Scrappy Goes Off After LHHATL Fan Says Momma Dee Broke Up His Marriage

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Momma Dee’s issues with Bambi strained Scrappy’s marriage.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Bambi have been transparent about the ups and downs in their marriage. On the recent season, Momma Dee‘s issues with Bambi worsened. Bambi grew tired of Momma Dee constantly coming for her on social media. At the time, Momma Dee posted a lot about Shay Johnson’s pregnancy. She even said that she is the child’s glam mother. And when Momma Dee made an appearance on “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” she said she wished Scrappy married Shay instead of Bambi. Bambi accused Momma Dee of using Shay to get under her skin. So she had no interest in making an effort to bring her children to Momma Dee’s house.

Momma Dee blamed Bambi for Scrappy’s choice to back off a bit as the tension worsened. But Scrappy said that he wasn’t going to force Bambi to take her children to see someone who disrespects her. So Momma Dee took to social media to drag Bambi because she blamed her for Scrappy deciding to not spend Thanksgiving and other holidays with her.

Interestingly enough, Scrappy did decide to spend Christmas with Momma Dee. And he took the kids with him to her house. After photos of the happy occasion were posted to Instagram, LHHATL fans noticed that Scrappy and Bambi no longer follow each other on Instagram. Bambi has also stopped wearing her wedding ring in photos. So it’s suspected that Bambi and Scrappy separated.

Amid rumors of a separation, Scrappy defended Momma Dee.

To no surprise, the speculation has caused fans to be very vocal on social media. But Scrappy was not having it after an Instagram user said that Momma Dee ruined Scrappy’s marriage and this goes against instructions from the Bible itself.

The person wrote, “The Bible says to forsake mother and father for wife. This is not Kingdom order. You cannot consider yourself a Queen and don’t respect the highest order from God. This man needs to return back where God has joined him. When the cameras are all turned off, reality will sink in again. You are very vindictive to his life and need to have a seat before the Lord intervenes and sits you down with allowing you back up. Jesus is a God of order and if we truly know Him, we obey Him. Praying for you Scrappy.”

In response, Scrappy defended Momma Dee.

He wrote, “You have no fn clue cause when the cameras on and off my mom is always there so wtf are you talking about and on the note of the Bible you need to read it a lil more cause u only speaking what fits ur lil judgmental stupid.”


  1. Everything that fan said was right and that is why Scrappy became so angry like that. He is really foolish. He allowed his mother to ruin his marriage and well, she’s not dumb enough to let him ruin hers.

    1. Not only did Momma Dee ruin his relationship with Bambi, she was also thr reason to him and Erica breaking up. I think she wants her son for herself. This man will never be happy with anyone, even though i think Erica is the one soulfully for him.

        1. Naw Erica deserves better than Scrappy. Bambi too. I’m glad they are both free from him and his evil a-s momma now.

      1. Mama Dee need to stay out of grow folks business and mine her own Bambi Is a beautiful person and I like her .and I hope and pray that her and scrapp get back together….This is for Mama Dee stay out off people business let scrapp grow up.

    2. I used to f*ck with scrappy but he is a momma’s boy… Baby boy grow up… I hate when brothers be talking tough but not speaking logical. He will never be happy

  2. Scrappy is a Christian but he cussed someone out for reminding him of actual scripture? I noticed our people really don’t like the truth and they try to silence and guilt you with the “you’re judgmental!” response. That person is right. God is clear about how He feels about marriage. He doesn’t take kindly to people and even parents breaking one up. Scrappy will never be able to keep any woman as long as Momma Dee is around to be a problem. She wants him single.

  3. Scrappy is delusional. And that’s why he should be avoided. His momma terrorizes every woman he’s ever been in a relationship with. He refuses to stand up to her because he’s a weak man. Definitely not marriage material.

  4. Narcissistic parents ARE always seemingly there because they need to emotionally feed off of, gaslight & manipulate their victims. They are such masters of what they do, & work in such micro moves that you as their target don’t even realize what’s going on until they’re done with you. And by the time they’re done, you’ve become isolated, damaged relationships, lost career opportunities, friendships & been so spun around, you are totally confused as to what happened & who you remain to be. I know it’s scripted television, so hopefully the truth is far away from the reality shown. Bambi is (from television awareness, don’t know her personally) a strong, beautiful, real one. Scrappy (again from television awareness, don’t know him personally) seems to be a man with a good heart. Relationships aren’t easy but if you find someone who is genuine, real & willing to put in the work, that is priceless & worth fighting for.

  5. Now watch Momma Dee start liking Bambi once the divorce is finalized. The fact that Scrappy refuses to see who his mom really is bothers me so much. He’ll lose everything for her and a good parent would never require that.

  6. I momma Dee is intrusive and overbearing but she didn’t break up their marriage if Bambi really wanted to stay with Scrappy she would’ve kept doing like she was and just staying away from Momma Dee. We will see it play out on the next season of LAHHA.

