wants people to bow down to her, and there are some cast members who refuse to do that.

        1. She literally did that in this video 3 times Paula…the issue is you and others want Melody to break down and cry over these toxic friendships she’s moved on from. She’s not going to do it. And you hate her for it. But me and others LOVE HER for it!

      4. Stephanie Maniece, I didn’t think I would read anyone’s comment that read like I feel. I wholeheartedly believe that Melody is not held accountable for any of her actions and yes, she has turned into a B___. You see when they called her out, she tried to over talk everybody. Carlos even protected her. After Tisha said her mom was wrong but Melody was wrong too, that was a true statement. Melody talked about Ms Wanda’s husband or Tisha daddy and then wanted to turn Ms Wanda’s comment about Suga Baby. That’s not what happened. And, Melody lied about how she approached Wanda at Destiny’s event. She did go live right in the area where Ms Wanda was setting up her food station and she said something to Ms Wanda after Ms Wanda walked around her while not saying anything. I don’t care what others think about Melody. She is a hurt soul and hurt people hurt people. That is exactly what she’s doing. She’s trying to put up a front like she’s all innocent and she isn’t. Yeah, Martell messed up and he has now tried to be the best father he can be but she’s not going to let him. She wants to always be in control and the one on top. Be careful, be very careful! Life has a way of turning many tables. Those people including Carlos walked on eggshells with you tonight but they all see you. Good Luck!

        1. WHAT is it that yall want her to take accountability for?
          Inquiring minds want to know because NO ONE YET, has the answer.

          First off, let’s talk about that comment about Tishas father.
          Tisha is a whole, grown azz, 40 yeat old woman. Let’s STOP IT with the “Mel was talking about Wanda’s baby daddy”
          He was in Mel’s inbox.
          How does that equate to Wanda talking about Suga Mamas paternity? Yes. She was talking about SUGA MAMA and before you try to DEFLECT, anyone over the age of 15 knows if someone says they have the PICTURE OF THE MAN who is supposedly the child’s FATHER, they are NOT talking about a child that is NOT HERE! Thye are talking about a LIVING BABY because WHO are you going to compare the picture to? Let that marinate.
          See, Wanda can convince the slow bus people. She can’t convince us with common sense.

          Why couldn’t Mel go live?
          I’m glad she did go live because AGAIN, Wanda tried to LIE about what happened. Mel approached BERNARD about him saying he will bring his CHOPPER and Wanda said something after that which Mel RESPONDED!

          Yall sit back and watch these envious folks talk about Mel Season after Seasn but as soon as Mel RESPONDS, yall get mad and throw out the bitter and hurt word.

          MARTELL and WANDA exposed Marsau cheating, not MEL! If you actually watch the show you would see that.
          Mel stayed MUTE on the subject.
          When they went out Tisha told Mel she wanted to talk about MARTEL and his 20 women comment about Marsau and in the process Tisha insinuated that Martel LIED
          Which Mel responded back “HOW do you know he’s lying” and Tisha been BUTT HURT EVER SINCE!
          So let’s stop the BS and all that crap about “Martel been the best father ever since and she wont let him”
          GOOD FATHERS don’t form a vultron against the woman RAISING HIS CHILDREN.
          GOOD FATHERS don’t take MONEY out of his children’s mouths.
          GOOD FATHERS dont cheat, make outside children then don’t give the kids their beds and cloths when the woman he CHEATED ON leaves the marital home because HE DONT want to leave.
          GOOD FATHERS don’t take the mother to court for CUSTODY so that he could get a CHECK!
          GOOD FATHERS don’t record their children AND POST IT on the internet.
          GOOD FATHERS HELP the mothernof their children FINACIALLY when it comes to raising them.
          GOOD FATHERS don’t let their mistress disrespect their martial home. Their wife. Their children.
          So those gutter level expectations you have for “good fathers” shove it!

          Mel NEVER said she was innocent , it’s yal who said that
          Like then others, yall thought she was going to FAIL once she DIVORCED her ex. Instead the opposite happened and yall are mad about it.
          Yall have NOTHING else to talk about.
          Can’t talk about the cheating because she left and REFUSE to talk about her SUCCESS!

          Mel saw them snakes for who they were. She left them behind alongnwithbher ex because they were HIS FRIENDS and she has been elevating EVER SINCE and they don’t like it!
          They try everything to make her look bad and instead it boomerangs back to them!
          They are STUCK. They are UNSUCCESSFUL. Their cover has been BLOWN!

