Kenya Moore Goes off on Martell Holt

Photo Credit: Bravo

Martell Holt makes an appearance on the upcoming season of RHOA.

Months ago, Carlos King spilled some interesting tea about the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta. He confirmed “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt filmed some scenes with Sheree Whitfield. As we reported, Sheree and Martell are currently dating. So Sheree brought him around the other peaches. Interestingly enough, Carlos also confirmed that Martell had a messy exchange with Kenya Moore while filming a scene. While he didn’t give any details about what the argument was about, Kenya has been vocal about her distrust of Martell from the beginning. And she said Sheree could do better than a man who lost his wife to a longtime affair that resulted in a child outside of the marriage.

Bravo just released the first look at Season 15. And the producers made sure to include footage of Kenya and Martell’s explosive moment. In the scene, Kenya is going off on Martell while Sheree stands in between them.

Kenya tells Martell, “What did you say to this Black queen standing right in front of you?! You’re an *******!”

Martell and Kenya’s messy moment isn’t the only highlight of the trailer. Kandi Burruss is trying her best to deal with all of the drama coming in different directions. When she’s not having problems with her Xscape group members, she’s pretty busy handling her restaurant issues and clashing with Marlo Hampton. But Sheree couldn’t help but throw a little shade after Kandi’s cousin was shot at her Blaze Steak & Seafood restaurant.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s divorce is also addressed.

In a green screen interview, Sheree says, “We don’t know when we go to Old Lady Gang if we’re going to get biscuits or bullets.”

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman see a therapist after their marriage hits a point of no return. It’s very awkward when Ralph attempts to downplay the divorce filing, “Who hasn’t filed for divorce?” Drew can only give Ralph a look of pure disgust at this point.

Kenya, Kandi, Drew, Marlo, Sheree, and Sanya Richards Ross are all back as peach holders. And vets and OGs like Cynthia Bailey, Kim Zolciak, Lisa Wu, and DeShawn Snow all make appearances as well.

RHOA returns Sunday, May 7th at 8/7c on Bravo.


  1. The fact that Wig is gonna make an appearance….after that reunion…..chile….it looks like folks still need outside help for a storyline cause….eww….

  2. This trailer didn’t excite me. I’m also not understanding why Martell’s history of anger and aggression towards women is never talked about.

    1. Exactly….. That’s something Carlos King will never speak on…. Which it needs to be talked about because it’s honestly too much!!!

      1. Carlos loves this drama especially when it comes to women, he sees no wrong in Martell punk behind. Let’s talk about how he tried to make the Exscape Deal behind the ladies back. Kandi doesn’t lie especially when it comes to her $$$, family, businesses, etc.

    1. Yes, so do I. Kandi is the one That is Ghetto as H-ll. She is always dragging people or kicking butt. She is straight Ghetto. Tried of her on the show.. Really they need to cancel all these shows with these so call Black Drama Queens. For me it’s an embarrassment to all Black Female. The way they call each other, H..s and everything else. Really SAD

        1. False but Martell was trying to get at Kenya in her DMs before he met Sheree and Kenya paid him dust. So I think you’re the one who wants Martell. You should stop projecting. Everyone isn’t attracted to promiscuous men who can’t be monogamous.

        2. Kenya isn’t a stupid woman. She’s not a desperate woman either. So no, she doesn’t want Martell. What she is though is a girl’s girl and well, girl’s girls believe in sisterhood and aren’t male identified. She doesn’t like Martell because she doesn’t like how he treated his wife nor was she going to tolerate Martell’s sassy and disrespectful treatment of women in her presence. Martell has a track record of disrespecting women and getting in their faces. All black women should be on the same page about Martell Holt. He’s a demon who doesn’t mean good to any woman.

          1. Kenya both stupid and desperate,her husband was living with a woman when they was dating,every so called man Kenya brought on this show she paid, one of them I know personally and her man that was fixing on her house that she made him out to be abusive he had a woman that saw Kenya text and she got mad and Bravo fake because Kenya lied on him,rachet tv should have a disclaimer that these are actors and actresses and acting is a job to them none of this mess be real that’s why when they due each other’s charges dropped.

          1. Y’all need to stop projecting your sexual frustrations onto Kenya. She doesn’t want Martell. And what does she need to be jealous of? Sheree only dates felons, baby daddies, male sl*ts, and con artists. My goodness some of you need to raise your stands in the black community. Only hood rats and desperate fools want Martell. Kenya is neither.

      1. Kandi very ghetto,thought I was the only one who saw that,so we are getting what she got,as a mother ,wife and business woman I have zero respect for her and a few others because as black business women we can do better because I think we the best 🙂

  3. I enjoy bravo the reality is real. Stop hating we all know Kandi is the real rich. Itch and Kenya is a lady. Martell is a typical male only thing with him he gets caught. Wear a condom Martell

  4. I know one thang I AM SICK OF MARLO! She was better TV when she was a friend of the show! Wtf is NeNe at? I thought I would never say that. But we need her back. Especially since Greg has passed. Go get her! And leave Kandi alone!

  5. It’s funny how Kenya always has so much to say about EVERYONE else’s man but she couldn’t keep her own man in check. She needs to stop giving relationship advice if she can’t tolerate her own reflection in the mirror. Oh AND she wanted Phaedra’s husband!!!

  6. Kenya Moore is A Hot Mess, She’s not a good Friend to ANYone, Can’t keep a Man for some reason and keeps up too much Mess. Sharee is just all over the place, she needs to focus all her time and attention on She-By-Sharee, because She keeps attracting the Wrong Men for Some Reason, and I thought Andy already knew Kim had stayed beyond her Time with these ladies Years ago, so Why is She Back. Lastly as for The Real Peach of this Atlanta House Wife Show, that goes to Mrs. Kandi Burris Tucker, She is Killing it, If Andy had More Women on this show that was on her level it would make better TV, She is a Picture of Success, but she has a Good Heart, She Loves Her Family, She’s Very Humble and Honest and I’m Beyond Proud of Her and wish Her even More Success.

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