    1. I disagree. Bambi is human and we all have a breaking point, especially when we see our spouse isn’t helping the situation. Momma Dee is absolutely responsible for this marriage not working. She did everything she could to run Bambi off and it finally worked. Momma Dee is a terrible person and parent.

  7. I’m placing all the blame on Momma Dee. She terrorizes every woman Scrappy has ever loved. And ultimately, he always sides with her in the end. Ask Erica. Ask Diamond. Momma Dee is a menace.

    1. Exactly. Women everywhere need to stay away from Scrappy. I said what I said too. Momma Dee is at her nastiest when she’s been drinking. She’s a nasty piece of work. Scrappy deserves to be single for the rest of his life since he won’t stand up to her.


  8. Who r any of you to judge. First of all what God puts together will never be broken. In other words. We as humans get together because wee want to. When it is Good it can never be torn apart.

    1. Renee it’s judgment now? Really? Are you being judgmental too when you’re on here dragging folks on RHOP posts? It ain’t judging when it’s the truth. You may need to reread your Bible as well because that ain’t what scripture said about marriage.

  9. I blame no one IF THIS MARRIAGE IS IN ANY TROUBLE. Bambi was no saint, she will always be Remembered as the girl the was also in the hot tub with KIRK. Bambi only married Scrappy to Spite Erica. Bambi always has something to say about Shay when in fact she was a side piece during that time because Erica was the main WOMEN‼️

    1. Momma Dee actually broke up Scrappy and Erica as well. Or did you forget that? So Momma Dee is the problem not Bambi. Y’all sound silly trying to bash Bambi about being a single woman in a hot tub but have nothing to say about a black woman who was a former pimp and drug dealer ruining her son’s relationships. Why is that?

      1. The fact that there was less outrage about Momma Dee raising Scrappy and his sister in a crack house and pimping out black women for profit but more outrage over Bambi sitting in a hot tub is why I’ll always call out bs on here. Black people think women being s-xual and gay people simply existing are problematic but they’re silent about bad parenting and violent black men. It’s exhausting.

        1. It was so disheartening to see black people agree and defend her decision to choose a life of crime over getting a respectful job and providing for her two children legally.

    2. No, Bambi will be remembered as a great mother and another victim of Scrappy and Momma Dee’s hatred and disregard of black women. You’re sleep, but the rest of us are paying closer attention and refusing to allow misogynoir to cloud our common sense. You’ll get there one day too.

    3. I really would love for you to explain what Bambi did wrong in the hot tub in that scene. Y’all keep bringing this up and I watched it recently to see what the fuss was about. And Bambi literally wasn’t doing anything. Y’all really hate this woman for no reason at all and it’s weird. By the way, Erica is no saint either. She was messing around with Scrappy while she knew he was in a relationship with Bambi. You remember that reunion when she pulled out a receipt and bragged about what Scrappy did to her in that cheap hotel? Yeah, Scrappy was in a relationship with Bambi then. So Erica was the side chick. Also, your facts are wrong. Shay was the side piece to Scrappy while he was with Erica. And she admitted such. Bambi wasn’t even with Scrappy back then. He didn’t even know her yet. At least get your timeline right. I like Bambi and Erica, but y’all need to stop lying on here.

      1. I kind of wish you wouldn’t have taken the bait King Bey. Neither Erica nor Bambi deserve any criticism on this post because truth be told, they weren’t the problems either. The only problems are Scrappy and Momma Dee. Erica and Bambi don’t have to be saints when they weren’t the problem in the first place.

    4. No offense, but this comment is somewhat ridiculous. Erica Dixon isn’t that important that any woman is going to marry a man and have children with them to spite her. I understand that YOU may be a fan and think of Erica that much, but don’t be silly enough to think Bambi has the same admiration and obsession you do. Scrappy made the choice he wanted to and married Bambi. These women were never in competition with each other in real life. Erica made the right decision to not marry him. And Bambi made the right decision to leave. They don’t deserve any criticism on this post.

    5. True so True. If ur marriage is strong no matter wat no one can tear it apart unless u want them too being the easy way out. Momma Dee is busy but if that marriage was real strong NO MATTER WHAT SHE DID IT WOULD NOT HAVE MATTER!!!!

  10. Momma Dee is terrible but she gets a pass from the fans because she’s the typical ghetto/hood rat black single mother they love seeing on these tv shows. If Momma Dee was one of those amazing black single mothers who actually wasn’t messy and a great parent, she would have never been casted on Love & Hip Hop. She’s someone producers expect us to like and root for because they are racist and think all black people enjoy degenerate culture. Scrappy is too damaged to understand the brainwashing he’s been put through since childhood. The whole “my momma is the only one who will be there for me” comment is exactly what narcissists want their victims to say and think. It keeps them under the narcissist’s control. If you don’t see Momma Dee for who she is yet, I pity you. She is 100 percent to blame but has Scrappy and some of you fooled.

  11. I’m not sure why a couple of you are acting like marriages aren’t broken up every day because of other people and outside influences. God literally said husbands are supposed to put their wives before their parents and all others to prevent that. Scrappy never does that. He always sides with Momma Dee. Momma Dee broke up this marriage. Don’t be obtuse because you like Momma Dee or dislike Bambi. That’s irrelevant. I don’t understand how Momma Dee is even likable but whatever.

