RHOP Reunion Recap: Andy Calls out Robyn & Gizelle + Mia & Wendy Regress

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Gizelle will not get the benefit of the doubt from Candiace. 

Candiace continues to call out Gizelle for her accusations about Chris. Even though Candiace feels like the claims are nothing to downplay, Gizelle thinks it’s just an issue of semantics. Candiace points out that this is the problem. She believes Gizelle is using semantics to lie on Chris for a storyline. When Mia attempts to defend Gizelle by saying that Candiace should respect her feelings, Candiace shuts her down. And she tells Mia that Gizelle knows exactly what she’s doing. 

Andy changes the topic and brings up the Instagram Live video of Candiace dragging the other women. She once again says that she and Robyn are close friends. And she doesn’t like it when fans of the show say that it’s Wendy she should have this close friendship with. 

Robyn still doesn’t think it was wrong for her to play the video for the rest of the cast. She thinks Candiace has an issue with people wanting to have hard conversations with her in front of the cameras. After Robyn says that everything should happen on camera when it comes to this group, producers flash forward to a clip of Robyn’s recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.” In the clip, she explained why she didn’t discuss Juan’s inappropriate communication with another woman during the current season.

Gizelle doesn’t agree that she doesn’t share enough. 

The subject turns back to Gizelle when Andy asks her to discuss the health scare she went through when she went in for a hysterectomy. She becomes emotional once she talks about how scared her daughters were. Gizelle jokes that they can talk about it later and Andy tells her they will talk now. 

Andy then says that a lot of people believe Gizelle doesn’t share enough about her own life on the show. She disagrees and says she talked about the trouble she was having with fibroids in earlier episodes. And it’s not her fault it producers aren’t using her more personal footage. 

Regardless, Candiace and the others chime right on in and agree with the perspective about Gizelle being too private while being very interested in the business of others. Mia says that it also feels like Gizelle bullies them into sharing their own business. 

Andy calls out Robyn and Gizelle’s hypocrisy. 

Mia and Wendy’s altercation is discussed. Andy asks Mia what made her throw the drink at Wendy. Mia says that she didn’t like the things Wendy said about Gordon. Candiace reminds Mia that Wendy said things out of anger. And she was rightfully angry about being assaulted. Wendy goes off on Mia. She says Mia’s comments prove she still has no real remorse for her actions. Wendy could have fought back that day physically, but she chose not to. Wendy also said that she also apologized to Mia so that the group could move forward. But she’s done with Mia.

Mia thinks Wendy likes to flip-flop. She thought they made up and even flirted in Mexico. Mia gets even by accusing Wendy of having an affair with Peter. When Wendy denies this and says Mia has no receipts, Mia says she saw security footage from Bar One and she saw Wendy eating a meal with Peter.

She breaks down in tears and says what was done to her hurt her to her core. And it really hurt to see some reactions or lack thereof. 

Andy then calls out Gizelle and Robyn for appearing hypocritical for the stances they took about the situation. Robyn says that she just didn’t think that what Mia did was as bad as what Monique did. Gizelle agrees. And she said that in her opinion, Candiace was actually beaten up. Andy reminds Gizelle that she said that Chris made her feel uncomfortable. But she isn’t acknowledging Wendy’s feelings. Gizelle then says she doesn’t like Wendy so she doesn’t care what happens to her. Candiace points out that this is the issue. And Gizelle’s morals aren’t legitimate if they change based on if she likes the victim. 

The ladies talk about colorism. 

Colorism is brought up. Candiace is told to express her feelings about the topic. She reads the definition and goes on to tell the women that she feels like she’s treated differently in certain situations by fans and costars because of her skin tone. Wendy agrees and feels like this is her experience, too. 

Ashley says she acknowledges that she has special privileges for being light-skinned. However, she’s gotten into it with all the women there. So it’s never been about skin tone for her. 

Gizelle doesn’t think it makes sense to suggest that any of the issues in the group have anything to do with skin tone. However, Karen points out that it’s a subconscious thing for most people. And they must all do the work as light-skinned women to hear out dark-skinned women when they speak on this issue. Candiace becomes emotional. She goes on to say that she’s grateful that Ashley at least acknowledged her privilege. Moving forward, Candiace and Wendy hope that everyone will be mindful of the words they use moving forward. 

Mia and Jacqueline prepare to face off. 