          Tisha needs to worry about her cheating husband and those lawsuits
          Marsau needs to worry about the so called percentage he holds in the business and the lawsuits
          Martell needs to worry about passingnhia builder’s license and making money so he can help FINACIALLY take care of his children
          Maurice needs to worry about the people wanting their money back and calling credit 1 a scam
          Wanda needs to stop lying about all the money and how successful Marsau and Tisha is Yet, that food truck is still broken down and the food looks disgusting.
          Destiny needs to worry about the re re re re re re opening of the beauty supply store with no products
          Stormi and her mother been hating since 2020 ever since her reality show didntnget picked. She wants to be the “it” girl instead of enjoying her success.

          Mel on the other hand is building a BRAND and there is a reason why everything she touches turns to GOLD!

          Had the others not tried to use her for a storyline for almost 5 seasons maybe they too would be successful.

          Maybe this season they can talk about those lawsuits and failing wine businesses

          1. First of all, I can’t read your novel in its entirety because I don’t have that kind of time.

            As for accountability, I don’t think you could understand the context if the question because you’re too busy calling people names. Who are the slow bus people? It sounds like you know them very well.

            We all have our opinion and again, everyone has to take accountability because there is wrong and right in everyone…..That’s a period.
            Please don’t make yourself emotionally and physically sick about other people’s problems. Be Well!

          2. Inger you’re such a pompous liar. You do have plenty of time to read every comment on here, considering you write lengthy comments on here all the time. You just don’t have a rebuttal to your lies being called out.

    6. I totally agree with you. Melody is the most together person on that show!!!! If they don’t take big mouth Wanda off the shoe, I’m not going to watch it anymore. TV reality needs to STOP REWARDING people for BAD BEHAVIOR. I love how they all say they are about supporting ” Black Businesses” and then try to TEAR each other apart! Just like the founder of BLM that embezzled millions of $$$ for her own greed and luxury lifestyle. I guess it was ONLY HER black life that really mattered to her.

    7. I TOTALLY AGREE with you 👏🏽 Melody is a Beautiful Strong Black woman, Inside out 👏🏽 She loves her family & and she Loved her husband Enough to Release him ,Along with the Hurt & Pain , This showed a LOT ABOUT HER CHARACTER 👏🏽 About her (FAITH👏🏽 IS IN GOD’S HANDS☦💞🛐 I FEEL HER HURT & PAIN. She has to Set Examples for her children, Showing them that you will be Betrayed in some point of life , BUT YOU MUST PRESS YOUR WAY THROUGH 👏🏽 Trusting GOD Throughout the process 👏🏽 BECAUSE that which made u weak , Will ALSO MAKE YOU STRONG 👏🏽 , MELODY HAS CAME OUT STRONG 👏🏽 ((Martell is the one who will do the HARD SUFFERING ⚠️)) As for Melody > Weeping may endure for a night, BUT JOY CONES IN THE MORNING 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  2. I’m glad she put this video together because Melody has apologized more than any of the other cast members. But I can’t recall ever seeing the Scotts or Wanda apologize for anything. They really think they look good ganging up on Melody but it has really turned me all the way off.

    1. Ms. Wanda finally apologized for the baby daddy comment and Mel did not accept it. Mel did not accept Maurice’s explanation either about her and Kimmie’s friendship. I adore Mel but her attitude was not her best. However, since this show is her creation she is essentially saying if I don’t like anyone on this show anymore we can just shut it down, because she is feeling like they are all ungrateful for the platform that she and Martell set up, so kick rocks…🤔

      1. Martell indicated during one of the reunions that Melody wanted to be on television, so he played a significant role in helping them get this platform. Melody, you now have a platform. Accept everything that comes with it. Proverbs 3:6 says: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your path. Did you consult God before taking on this platform? Examine your motive for wanting to be on television, and ask yourself is it worth it.

          1. I agree that you are a fool, which is why you’re a liar and defender of ghetto behavior. What else is going on? You keep saying bye but staying here to get the last word. What’s that about?

        1. Martel like his friends, The Scott’s, laughed and thought Mel’s dream wouldn’t come true.
          It did and she is the ONLY one who is using the platform to elevate and create generational wealth for her children.
          She knows what comes with the territory
          She refuses to let them continue to bully her because she left their degenerate, lazy, coattails hanging butts behind!
          They need to stop using her for a storyline.

      2. Because she knew it wasn’t sincere. If it was she wouldn’t need anyone else to tell her to apologize.
        They lucky all she had was a attitude.
        I know I wouldn’t have even showed UP had I had to be around a bunch of lying leeches who not only took part in my ex cheating but who also thought they were going to use me and my business sense and connections as well.

        To me she did very good and held her composure because I couldn’t have done it.

    2. I agree, that’s why I haven’t watched this season. I’m so sick of the same drama over and over again. I admire the strength and courage of Melody. I continued to watch because of Mel and Kimmy.

    1. They hate Mel cause they want her or want to be like her. It’s delicious. You ain’t a bad bish if you don’t have dedicated haters. Basic chicks will never understand.

