LHHATL Fans Speculate Bambi & Scrappy Are Over + Momma Dee Makes Serious Accusations

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Momma Dee’s issues with Bambi have affected Scrappy tremendously.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” couple Scrappy and Bambi have been very open about their marriage problems on the show. However, it was Momma Dee who spilled all of their tea on the recent season. She told Shekinah Jo that Scrappy isn’t happy with Bambi. And he told her that he was ready to file for divorce because things had gotten so bad between them. When this got back to Bambi, she was upset to find out that Scrappy had been confiding in Momma Dee. And he did this instead of coming to her about his feelings. As for Scrappy, he was angry with Momma Dee for not keeping what he told her just between the two of them.

In the end, Scrappy decided not to file for divorce. And he said that he was fearful that Bambi would leave him because she’s tired of dealing with Momma Dee. Over the years, Momma Dee has come for Bambi on the show as well as on social media. In fact, when she appeared on “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” she said she wished Scrappy married Shay Johnson instead.

LHHATL fans are wondering if Scrappy and Bambi are still together.

Bambi truly thinks like Momma Dee likes to throw her friendship with Shay in her face just to get under Bambi’s skin. So she hasn’t been pressed to bring the children to visit Momma Dee. Interestingly enough, Scrappy and the children spent Christmas at Momma Dee’s house without Bambi. They posted photos from the day on their Instagram accounts.

It didn’t take long for fans to start asking why Bambi wasn’t there. And they began to speculate that Bambi and Scrappy may not be on good terms. In fact, some are wondering if the couple is even still together.

Momma Dee had a lot to say on Instagram Live before the holidays.

Interestingly enough, Bambi and Scrappy no longer follow each other on Instagram. And recently, Momma Dee made some very serious accusations about Bambi as well. She made the accusations a couple of weeks before Christmas.

While on Instagram Live, Momma Dee said, “So don’t come for me and say Momma don’t say nothing about your daughter-in-law if you don’t know what she’s done. You don’t know and I would never lie on her. She do have three of my grandkids and I do honor her for that. But past that, it’s over with. I am done.”

She added, “She did something to Scrappy, y’all, she did something to him physically. I can’t say, I can’t say it. That ***** play victim, she ain’t no victim. That ***** poison.”

Momma Dee also made some serious accusations about Bambi’s mother Cece as well.

“Watch this ***** and her momma. How bout the ***** momma called VH1 and the producers? She pulled a gun out on one of my friends…Cece…yes. Them ******* crazy.”

You can check out the video here.


  1. They need to go their separate ways. Scrappy will never stand up to his mother. He’s okay with her running his life. And if it’s to the point of violence, there’s nothing to talk about. End the marriage.

  2. So basically Momma Dee completely screwed up Scrappy’s marriage and he’s too weak and wounded from his childhood to know any better. Sad situation all around.

  3. I just want to see Bambi leave and have a real glow up like Erica did! I’ve always felt like Momma Dee and Scrappy are toxic individuals single women should avoid. There are so many Momma Dees and Scrappys out there. I think most black women have encountered the toxic single black mother who thinks no woman is good enough for her problematic son. Ugh.

    1. That goes for all races of Single mother’s acting this way. They don’t have a man bc no men will deal with their crap so they want to treat their son’s like they are their men 😒🙄

  4. The day Momma Dee realizes Scrappy is far from perfect or royalty, just maybe she’ll learn to stay out of his romantic relationships. Misogynoir has a strong hold on her.

  5. I noticed their latest posts and wondered if they were broken up too because Bambi hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring 😢

  6. If they’re broken up now, Momma Dee will start liking Bambi. She started to like Erica after she dumped Scrappy. Momma Dee doesn’t want Scrappy with any woman. The Shay stuff was just about making Bambi jealous but she’d hate Shay too if Scrappy loved her like he did Erica and Bambi. Momma Dee has a problem with any woman Scrappy cares deeply for. He never liked Shay like that and used her to pay his bills. So Momma Dee was never intimidated by Shay.

  7. She acts as if he is her own man like u can’t be that d-mn protective of your son meanwhile she needs to work on her and Ernest and live them alone that’s not cool at all you will turn on Shay also u just can’t stand your son happy if it’s not u making him happy your ruining his relationships period point blank

    1. I thought Mama Dee was Marry why is she so involved in Bambi and Scrappy Marriage it’s sad because she was a bad Mama and Scrappy seen a lot of stuff he shouldn’t and revealed it on Love and hip hop Family Reunion and now Bambi knows and she mad but Mama Dee need a life and stay out of that Grown Man business she ain’t worry about seeing no Grandkids that bad so she can talk bad to them kids about their Mama I don’t blame Bambi Mama Dee to Old for that she’s just Toxic‼️

    2. Mama Dee needs to do everything she can to make things right after the Tamulti’s childhood that she put him through, Mama Dee needs to stay out of Bambi and Scrappy’s marriage.

  8. Momma Dee can’t pimp Bambi but she did Shay. That’s the entire problem.
    Scrappy is still that little boy who witnessed his Mother doing wrong things. He needs some therapy/counseling for that. He’s still low-key protecting her because that’s what a son does when a Father isn’t there but his Mother is pimping him too.
    To make things work with his wife they should leave Atlanta.

  9. Scrappy’s father told him years ago that if he wanted a successful relationship and wanted to be really happy, he needed to keep his mama out of his business. Guess he hasn’t learned yet

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