Mia’s former best friend Jacqueline joins the stage. She says her family is upset with Mia after their fallout played out on the show. At this point, Jacqueline has taken off the gloves. After she pulls out a folder of what she claims are receipts on Mia, Mia pulls out hers on Jaqueline. The episode ends on a cliffhanger. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Them Bandits never see anything wrong with what they do, yet they spot every flaw in others.
    When Andy told Giselle, ” No, we’ll talk about it now “, if looks could kill he would be a goner. Lol. Is Andy getting tired of the Bandits? He has been really pointing out their crappy behavior.

    1. Trina, you said it right!!!!!

      Candace may get sidetracked at times but in this episode, she spoke the truth! Right is right and wrong is wrong!She was dead on.

      If the “church lady “ and “the deacon (Robin) If they don’t like you, then they spin things to deliberately hurt you ( Candice, Wendy, Karen, Ashley (depending on if she sides with them), ). They don’t particularly care for Mia but she is the enemy of their enemy. They will
      latch on to Sharieese so she won’t tell their secrets and as long as she throws kibbles and bits at Karen!

      The deacon and the church lady will NOT admit their faults. Now Robin will NOT back down from an argument but she is on her moral high horse saying Wendy should have ignored Mia. Wendy did ignore Mia several times even BEFORE they arrived at Bar One. And where she get tapes about Wendy and Peter and she didn’t get the memo that she was about to be evicted from her “own” company?

      Mia would be more likable if she would just be REAL. She has a good heart in all that deception!

    2. Yes, he’s getting a lot of fan feedback about his own colorism. That’s why he chose not to open the conversation about the subject.

      The bottom line is Gizelle has emotional issues and Robin has emotional and self esteem issues. I think Juan is the only man she’s ever had. Remember, she slept in the bed with him even after they were divorced and broken up.

      When Gizelle was talking about her hysterectomy and acting like she was getting choked up, I didn’t feel sorry for her. Yes, I have compassion for her daughters because they appear to be more mature than their mother. I had a hysterectomy too and the surgery took longer than expected. It is traumatic but it is even more traumatic for those of us who were not able to bare children. So, Gizelle can go and pick cotton. I have no compassion for her. I think her own dad is ashamed of her., Uggh! God Bless Us so that I can be Blessed!

      1. I concur with everything the writer wrote. Her father is ashamed of her and has not appeared on the show or been spoken of since he blew her ex husband put of the water and she had the audacity to sat he has memory issues. A sister she never once mentioned she had a sister? No wonder Jamaal dumped her a-s. She is an ugly person who Never got over the embarrassment she suffered as a result of his shenigans and her first Lady stance. Robin is dumb as a box if rocks with no self esteem. She remarried a man who sees her as his friend not his equal. She bores him to death. At least the other wives on the show have husband’s thar do genuinely care about them. These 2 yellow heifers need to stop tripping. They are pathetic and need the paycheck

        1. Sephora, you could not have said it better. The show has taken a serious nose dive, extremely amoralistic. None of these ladies have any elements of sisterhood, such a shame to allow yourself to be exploited in such a way.

  2. This is one of the best reunions to date…Andy did not let Gizelle get by not discussing some REAL LIFE challenges that she is dealing with that may help one of the women watching the show…it’s funny she missed the chance to really help another woman but she rather tell LIES on Chris

  3. Candiace should be very careful talking about other people’s uteruses given that she is planning to have children at some point in her life, these words might come back to bite her. She cannot read people without attacking their physical appearances and their body parts so are they even reads or is she just this immature?

    1. You read my mind, the physical appearance attacks are so juvenile, it shows her level of maturity and ability to effectively resolve conflict. And, she should be the last one to talk about someone’s physical appearance. I guess she never saw herself in a mirror, on stage, in the booth, on tv or any pictures of herself, self awareness is the first step to recovery.

  4. I don’t care much for Candiace and her smart mouth, she delivers a lot of insults to the women and do a lot of behind the back gossip as well. And if she thinks Chris only has eyes for her she got to be naïve and a little crazy. Her mother tried to warn her earlier in the first segment. When she talked about colorism she need to check out Chris. Where is his family? We have only seen his children once. Where is his mother or father? Do they know or like Candice. That’s a good story line, nobody tried to shade her on that! I would feel some kind of way to if a married man wanted to meet me in my hotel room to discuss something with me. Why couldn’t he pull her to the side or go into a lounge or some other place less secluded.

    1. Question with the answer that could solve it all…. Why did Church Lady go? No one can make you go to a situation where you are uncomfortable. As stubborn and strong as she is, unless Chris held her at gun point, she could have said the same phrase she said to Andy “we’ll talk about it later!”

  5. That part, sometimes I can’t believe some of the things that come out of her mouth, yes she better be careful before God make her uterus barren

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