      1. THIS!

        When she showed then that she could leave and mean it. Take her 4 children and start all over and gain MORE than what she had when she was with a man.
        The haters and the male identified chick’s can’t stand it.
        That’s why Tisha and the test can’t stand her because its NOTHING to keekee behind her back about anymore.
        They can’t talk about Martel cheating on her because she LEFT!
        All they could do now is try to assassinate her character because they see her blessings coming in left and right.
        Had they been TRUE friends and not enemies filled with jealousy…Mel would have taken them along for the ride.
        Instead They want to make her their storyline Season after season.

  3. Marsau is weak and a bully to his wife. Marsau is that guy who will have another life with another women and kids and nobody won’t know. When it comes out that he also cheated on LaTisha she is going to be looking so stupid.

      1. Quite frankly it makes my skin crawl when Marsau argues with women (Mel). He’s a pompous A-s and so is his brother (the one who attacked Mel’ Mom).

    1. Yes, she is crazy and blind she know her husband, he do to much and slick at the mouth with his words. Bless her ❤️❤️❤️❤️..

    2. Yes she is going to be looking stupid when it all comes out. Why is Wanda on the show. Marsau broke a-s. He need his wife to carry him. He weak!!!!

  4. If anyone has ever noticed, the Scotts have this whole gang up thing they like to do. They’re going to do it to Destiny tonight. They are no one’s friends and only look out for each other. And that is what makes this show janky and unbalanced. The Scotts have way too much power and that needs to change. And until then, stop trying to force Melody to film and be friends with these people.

      1. I think iT is a shame that they try to take Mel down but know that they help him to cheat and now they can’t use Mel and she help them with Everything .


    2. Trashany (aka) Destiny definitely slept with Martel , she was the show’s taste pan. Lowtisha (Tisha) knows exactly what her husband is doing. For instance she went to their restaurant once to confront on some issue about a girl, and he said it was a friend. Red flag my husband’s friends are my friends especially if their females. Lowtisha (low self-esteem) is just stupid and totally jealous of Mel.Mel acts like a lady at all times. Class is something you’re born with Lowtisha, and witch Wanda. It’s Mel show without her ideas you. Low would have probably been in jail because you definitely would have continued your criminal behavior. So Instead of being mad of Mel how about thank her for saving you criminals from Jail.

  5. I just can’t believe you actually pay grown people to fight with each other for sport! Marsha and Latisha are both bullies and Wanda is a bully,they will stop at nothing for that almighty dollar,remember greed will get you nowhere

  6. You have to just hate Melody to not see through the bullsh-t at this point so I don’t even argue with people anymore. Marsau and LaTisha want to be friends with Melody until it’s reunion time.

      1. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this. They have done this like the last 2 or 3 seasons. I get why Melody doesn’t want to be bothered with them anymore. They’re fake and desperate for storylines. Are they that boring that they can’t do the show without being fake mad at Melody?

    1. Yes he is!! He stay talking to Tisha crazy. He told her to sit up don’t do that. We don’t act like that on the “Reunion”. Tisha is the most insecure, naive, gullible, and with absolutely no couth. If she think Marsau is not cheating then cat sh$t don’t stink. Maurice right there with them. Tisha wants to be so relevant running like a puppy behind Marsau. Girl, bye.

  7. Yep and this is why I’m team Melody always. She will take accountability but the others never do, especially Martell, LaTisha, and Wanda. So Marsau needs to have a seat. He can’t decide if he’s in love with Melody or hates her these days.

    1. I am glad u see what I see he is in love with Mel period. That’s why Tisha is jealous, he want Mel for his self.

    2. Yhaha girl you hit the nail on the head. I think he came for her yesterday because she shut him down in that little meeting of hisou are so right

  8. I’m sorry but saying you’re sorry is easy but proving you’re sorry with your actions is another thing; that, too me is accountability. Most of you are saying that Mel is being ganged up on by the Scott’s, but what I see is that you all are doing the very same thing to the Scott’s and then you want to make Latisha responsible for everything that Wanda do; Wanda is a grown woman and only Wanda is responsible for Wanda. In my humble opinion, I don’t see any receipts. I can say I’m sorry until I’m blue in the face, but if I don’t show I’m sorry and continue the same narrative as before, then that sorry is not genuine. They all need to be accountable for their actions…All of Them.

    1. Nope, you can’t twist the definition of accountability because you don’t like Melody. Here’s the definition:

      subject to the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable.

      In this video, Melody did that 3 times. And each time Latisha did not accept it. Now you’re doing a Marsau and Latisha and trying to manipulate things because you just want to be mad at Melody. Melody apologized, they didn’t accept, and she has moved on and no longer wants a friendship. So you and the Scotts need to move on too and stop twisting the narrative and lying because y’all have some weird obsession with Melody. Thanks!

