Cree Campbell Discusses Why She Hasn’t Really Been on GUHH Since Altercation

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Cree Campbell had a lot of drama on the current season of GUHH.

Growing Up Hip Hop” fans had a lot to say after things got really messy at Lil Twist’s party. Savannah Jordan hasn’t been feeling Sakoya Wynter since her blowup with Tanice Simmons. Sakoya thought Tanice was being shady when she met her mother Tiny Hailey. Tanice said she couldn’t tell who was the mother and who was the daughter. In response to this, Sakoya called Tanice out. Things got heated. Words were exchanged. And security had to step in to make sure the two women didn’t come to blows. Sakoya had no idea that Tanice was actually pregnant at the time. To make matters worse, she tried to throw her drink at Tanice.

Sakoya eventually realized she may have overreacted. Tanice wasn’t trying to be shady. And she was just trying to compliment Tiny and Sakoya. So she apologized to Jojo Simmons at Lil Twist’s party since Tanice didn’t attend.

Well, Savannah wasn’t impressed by Sakoya’s apology. It did nothing to repair their issues. And Savannah was been more upset with Sakoya’s behavior because she is the one who invited Sakoya to the event where the blowup occurred.

After some words were exchanged, Savannah and Sakoya had a blowup of their own and things turned violent. Cree Campbell also ran up on Sakoya because she was triggered when Sakoya told her she wouldn’t understand why she was offended by Savannah bringing up her son until she has children. Prior to the moment, Cree revealed she isn’t sure she can have children. And it’s upsetting for her.

Well, Savannah and Cree haven’t had much screentime on the show since the incident happened. And recently, Cree discussed this.

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  1. Wow, until I read this article, I hadn’t messed either of them. It is much quieter without them two’s of them. I’ll just bet she opted out more like shown the way out.

  2. GOOD REDDENS they both were TOXIC hope they stay gone.Cree and Syco Savanna go for bad.I never understood why the were added to the cast.

  3. They weren’t a good fit. There was no colorism. Saykoya said they were jealous of her because she thought she looks better than them. Apparently is was true, because Cree had to make up allegation to make it look like something else. Girl work on your confidence. Know that you are beautiful no matter what shade you are. I say this being a dark skinned black women. They weren’t a good fit. They tried to do to much. Savanah was messy and had nothing to go for her. They aren’t missed.

  4. Good riddance neither bring anything but messiness to the show. They have no respect for the people who made them relevant. Their Dad’s, They may have legitimate issues but you can’t have it both ways.

  5. I don’t tune in much but didn’t notice they were missing. As a dark woman, i didn’t see the statement as colorist, just that she didn’t think they were as cute as her and they were bullies. I could see if Sakoya was light then they could try to use the colorist card.

  6. Cree-p was on that show for a come up. Her own Father shunned her so cleaning it up by saying she ‘opted out’ is a bit of a reach when I know she signed a contract.
    I’m not buying her story on not being able to conceive neither. Sakoya wasn’t coming for her when she said what she said about being a Mother. Cree-p was trying to make it reason to run up.

      1. I will give Cree
        props on at least
        meeting with Sykoya
        women to women.
        The other young
        lady(I’m being nice)
        Savannah is a baby,so disrespectful to
        everyone and I’m
        embarrassed for
        her dad. Get wisdom
        young girl and some

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