Jojo Simmons’ Father in Law Has No Regrets About Assaulting Him

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Jojo Simmons and Tanice Simmons are dealing with some family drama.

Growing Up Hip Hop” star Jojo Simmons is having an eventful season. He and Tanice Simmons have been dealing with drama from Tanice’s father Buck Johnson. Neither Tanice nor Jojo appear to get along with Buck. However, the contention may have spilled over onto Buck’s relationships with his grandchildren. In fact, Tanice alleged that Buck doesn’t spend enough time with the kids. And when she tried to confront him about this during a past episode, he turned the topic to Jojo. Buck said that he thinks Jojo is the one with all of the control in the relationship. So he holds Jojo responsible for some of Tanice’s decisions.

One thing that bothered Buck the most is that he wasn’t allowed to walk Tanice down the aisle on their wedding day.

Well, as the contention worsened, Jojo’s mother Valerie Vaughn pushed him to have a sitdown with Buck. She figured it would be the best way towards peace. So Jojo agreed to meet Buck in a recording studio to put it all out on the table.

Their conversation didn’t start off well considering Buck said that he didn’t know if he wanted to slug or hug Jojo. But it really escalated after Jojo asked Buck to explain why they have an issue. Buck brought up the wedding and not walking Tanice down the aisle. Jojo revealed that it was Tanice who decided Buck didn’t need to be given the honor. And it’s because he caused a big scene ahead of the ceremony. So she didn’t want to take a chance that could have led to more drama on their special day.

Buck Johnson doesn’t regret his actions.

After Buck tried to take credit for paying Jojo’s rent once, Jojo reminded him that he paid Tanice’s rent. And it was for an apartment that Jojo didn’t actually live in. Jojo said he has been taking care of his family financially without Buck’s help. Not too long after this, tempers flared. Buck told Jojo to leave the studio. When Jojo didn’t comply on the spot, Buck tossed a bucket of ice at his face. Jojo walked off in disbelief and described Buck’s actions as very “Love & Hip Hop” like.

On a future episode, Tanice confronts Buck about the altercation that took place in the recording studio. She says, “Why was it necessary for you to go as far as you did with Jojo?”

Buck makes it clear that he has no regrets, “If I feel disrespected, I’m gonna disrespect whoever, whenever, whoever. I don’t care.”

As for Jojo, he tells Tanice that he now understands why she feels the way she does about Buck, “I get why you don’t like dealing with that man anymore.”


  1. Now if it someone like wack 100 , the game or 50 cent Buck wouldn’t have dared did no crap like that. Since it was a young guy , that isn’t know for street credibility, buck felt like throwing his weight around which made him look weak. JoJo hit the mail on the head when he said what snuck did was what Housewives do. 😂😂buck look like a stone cold bitc@ for doing that . Evidently, he hasn’t been that great of a Father if his Daughter didn’t want him to walk her down the aisle . His juvenile behavior also shows when he throws an innocent child in the mix by saying that isn’t his grandchild. Grow up Buck.

    1. Agreed. Buck is extremely weak and instead of dealing with his poor fathering, he wants to blame JoJo.

  2. Buck as a Big man and a father that was disrespectful to throw the bucket of ice on JoJo wasn’t expecting that from you, I don’t care if you thought you were disrespect I don’t see were JoJo disrespect you. Bman thing, you really need to apologize to JoJo

  3. I’m going to try to behave myself but Buck needs to be He’s spreading his disrespect a lil too thick for me. I agree with Jojo on the ice bucket challenge. The real man walked away trying to hold onto the spoonful of respect he had.
    Buck was trying to get a rise outta Jojo but failed miserably.
    I knew that convo was going to go crazy because he’s blaming Jojo for everything problematic with Tanice.
    Really? I think he’s looked in a mirror somewhere.

  4. Jojo didn’t ask him for her handin marriage first mistake. She didn’t even let him walk her down the isle. When Buck asked him to leave he said I want to hear some music defiant. Buck pored ice not hands. Stop it u know like I know Jojo has a smart mouth.

    1. That’s bs. If Jojo didn’t ask for his daughter hand in marriage that’s says a lot about his relationship with his daughter because she would have let him know early he would have to get her father ok before she marry him and she didn’t want him walking her down the aisle says more about their relationship. He can’t blame Jojo for his bad parenting Jojo isn’t her father he is her husband why would he want to control her.. That man is trash and trying to blame it on someone else.

  5. What ignorant person “Father” tells anotha man (his daughters husband) that he’s NOT controlling his wife (this man’s daughter)!!! Like REALLY U want this man controlling UR DAUGHTER like that, her thoughts, her feelings n decisions?!?! I ain’t Neva heard no wack ass shit like that in my life! He got deep issues wit his daughter n I see who’s to blame way more clearly now n tryna blame JoJo for the BS issues he’s created wit his own child! They betta off without the negativity n drama from her Dad I feel.

  6. First of all, Tanice is buck daughter, not Jojo so I don’t see how Buck is blaming him for his daughter’s behavior. It was her decision to not have him walk her down the aisle. He need to sit down somewhere and sta out of their marriage. I wouldn’t sit back either and have nobody in my kid face talking sh..t to them all the time. Where is JoJo daddy at?

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