    2. Now Latisha ain’t responsible for Wanda but y’all blamed Melody for Keke’s choices. You also have no idea what accountability means. Of course you’re a Scott defender. Wanda is very relatable to y’all. 🥴

    3. I completely disagree. The fact that Melody has apologized at least 3 times to people who helped her ex husband cheat, hung out with his mistress, and harassed and threatened her family members is insane to me. And even then it won’t be enough for people who don’t like her. Being accountable means admitting when you’re wrong. Melody did that in this video. You can’t dismiss facts because they don’t fit your narrative. That’s what Trump supporters do.

      1. It’s also what the Tory lamez fans and Meg haters do. Black people will act allergic to facts when it’s convenient but act like they are different from the Trump cult. Nah, they are the same to me. They’ll believe conspiracy theories and gossip before they believe actual facts. I just don’t find the Scotts appealing outside of Kimmi. But she has pick me tendencies that make me cautious of her as well. I think black women who aren’t male identified see LAMH very differently from everyone else and the majority of them are Melody supporters. Very interesting.

    4. Another blogger on payroll is what this sounds like .A true apology and not one for viewer appeal is changed behavior.
      Not a apology when you continue to sprinkle bitterness wherever you go .
      There’s happiness in the scenes without Mel.
      Each season she brings a new friend who she unfriends by season end .
      It’s not THEM it’s HER .
      Her fans are victims and they Trauma Bond rather than see the truth .

    5. I gree with you about the blogger didn’t show no receipts, everyone on mel side when she thinks she can do what she wants on that show, I guess cause it came from her idea. She is a evil, slick lady y’all trying to take up for and gets her way, Mel never holds accountable for nothing and has no loyalty to anyone, I would watch the show without her.. she doesn’t have a relationship, talking about destiny, where’s her love. She doesn’t show anyone. Other shows, including love Washington, it’s single people on there. And that boss of theirs càrlos is so messy. Imitation Andy Cohen , copycat

    6. I appreciate your comment, Mary S because you’re stating that everyone should be held accountable. I agree! Mel is no Angel and she has thrown a lot of rocks and hid her hands. Carlos and others walked on eggshells for Melody when the cameras showed at least two of her lies. She opened up the door talking about Tisha daddy/Ms Wanda’s husband and when Ms Wanda responded about her baby daddy now she’s talking about Suga Baby. She also lied about how she approached Ms Wanda at Destiny’s event. Be Real, Melody is a liar like Martell said. She’s not going to grow because she doesn’t acknowledge her part. Good Luck!

      1. You and your 50 different personalities are so interesting to say the least. But why do you always neglect to mention that Wanda actually posted a photo of suga momma next to a photo of some random man in her live? Why do you never acknowledge the time Wanda made fun of the Holt kids hair?

        1. Why do I have to have 50 personalities? Lawd have Mercy! Well, since you know me so well how many personalities do you have? You truly must be very well qualified to identify me through a posting of an opinion that we all have. In any case, thanks for writing your opinion about everyone being accountable. That I wholeheartedly agree with! Be Blessed!

          1. You have 50 different personalities because you’re too weak to stand on your lies and trash opinions. Here’s your comment on another post:

            I’m not sure if your question about believing Kimmi is for me but yes, I believe everything that Kimmi said. She was on point. I believe that her and Maurice are the only emotionally mature people on the show. They do not run to social media to talk about their issues with people.

            It’s a sad situation. Please don’t get me wrong. I like Melody. She’s a beautiful and classy woman. Martell messed up because of his emotionally immaturity. I’m trying to walk my own talk. Some men say they can handle a boss woman but when they are not where they desire to be they can seek power in other ways. I’ve been there.

            Mel is doing it and she has been gifted with some beautiful children. I would like for her to stop reacting like Kimmi said. That’s the accountability that I’m speaking about. People poke each other and then want to blame others. Don’t participate!“


            So you lied about liking Melody when your trash opinions were being called out and none of the hood rat supporters were able to back you up with their lies and equally trash opinions. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Girl you’re a Wanda defender. You trying to shame anyone else on morals and proper behavior is laughable.

          2. Brown Girl, thanks for reading my post. I am a fully grown woman. I take it that you’re not. You see, when you’re grown, you don’t need people to agree with you. When you’re grown, you can agree to disagree without all the name calling. Whoever you are, please receive this wisdom and if you’re not ready to receive it, put it on the shelf because I promise you will need it one day. Be Well!

          3. You’re not a “fully grown woman” which is why you defend tasteless hood rats like Wanda and ghetto behavior. You deserve to be called out for every lie you type on here. And yes, you do need people to agree with your trash opinions which is why you’re on here celebrating people agreeing in the other comments you typed. Need help keeping track of your own stank comments?

