Brittish Williams Responds After BBWLA Fan Says She Didn’t Want Malaysia Pargo to Be Liked

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Malaysia Pargo’s exit from BBWLA is a hot topic.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has been receiving backlash from fans on social media amid the current season. As we reported, some of the fans have accused Jennifer of changing for the worse. In fact, she’s been accused of trying to “act tough.” Some fans have even said that they don’t feel Jennifer would move the same way if Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman were still on the show. Jennifer denied that she is trying to act tough. And she explained that she is committed to standing up for herself a lot more. This hasn’t done much to quiet the backlash though. Some fans felt like Jennifer was mean to allege Malaysia Pargo lost her Atlanta home to foreclosure.

Now that Malaysia has ended her time on the show, some “Basketball Wives” fans are even more vocal about what’s happened since her departure. DJ Duffey and Brandi Maxiell are no longer on good terms. Duffey didn’t appreciate Brandi shading her about going to couples therapy. However, she also suspects that being cool with Malaysia didn’t sit well with Brandi. So Brittish Williams believed Duffey was being shady when she reposted Malaysia’s Instagram post.

Brittish Williams responded to a critical tweet.

Duffey pointed out that Malaysia promoted her bands in the post. She appreciated the free promotion and didn’t intend to be shady by reposting it. Regardless, Brittish expressed that Duffey was wrong to repost it since Malaysia and Brandi aren’t friends anymore. Brittish said it’s all about loyalty. And at that moment, Duffey wasn’t loyal to a friend she’s had since high school.

Well, