GUHH Recap: Romeo Returns & Wants Closure + Tanice’s Father Refuses to Apologize to Jojo

GUHH Season 7 Episode 8 Recap
Photo Credit: WE tv

During tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Tanice is furious with her father Buck after learning he threw a bucket of ice at Jojo. She confronts Buck about his behavior but Buck stands firm in his actions.

Buck also reveals why he’s frustrated with both Jojo and Tanice, and mentions that he threw the ice because he didn’t get to walk Tanice down the aisle during her wedding. Buck also finds Jojo very disrespectful.

Meanwhile, Eric uses a date to get out of the doghouse and on Aaliyah’s good side.

Next, Sam and Egypt have a court case and tardiness could mean a bad ruling for Sam, and Egypt’s growing relationship with Tee Tee hits a snag when an invitation is revoked.

Lastly, Romeo is back and he’s ready to apologize to Angela.

Here’s the recap for, “Romeo, Romeo.”

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