    1. Brown Skin Girl excellent job! Also, Chelly you are exactly right. Marsau overtakes Melody to keep her from making her point! He did the same thing at the party when he got into the argument with Tisha’s cousin. Marsalis a complete azz and Tisha is a complete idiot. I don’t blame Mel for not wanting to be around or have anything to do with these GUTTERSNIPES! Especially after all she has done for each and everyone of them including that clown Destiny! They are DISGUSTING! GET RID OF THE SCOTTS AND DESTINY AND REGROUP THE SHOW with more positive individuals PLEASE!

  9. Excellent receipts. The only thing the Snots and their stans can do is try to change the definition of accountability. Great job Brown Skyn Girl!

  10. At least one of the Scott couples needs to go. I say keep Maurice and Kimmi. Let the other two go and Wanda can sashay her behind off the show as well. I am tired of Marsau and LaTisha making Melody their storyline each season. One minute they are smiling in her face and interrupting her vacation, the next she’s Satan like Wanda and Latisha are saints. They’re lucky their arrest records and mugshots are never talked about!

  11. All I know is Melody looked out for me and did a very kind thing for me and she didn’t even know me at the time. She’s a really good person and I’ll support whatever she does. I see now why God doesn’t play about her and protects and blesses her often. The more the Scotts come for her, the less I like them. They are the ones with the dark hearts.

  12. When have the Scotts ever been accountable for anything? This reunion is a joke and I’m about 2 mins away from dropping this show altogether. It doesn’t make sense to have 4 cast members from the same family always constantly attacking and picking on other cast members. And I don’t like how Kimmi did Destiny either because truth be told, besides her cancer battle, how open have Kimmi and Maurice been on the show? Marsau and LaTisha? H-ll they all use Melody to avoid sharing their real business on the show! Kimmi is about to have me defending Destiny tonight! I am heated with the favoritism the Scotts keep getting! They do not even contribute anything valuable to the show. This is Mel and Martell’s show!

  13. When Marsau says accountability, he means he wants Melody to kiss their a-s and beg for friendship like Destiny did to be accepted by the Scotts. He knows very well Melody has been accountable, way more than him, his wife, and Martell. These people are mad Melody has chosen to cut them all out of her life. Pay attention tonight to Latisha’s body language after Melody says she’s never going to be friends with them again. The episode leaked online a day or so ago.

  14. Okay I can’t lie, this video was impressive. She really did her homework and even went all the way back to season 1. I’m really over the Scotts vs Melody storyline. If Melody doesn’t want to be friends, why do they keep badgering her about stuff that happened years ago? Leave that lady alone. I don’t want to see Melody filming any scenes with any of the Scotts outside of Kimmi next season. Tisha, Marsau, and Maurice need to stop speaking on Melody all the time. They are weirdos.

  15. If Melody is so awful and doesn’t take accountability, why do the Scotts still want to hang out with her and film scenes with her? I’m starting to think the Scotts are liars and scammers. And their fans aren’t real fans, just Melody haters. It would be great if Carlos would just accept that Melody doesn’t want friendships with these people outside of Kimmi.

  16. Every nasty thing Marsau and his annoying a-s wife say about Melody can also apply to him and Latisha. All they do is project and I’m sick of it. As much as they don’t think Mel is accountable, they haven’t taken accountability for a got d-mn thing since the first season. They were terrible friends to Martell and Melody when they did so much for them before the show even existed. I can’t stand them anymore. Ingrates!

  17. And when the h-ll has Marsau ever been accountable? Shut up Marsau! Is he ever going to hold himself accountable for being in Martell’s side chick face while he was supposed to be Mel’s friend?! It’s so crazy to me how the Scotts play victim when they start all the mess in the first place. The whole stupid beef started because Marsau and Tisha started making jokes and being shady about Martell’s affair and the moment Martell and Melody clapped back, it was a problem. I agree with the others. Get some of these Scott’s off this show. They really played in Mel and Martell’s face when they were nice enough to get them multiple bags including a spot on this show. Be careful who you help because some people are so evil they’ll cross you for helping them!

  18. LaTisha and Marsau keep this thing going with Melody because they’re not that interesting outside of beefing with her. No one cares about them unless they’re talking about Melody. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Chile they can throw every negative adjective and description at Melody and I’m still gon ride for her because she’s the only woman there that I can actually see myself in. The others are pick me’s and they aren’t ambitious enough. I did like Stormi but she just showed how fake and desperate she is for a little fame. She’s LaTisha with more business sense. And her momma is a wannabe Wanda unfortunately.

