Jojo Simmons Responds After GUHH Fan Says They Understand Why He Was Attacked by FIL

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Jojo Simmons isn’t getting along with his father-in-law.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Jojo Simmons was subjected to a lot of drama during the recent episode. As it stands, he doesn’t have the best relationship with his father-in-law. Tanice Simmons’ father Buck Johnson has made it clear that he doesn’t like Jojo very much. But Jojo and Tanice don’t understand just what the root of the issue is. Frustrated by all of the tension, Jojo sought advice from his mother about how to quell all the bad energy. And she told him that the best step to take would be for Jojo to talk to Buck for himself. Jojo decided to take her advice and meet Buck at a recording studio to hash things out.

Well, it didn’t take long for Jojo to start regretting his choice. Buck was fed up. The conversation turned into an argument quickly. At times, Jojo felt like he couldn’t even get a word in. And when he asked Buck what led to their issues, Jojo said that Buck’s issues appear to be more so with Tanice than him. In fact, he pointed out that Buck didn’t walk Tanice down the aisle on their wedding day because Tanice didn’t want that. The reason was Buck had apparently caused a scene prior and Tanice just didn’t want to take any chances once the ceremony began.

Regardless, Jojo and Buck both felt disrespected by each other. And at the height of the contention, things only worsened in the recording studio. Buck told Jojo to exit the building because he didn’t like the exchange that they had. Jojo didn’t get up to leave and Buck then threw a bucket of ice in his face.

A comment from a GUHH fan bothered Jojo Simmons.

Jojo described the moment as Buck “acting like a girl” and being very “Love & Hip Hop” like. Interestingly enough, some “Growing Up Hip Hop” fans agreed with his sentiment on social media. And they called out Buck for taking things way too far. However, one fan told Jojo that they understood why Buck assaulted him. This didn’t sit well with Jojo either.

The Instagram user agreed when another GUHH fan wrote that Jojo and Buck needed to stop speaking over each other. They wrote, “Exactly. JoJo keeps talking and not listening. You’re not trying to work it out if the man can not even talk. I see now why he threw the water on him. He was wrong for that, but I understand his frustration. Love JoJo, but he was not respecting his elder here by talking over him.”

In response, Jojo wrote, “He’s the type of person that doesn’t let anyone get a word off..I have to talk to get my point across. You saying I deserved ice to be thrown on me because of talking? That’s the issue grown *** men shouldn’t have to resort to physical actions if they disagree.”


  1. The respect your elders rule isn’t foolproof. Old fools don’t deserve respect. They have to work for it like everyone else. Tanice’s father is insufferable. I’m glad Jojo just walked away because Buck honestly isn’t worth losing your character over.

    1. but he didn’t just walk away. He mouthed off for the cameras. he not that dude. He should have a story line so he don’t need to use his father- in- law.

      And by the way, the respect for elders is a golden rule to the end of time, who raised you?

      1. You constantly write the dumbest sh-t on this blog. So who raised you Steffy? Jojo was mad and talked sh-t after an immature old man assaulted him. You wouldn’t talk sh-t to me after I slapped you? He was violated. You don’t know sh-t if you think being old entitles someone to respect and followers. All old people ain’t wise. Some of them are monsters too.

      2. Only the black community pushes the “respect your elders” talk and it’s only to protect the abusers in the black community. I think Queen was raised right and you weren’t. Buck isn’t a man who deserves respect from anyone. He doesn’t even respect his daughter or himself.

        1. “Only the black community pushes the “respect your elders” talk and it’s only to protect the abusers in the black community.” >>>>>>> If this ain’t the truth!

        1. She didn’t nail anything. Just more ghetto talking points. Y’all crucify any black person who isn’t violent and won’t fight to handle conflict.

      3. Queen obviously has good parents because she understands the importance of character. You shouldn’t support/follow/respect anyone blindly. The worst people in the world have to get old at some point if they don’t die young. That doesn’t mean we owe them respect. And you’re calling a black man corny for not being violent after he was assaulted by his father in law – the same man who has been an absentee grandfather and shady father. I question your morals and who raised you.

