GUHH News: Briana LaTrise Attempts to Humble Cree Campbell + Lil Eazy-E’s Wife is Worried

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Briana LaTrise has some more words for Cree Campbell.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Briana LaTrise is no stranger to controversial moments on and off of the show. In fact, she’s had her share of feuds. This is due to the fact that Briana is committed to always speaking her mind no matter whom it offends. One of the most controversial moments she had on the show was her fallout with Egypt Criss. Briana shared the same sentiments Tahira “Tee Tee” Francis had about Sam Wright. Egypt didn’t appreciate the apprehension both had about Sam. So she pulled back from her relationships with Briana and Tee Tee. However, things became really messy. At the height of the drama, Egypt assaulted Briana while they were filming.

On the current season of GUHH, Briana has been clashing with Cree Campbell. Cree took issue with some comments Briana made on social media. While Briana was on Instagram Live, she chatted with her followers about the show and her coworkers. And when Cree came up, Briana mocked Cree for saying that she was too busy running her businesses to be in mess on GUHH. Briana also questioned if Cree was actually friends with Angela Simmons and her siblings or just using them to film scenes.

Cree has attempted to confront Briana about the comments she made on Instagram. However, their conversations haven’t been all that productive. And at times, Cree has felt like Briana rudely brushed her off. Interestingly enough, Briana said Cree took her comments way too seriously. She described herself as a bit of a jokester who likes to speak her mind on her social media platforms.

Interestingly enough, Briana and Cree will have more tension on the upcoming episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop.” In a preview, Briana attempts to humble Cree and she accuses her of being self-centered.

Briana says, “Girl, I’m trying to figure out why the **** you think this is the Cree Show. It’s not about you. Why did you come?”

Aaliyah Wright is concerned about Eric Wright’s gambling.

Cree and Briana aren’t the only ones who will have some drama to deal with on the next episode. Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright’s wife Aaliyah Wright has a very honest conversation with Tanice Simmons. She reveals that she has an issue with Eric’s love of gambling. In a recent episode, Eric told Jojo Simmons that gambling has become one of his favorite hobbies. He likes to have his time to himself to go gamble in peace when things get a little hectic at home. But he told Jojo it’s not a big deal because he sticks to a budget that won’t hurt him and his family financially.

During the preview, Aaliyah tells Tanice, “He gambles all the time.” Tanice then says, “If it’s something that concerns you, I think you have a right to say so.”

And Aliyah lets Tanice know that it’s not so easy to speak up because Eric is the breadwinner in their relationship, “With his money, he checks me.”


  1. I used to like Briana but I can’t stomach her anymore. She has such a nasty attitude and Jojo was right, she does come for people on social media fishing for a response and storyline. Cree needs to ignore her.

    1. Same. She’s so mean and negative all the time. I thought she was misunderstood. But she’s not. She deserves the criticism she receives.

  2. This is why I didn’t feel too bad when Egypt punched Briana in the face. She’s nothing but a bully. And she knows who to try. She learned that day to leave Egypt alone though.

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