    1. LOL that’s how I feel. I just told someone else I wouldn’t even watch LAMH if Melody wasn’t on it. Carlos is playing with fire allowing the Scotts to keep ganging up on the star/creator. I guess he hasn’t seen how that turned out for Married to Medicine.

      1. Her I would cut all ties with them all an move much of an woman to be bothered yo ex pick the kids up only an that’s it.

  20. This better be the last season of the Melody hate train or I’m dropping this show. It’s time for new storylines for everybody. LAMH got stale fast.

  21. For Marsau and Latisha to dislike Melody so much, they sure do talk about her a lot. They get mad when we say this is Mel and Martell’s show but look how obsessed they are. Latisha has done everything possible to be more like Mel and that’s why she got so mad when Marsau called her jealous.

  22. Marsau has a lot of pent up s-xual frustration that comes out whenever he’s talking to Melody. A married man should not get this worked up by a single woman. And he was staring at her in awe when they had that sit down a few episodes ago.

  23. The Scott’s only speak up to shut down Destiny! Y’all won’t like her talk! Even on the show ! Stop trying to make her look like she’s angry and have a attitude. She should be able to respond without being interrupt.

  24. I agree with Marsau! Melody is operating from a hurt place which causes her to act out. She says things on social media, she had no business going to Destiny’s event and go live. No one held her accountable for that.

    She has disrespected Martell’s mom.

    No, she is not held accountable. She is still hurting. She’s a beautiful and smart woman. She needs to fall in love again so she can get past all of this mess.

    1. Mel hasn’t been disrespectful to Martell’s mother at all…..however….Martell was definitely disrespectful to Ms. Van…. and a video was shown….showing Mel apologizing to Tisha on 3 occasions…you people are furnished with receipts….yet… continue to repeat your same old vindictive lies….and btw…..A strong woman like Mel doesn’t need a man to validate her….She’s shown this time and time again….so she can take her time falling in love…

  25. LaTisha and Destiny are both snake’s. Destiny would not even be on the show if it was not for Mel. They are back stabber. Who needs people in their lives like that. I wish Destiny gets kicked off the show she is awful

  26. Happy new year to all!. I feel and this my opinion I know everyone has to make a living, but in reality get rid of all the BRAVO Shows for real, they are toxic real or not, demeaning is only the beginning, disgusting to watch. That’s the problem with our society when it comes to our girls wanting to be this,or do this, or act like this! We are to be examples of accountability if how we treat ourselves and to each other, how we dress and to act in moral way.. Rappers do alot of bashing women, calling women out there names. It’s sad. But then we as women don’t make it no better by acting ignorant and belittling ourselves in the public eye. Grow up and show respect for the next generation tgsrs coming up behind u!!

  27. I think the biggest problem here is none of the cast members nor fans understand the golden rule: If you come for somebody, you can’t dictate how they respond and clap back. This goes for all of them. You can’t call Melody evil because her get back was better than LaTisha’s. You can’t be mad at Wanda because her clap back at Melody stung harder. And you can’t be mad at Marsau because he plotted better by bringing his brother on the show than Melody did when she almost brought his rumored side chick on. I mean it is what it is. The problem is the fans and cast are way too sensitive and forget this is just reality TV. It’s not that deep and just for entertainment.

  28. Melody and Martell carry LAMH on their backs. They have been more transparent and accountable than any other cast member, especially Marsau and Latisha since they only fight with Melody to get out of showing their real lives on the show. They are a bit like con artists. If Melody was as evil as they claim, there’s a lot more she could have exposed on the show. She gives the Scotts a lot more grace than they deserve.

  29. Melody needs to seek counseling to overcome her hurt and anger. She needs to realize that’s its OK to still love her ex. The betrayal and disloyalty shown to her by her ex, destiny and the Scott’s excluding Kimmie was major. It’s going to take time to heal and get over a 10 year marriage with 4 children. She doesn’t have to pretend like she is not hurting and she is this strong woman for the camera when you can see her hurt through her action and responses. She has to truly forgive her ex husband so that she can truly start healing. God has blessed her financially and put her in a place in life where she can be stable while focusing on forgiveness and healing. Many people are not that blessed. They have to financially and emotionally recover.

    Destiny try to be the number 1 on the show by coming for melody which did not work. How can you be a friend to melody and have the relationship with her ex husband that destiny is having. How can you be friends with her and be in a hotel room talking about her with a woman that she is currently in conflict with. Destiny need to learn how to be a friend stop being so bitter, money hungry and self centered. Maybe the reason for her divorce so quickly.

    Marsau is just an arrogant and ignorant man. There is no help for him. Tisha is like alot of women rumors won’t make you leave your man. Sometimes not even hard evidence. She does come across ignorant and desperate when defending her marriage and her family honor. She should give the ownership to marsau to defend his family honor if he loves and appreciate his family.