        1. Being old don’t make you gold…No one can make a person do anything..maybe that where the problem lies he a violent man that want to fight a smaller person…don’t under estimate a person size

        2. “The worst people in the world have to get old at some point if they don’t die young. That doesn’t mean we owe them respect.” >>>>>>> This should really be common sense. I remember that Martin episode from back in the day. Gina dumped Martin and he was being too prideful to go get her back. He didn’t get right until someone told him that old fools were young fools first. Everyone doesn’t get wiser with age. Some are destined to always be fools because they’re too prideful to do the what’s required to be better.

      4. It just wild that you’re questioning if someone was raised right but you don’t see anything wrong with a grown man throwing temper tantrums on television. Jojo was right. That man did act like he was on Love & Hip Hop. He embarrassed himself.

      5. You called Monique a hood rat for assaulting Candiace just days ago on another post. But here you are okay with violence against someone you don’t like. Was Candiace wrong and mouthing off when she called Monique a hood rat after she was assaulted? Of course not. And you know this. Jojo can say whatever he wants about Buck after that man assaulted him. No one has to be nice to the person who violated them. I know you wouldn’t because you’re not even nice on here. You’re such a weird troll.

      6. The father wasn’t respecting him. The issue is with his daughter and Buck needs to mend that with his daughter

      7. Respect is earned and not given. If you want respect you have to give it. Age does not automatically mean you get respect and can talk to people like you want

  2. There are always going to be a select group of people who hate the Simmons family and will say stupid sh-t like this. I honestly think motherf-ckers been seething since that family reality show they had some years ago. Some people truly can’t take seeing a generation of black kids not struggle and have parents who love/support them. That is why Brianna hates that entire family.

  3. I’m going to assume this person only watched the clips because Jojo’s father in law doesn’t like to let anyone talk, not even his own daughter.

  4. His father in law is disrespectful. He needs to run his house and allow John to run his. Jojo if you and your wife had him pay for anything you should pay it back. Never go to him for anything

  5. I don’t understand how anyone can watch these clips and think that the father in law isn’t the problem. It’s clear as day unless you lack context clues and common sense. He’s a d bag in every scene he films. So I can imagine he’s worse in real life.

    1. Well duh, Jojo’s life is his storyline is it not? So if he’s not getting along with family, his job is to talk about it. I think his father in law is the corny one. He’s in his 50s being ghetto on tv.

    2. Do you have the IQ of a jelly bean? Jojo signed up to do a reality show. That means contractually he is obligated to show everything that is currently occurring in his life. Y’all let the jealousy and unreasonable dislike you have for strangers cause you to sound stupid in these comments. You’re not stupid. Stop pretending.

    3. Are you a Black woman? Because black women like you are so weird. Y’all think black men who aren’t violent and provide for their families like they are supposed to do are corny. Yet y’all don’t think acting like a thug and putting hands on nonviolent people is corny. Tanice’s father is corny. I’m glad my father doesn’t act like that. Jojo is more of a man than Buck will ever be at his big age! Shout out to the black women like me who don’t like thugs!

    4. The corny one in this situation is Buck and Buck alone. Ain’t nothing corny about Jojo. He comes from a solid family, wealth, and he doesn’t carry himself like ghetto trash. You tried it.

    5. You called Monique Samuels a hood rat for fighting on RHOP. But now you’re saying Jojo is corny for not being a fighter. Yeah, you’re definitely a troll. And I suggest no one takes you seriously on here.

  6. Tanice’s father is a hood rat it seems. I’m glad Jojo understands black men don’t have to be violent and ghetto trash in real life or TV.

  7. Jojo was raised right so he probably is having a hard time seeing a grown man carry himself the way his father in law does. That man won’t listen to anyone and thinks he has a right to disrespect everyone, even his own daughter, grandchildren, and son in law! I completely understand why Tanice feels the way she does about him now. He’s awful!

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