RHOP Recap: Charrisse Makes Messy Accusations About Karen + Mia Thinks Wendy Wants Her

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the drama from Mexico is still fresh on everyone’s minds. Mia and Wendy’s decision to move forward turns into the ladies having questions about what happened during their last night in Mexico. Wendy said that Mia hit on her. However, Mia believes Wendy is the one with the crush. And she’s beginning to think that the root of their issue was that Wendy is attracted to Mia.

Karen’s accusations about Juan keep her from being invited to Robyn’s bachelorette party. Interestingly enough, Wendy also doesn’t score an invite. And Robyn says Wendy isn’t invited because she laughed at the accusations Karen made about Juan while they were in Mexico. 

Robyn’s decision to not invite Wendy to the party is just another sign to Wendy that despite hashing things out, it’s apparent that Robyn doesn’t really want to move forward. 

Plus, the bachelorette party turns into a night about Karen. Charrisse makes more accusations. And this time she’s alleging that Karen’s reputation in Potomac includes getting drunk and sleeping with random men in public spaces. 

Here’s a recap for, “The Naked Truth.”

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  1. The problem with RHOP is none of these women are friends outside of Gizelle and Robyn. So Gizelle and Robyn take advantage of that and gang up on whoever they don’t like every season. The others just sit there and watch someone that should be their friend and ally be attacked without helping. Candiace sat there and said nothing while they dogged out Karen. She doesn’t defend Wendy either. And Wendy and Karen don’t defend Candiace or each other. Mia and Ashley are also loyal to no one but do everything possible to stay in Robyn and Gizelle’s good side. It’s ridiculous. And it’s why RHOP won’t ever be in the same legendary class as RHOA. These women are too scary and they fear the GEBs too much to make iconic television.

    1. This! No one wants to say it but I really think Candiace, Ashley, Mia, and Wendy are all scared of the GEBs! Karen is the only one who isn’t and it’s why the show never completely hits!

    2. You’re spot on. I’ve noticed that Candiace won’t ever really go off on Gizelle or Robyn. The only person she will drag without mercy is Ashley. Gizelle completely lied on Chris and Candiace still won’t take the gloves off. And it’s weird how she said she has this solid off the show friendship with Robyn because Robyn never has her back about anything. So why is she so loyal to Robyn? I think it’s fear too. Maybe going against Robyn and Gizelle is a sure way to be fired from the show if you’re not Karen?

    3. They are scared of Gizelle and Robyn. Ashley even said Gizelle knows all of her secrets. So she will never go against her.

  2. It’s kinda hard to believe that Wendy did ALL that with Mia… showing her lady parts and touching Mia’s…. Wendy has a reputation to uphold…I just don’t see her doing that… Ashley maybe cause she’s talking about how she looks at hers and always making reference to it…..but Wendy???!!!! Sorry…not buying THAT

    1. I think Mia lied during that conversation with Gizelle and she got dragged for it at the reunion. Candiace said Mia got dragged the most.

  3. I mean if I had a reputation for getting “drunk and loose” I could see someone putting me in rehab….1+1=2. Blue eyes has been mentioned since the 1st season….I mean I LOVE The Grand Dame….however…it ain’t a stretch. Also after this season Charisse has served her purpose. Cause if you think GIZELLE has no plot line, I don’t think we’ve even seen where Charrisse lives this season.. She just shows up. 🤭

  4. Boring episode. Charrisse is the worst liar ever. She’s the same one who tried to convince people Monique’s son wasn’t fathered by Chris. Only Gizelle’s dumb a-s believes the sh-t she spews. Charrisse needs to hope her tea doesn’t come out. There’s a good reason why her ex husband gave her nothing in that divorce.

  5. Charrisse really looking DESPERATE to be back on the show full-time…Hey Andy People H-LL TO THE NO NO NO…we good!!!!!

  6. I don’t believe Charisse and here is why. 1. Robyn and Giselle have made issues out Karen’s a.) hometown, b.)Ray’s taxes, c.) Karen moving to a smaller house, d.)her wigs and e.) her body. 2. If Karen was known as a wh*re they would have mentioned it. 3. Every rumor from Charisse is years old and no one else has heard them, until she tells them. 4. Charisse admitted that she didn’t Karen before the group formed for the show.

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