    1. Well said! I agree with you for the most part. Yes, Mel still loves Martell and he still loves her. Melody appeared to act tough through her pain instead of giving it some time. No one, absolutely no one can tell you what to do in your marriage.

      Destiny was friends with Martell first. Melody seemed to act out like Phaedra on HWOA. She responded out of hurt because of the lack of loyalty.

      Tisha and Marsau! Yes, I believe that Marsau is an arrogant, lying & cheating d_g. However, you can’t tell anyone what to do in their marriage. Tisha doesn’t want to believe nor accept that Marsau would cheat on her. She’s fragile and it will break her to know the truth. And, just because it was revealed to Melody why do you have to hurt someone else even if you know that it’s true.

      The entire show is now operating from a sad and hurtful place. I’m not sure what can revive the show but I wish them all the best.

  30. Marsau and Latisha do themselves a disservice with this hard on they have for Melody. They would have a much bigger fanbase once they forgot about her and shared more on the show.

  31. If you recall, Melody mentioned that Wanda’s husband was hitting on her in her DM’s. That’s when Wanda responded about the baby daddy. That’s what I’m talking about accountability. You can’t poke a person and then when they poke back you want to criticize them. All is Fair!

    1. You’re starting in the middle. I think that’s the annoyance Mel’s fans have. Wanda actually came for Melody and Martell first, years ago on Facebook. Took them years to even address her since LaTisha wouldn’t. It was posted on here. Talked about their kids on another occasion, and made fun of the kids hair. Mel said nothing. Let her have it. However, Melody’s comment about Wanda’s ex was Melody’s response to Wanda calling her a h0e just days prior. Your “you can’t poke a person then when they poke back you want to criticize them” narrative is more fitting for Wanda and the rest of her clan. Why can Wanda talk about Mel and Martell’s kids but no one can say anything about the Scott kids? If the gloves are off, make sure that applies to the Scott kids if it applies to the Holt kids. Because when the energy is returned, the Scotts and Wanda play victim more than y’all claim Melody has.

      1. Exactly! Like if it’s okay to talk about kids, make sure that applies to the Scotts too. All this talk about Melody playing the victim when she has never done such and Latisha does it every d-mn season is nuts to me. Martell and Melody haven’t dragged these people enough if you ask me.

        1. I would prefer they don’t mention the kids at all but at the same time, don’t make excuses for Wanda dragging kids if you wouldn’t want your kids dragged.

      2. Valerie,
        I respect what you stated. I have watched every season and every show since its inception. We all know that this started with Martell. Because we are in the stage of life where people are talking about their personal lives on social media, Mel started talking about Martell on social media. It went downhill from there. When you open your life to the public the public will form their own opinion. Mel saw that Tisha was a smart, educated and submissive woman. She befriended her to show her that she could have it all. After the Martell rumors, the attacking started on both sides.

        For me and the bottom line for me, I am so glad to see Black successful people on TV. I’m a product of the 70’s. I was a teenager in the 70’s when it was one tv in the house and Good Times, That’s My Moma and a couple of other Black shows was the only thing on tv for us.

        Now, those people have found another way to profit from us. Social Media is destroying a lot of people lives. Social Media is causing mental illness to rise. It is my hope that Mel gets the healing that she truly needs. Martell is a good father but a not so good mate. I believe like his mother said “My son is a good man”. Some men tell themselves that they can handle a boss woman and then realize that they can’t. So, then they become emotionally abusive and some physically. All of those women are career minded and they are using their perspective shows to enhance their businesses. Yes, kids should be off limit but so should other family members. I’m praying for this cast and especially Kimmi. Those are the real issues that we must see. It’s reality but like Denzel Washington said “Not everybody needs to know your personal business”. I wish them all the best.

        1. You think Martell started it all alone though sis? I think Marsau and Martell started it all. I didn’t think about it until the poster Ratchet Queen broke it down on here one day. But I agree with your comments about social media. I try to avoid it as much as possible because it’s very toxic. I do think the comments written by fans has made the cast hate each other too. Oh Happy Monday by the way.

    2. That isn’t what accountability means though, what you’re referring to is keeping the same energy. I’m on board with that which is why I don’t understand why Latisha is crying about who Melody tried to bring on the show during season 2 while neglecting to mention who she and the Scotts actually did bring on the show to get back at Melody. They never talk about what they do just what Melody and Martell have done.


  33. I love the show and yess melody is so down to earth the rest of them I don’t care for them melody is about business that’s why they don’t care about her Martell is so dirty to gang up on the mother of his children

  34. This right here is why Melody’s coworkers and haters are so pressed and hate her so much. Melody may not be liked by all of the LAMH fans, but the fans she does have go really hard for her. Like it’s impressive how she’s been able to build that kind of following. And her peers are jealous that they haven’t been able to crack the code. They are trying to imitate her but it’s not working.

