RHOP Recap: Karen & Robyn Exchange Messy Accusations + Wendy & Mia Make Peace

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the drama in Mexico continues. There is still tension between Mia and Jacqueline. Things worsen because Jacqueline doesn’t feel like Mia is grateful enough for the things that Jacqueline’s mother did for her. Mia responds by reminding Jacqueline that she was with her mom on Mother’s Day and that Jacqueline was a no-show. To no surprise, this upsets Jacqueline. And she thinks Mia’s ego has gotten out of control. 

Interestingly enough, Mia and Jacqueline’s feud wasn’t the only feud that intensified. Robyn and Karen are ready to take the gloves off. Karen is upset about Robyn calling her fake. So she tells Robyn that her and Juan’s wedding is fake because he allegedly has a girlfriend of several years. And Robyn knows about her.

Robyn doesn’t believe Karen’s claims. But she makes some accusations of her own. She says that people send them pictures of her with a man with blue eyes. And she pulls out her phone to show everyone but Karen a photo. 

However, Karen doesn’t take this lying down. She goes on to allege that Juan was the husband who hugged her inappropriately 3 years ago. 

Here’s a recap of, “Indecent Disclosure.”

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  1. I hope people call out Karen for coming for Robyn marriages just like you claim Gizelle does…..Lets see of hypoceytical y’all are lol!

      1. Girl thank you. Robyn ain’t even married! Can’t come for a marriage that doesn’t even exist which was Karen’s whole point. It’s obvious as h-ll that Robyn and Juan are not actually together. They are roommates and living together for the sake of their sons. There is no affection, romance, or relationship with them! Chris and Candiace are actually married, love, and like each other! No comparison!

  2. I hope people call out Karen for coming for Robyn’s marriage just like you always attack Gizelle for…… Lets see whether y’all are hypocrites or not. Lol

  3. Karen is to old to behave the way she acting. I see why Juan doesn’t want to be around those women.Karen and Juan will get married when they are ready

      1. They sure won’t. She did all this hooting and hollering about how her and Juan were going to marry the day after his brother marries, but the brother got married last year and well…Robyn and Juan still aren’t married. And I believe that the marriage certificate they had expired. Are they even in a relationship? The way Juan talks to Robyn…it doesn’t seem like they are together. Barely even friends. Very odd situation. That’s why I felt like Robyn was projecting when she called Karen fake. Robyn isn’t authentic either.

        1. Robyn is full of sh-t. More so than Karen. But she gets a lot of passes from production because of her friendship with Gizelle, the producers favorite. The power dynamic of RHOP is problematic.

  4. Gizelle and Robyn need to go. I’m convinced they hold RHOP back A LOT. Robyn slipped up last night and said Gizelle sent her that old pic of Karen with that blue eyed man. So what that really means is they planned to bring Charrisse around this season to “expose” Karen. But this is stale tea from season 2. Another problem is Robyn and Gizelle like to gang up on all the ladies. If one has a problem with you, the other one does too. And both will tag team you while the rest of the cast just watches. It’s like all these women are too scared of the GEBs to call out their horrible ghost producing and tired gang up tactics. The show could really thrive if they were gone.

    1. The thing that bothers me the most is that the other women don’t ever help each other when Robyn and Gizelle do what they always do! What are they so scared of?! This is why RHOP will never be RHOA. These girls don’t have the confidence, willpower, audacity, or courage. Too scary because Gizelle and Robyn are nothing to be fearful of. They’d eat them up in Atlanta. Two flops with way too much ghost-producing power.

    2. Yeah, I think it’s time to shake up a cast once the ghost producing just doesn’t hit anymore. And that is where RHOP is now. This season is horrible.

  5. Funny how Giselle is trying to push Karen is jealous narration, while she and Robyn have brought back Charisse with cheating rumors from 3-4 years ago, with a picture from the back of a woman with a blue-eyed man, saying it’s Karen because that’s her wide a**. They don’t even have a side picture, just back. Robyn called Juan to be extra, he doesn’t even appear to like her much.. He appears to be tired of the narrative that he is, was, the source of all their problems.

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