  12. Scrappy and Momma Dee don’t mean any Black woman well and I mean that. Momma Dee is the typical problematic single black mother who thinks her selfish son is some gift to any woman he preys on. Meanwhile, Scrappy has used all of his girlfriends. Shay said he guilt tripped her into paying his bills and putting a house in her name just for him to humiliate her on television. He refused to pay Erica child support and also had her pay his bills instead of getting a job when rap stopped paying. He didn’t even buy her engagement ring, a producer did. Then knowing all he put Erica through, he still sat back and allowed Momma Dee to disrespect her and her mother like he allowed Momma Dee to disrespect Bambi and her mother. This is what they do. And you better believe every black woman will encounter a Scrappy and Momma Dee pairing when they start dating. Stats back this up. They are toxic. I see them for exactly who they are and Scrappy’s knack of inventing words or Momma Dee’s dry attempt to be humorous don’t fool me at all. Both of them ruined this marriage. I’m just glad Bambi is finally free now. She’ll be happy and glowing just like Erica because that’s what happens when you finally rid yourself of toxic black men and their meddling toxic mothers.

  13. Emani was just on YouTube telling a story about how Momma Dee is the reason she got in a fist fight a few weeks ago. She’s a teenager and she can tell you firsthand that yes, Momma Dee is destructive and she causes chaos. Now if a teenager can see that her own grandmother is a problem and messy as f-ck, it makes no sense that every adult can’t see the same. You’re delusional as f-ck if you don’t see this woman for who she is at this point. Scrappy is a lost cause.

  14. God said for better for worse for richer for poor by me didn’t stand her ground when she made the promise to God for better for worse so this may have been the worst part of the marriage and she didn’t stand in there with him also I feel that was Bambi’s test because in the Bible it says daughters against mothers Daughters against mother-in-laws fathers against son read the script ure in the Bible and you have a better understanding it’s up to bambi to have her test and to pass her test which she did not pass her test so she didn’t stand with him for the worst part

    1. You’re the one who needs to reread scripture. Of course you’re placing all the blame on Bambi and forgetting that the Bible said man is the head of woman and he is to put no one else before his wife. This is why Christianity is in the state it is in. Ya’ll don’t read the Bible at all and want to blame women for everything. People are running to atheism in record numbers because Christians are hypocrites who don’t know the Bible you’re supposed to know front and back.

  15. We should all be in agreement that Momma Dee is the biggest problem because we’ve seen her cause problems in Scrappy’s relationships with multiple women since the beginning of LHHATL. It’s not even about Bambi. Momma Dee just acts like she wants Scrappy to be single for the rest of his life. That kind attachment is unhealthy and it’s literally ruining Scrappy’s life to the point that he can’t stay in any relationship or raise his children without drama and negativity. If you can’t call this out, you’re enabling Momma Dee to keep this up. And she will certainly ruin his next relationship as well. I certainly can’t like or support someone who actively ruins their child’s life. I’m very grateful my parents aren’t this way.

  16. Scrappy can twist, twerk, manipulate, and p-ssy pop his way out of this all he wants, but Momma Dee absolutely broke up his marriage. And he knows this too because he literally said on the show last season that he feared Momma Dee would do just enough to make Bambi leave him. That marriage was never going to work because momma’s boys make awful husbands.

  17. Momma Dee will get her karma one day for breaking up this marriage. And I’ll have no empathy for her when that day comes.

  18. Scrappy is still that little boy that saw stuff he shouldn’t’ve. Momma Dee is still that pimp that she was back in the day.
    Once the bullswankey is there in your brain that’s what it is.
    Momma Dee tried this very thing with Erica Dixon!
    Honestly I don’t know why Bambi thought things would be different.
    They were steady procreating though. WOO WEE!!

  19. I just feel instead of blaming someone help them invent ways to co exist and still be married Marriage is about growing and moving beyond negative experiences. It’s about making sacrifices to live up to being committed to the contract of marriage . Praying g for everyone’s peace

  20. The problem with the if the marriage is strong, it can’t be broken narrative is Momma Dee has broken up all of Scrappy’s past relationships. So it’s disingenuous to act like it’s not a pattern and she’s not the issue. Her track record can’t be ignored or disputed. Yes, she’s the problem and she will continue to hinder his romantic relationships because if she could marry Scrappy herself, she would. You Momma Dee defenders would have a very different opinion if you had to deal with Momma Dee. Don’t be fake.

  21. Listen, mom dee is a stupid backward non educated person and her son is the same, he can not speak or
    talk with any sense, just listen to him. Having a daughter if she tried to bring something like him home, we
    would have to have a serious talk There is nothing wrong with loving your parents, but those two ,something is up. Bambia take your kids and run and never stop until you get away from them BOTH.
    Scrappy, go back and read your bible with someone that has knowledge so they can help you understand and better your life away from mom dee than try to help her. At this point neither of
    you can help each other.

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