  35. The first time I heard Marsau say this to Melody, I could only shake my head because I’ve been feeling the exact same way about the Scotts for a very long time (except Kimmi). They like to pick at Melody and Martell, but act so offended when they respond. I’ve never seen a group of people constantly p-ssy pop and Harlem shake their way out of being responsible for their actions like Wanda, LaTisha, Marsau, and Maurice. I’m glad Carlos called them all out. I’m also glad Kimmi constantly makes it known when she doesn’t agree with the rest of them too. To think, Marsau had all of this to say just for them to not hold Wanda accountable when she’s now mentioned the Holt kids at least 3 times now. Projection is all they do.

  36. You hit EVERY nail on the head with this one! Marsau need to shut up and address his wife! Wanda need to sit down somewhere….anywhere!!!!!

  37. I think they all should be grateful that Melody is a real true and honest person. She’s beautiful and very smart. Yes they are very jealous of her even her ex-husband. I know for a fact that he wishes that he never cheated on her and messed up their marriage. And yes they are still in love with each other. If Martell would stop acting like a B-TCH !!!!! TOWARDS HER, and stop putting her business out there in the streets with his ex-mistress and Sharia Witfield they could get some counciling and get people out of there business and they can both heal with the help of God and bye putting God first in there lives and in there relationship. And they need to get rid of those toxic people out of there lives. Kimmi,, Stormy, and Can’t remember her name but the lady that did the photo shoot with Stomy and Melody was there too. Keep them and get rid of the rest of the cast members with there evil and mean ways. I Love Melody and what she stands for. She shows the other woman how to be real women. They seem to focus on her and what she does and don’t do. When they can’t seem to get there own lives together. It’s like let’s see what Melody is going to do and act and we’ll follow the lead which is Melody. Because she is a real woman. Then come Kimmi, and Stormy
    There my favorite women on the show because they are real. Melody and Martell could have a wonderful and beautiful experience and family together if people would stay out of there business. Melody if you’re reading this!!! Believe me when I tell you this woman to woman. Sometimes it takes outside people to destroy your relationship with your husband and family. That’s why Martell needs to pick his friends very carefully. Hanging around and with people that don’t mean you any good will have people go astray and start doing things that they have no business doing. And I’m not making any excuses for Martell at all because he could have not chosen to do what he did to you which was cheated on you. And yes they were having those parties like everyone said. And if you look at the bigger picture now You and see everybody is still with there husband but you. They messed up your life and your family. This is what I would say to you don’t let the devils win. Start reading your Bible and see what it says about forgiveness and marriage. Start standing on God’s word and promise and favor on your life and in your heart. Lean on God for understanding and ask him to help you through all of that hurt and pain Martell and the other people that are trying to put you down and drag your name through the mud. And God to take all that bitterness out of your heart and replace it with love,joy, peace, and happiness once again. Don’t let the devil’s take you and your family and kids joy and happiness away. You see there not letting you do it to them. The are wrong for trying to tare you down and make you unhappy after all that you have done for them. Always remember to ask God for having people take you to a place in your life where God never intended you to be. Never let the devil win. Continue to stand up for yourself and your family. And remember to always put God first in everything that you do and say. God is going to work everything out for you and your family. Martell needs to fall on his knees and ask God to forgive his for mistreating his Angel that God sent to him which is you. And they all need to remember that we all reap what we sow and that we all have to answer to a higher power which is the all mighty God!!!! I will keep you and kimmi in and on my prayer list. I will continue to pray for the both of you to have peace, and joy, also happiness in your lives. Martell needs to repent and ask God for forgiveness and so does the rest of the people who has wrong you. Always remember Melody that God loves you and so do I. He will watch over you and kimmi with health and wealth and love and an abundance of blessings you can count on that !!!! If you ever need to reach out to me please don’t hesitate to call me. Not afraid of people because I’m a women of God. I was born with a veal over my face and have been in the arms of God and my grandmother praying for me and showing me who God is and what he can do for you if you just have faith and believe in him. May God continue to bless you on your journey to success. Love ❤️ you.
    Florese Rhodes

    P.S. Tell kimmi to keep her head up and continue to pray and stay faithful to God. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in life. God has his hands on you. Just give all your worries and problems to him. Take care of yourself and those beautiful kids.

  38. You sound dumb as H-ll.. did you see the tapes were she held herself accountable.. how dare you!
    Were are the tapes were any of the others one held there self accountable.. I’ll wait.

  39. Are you really on a social media platform calling me/someone dumb as h-ll? I believe this site is here so that people can voice their point of view. At this point, I can think of a lot of choice words for you but I won’t. I’m going to believe that you don’t know any better.

    May God Bless You!

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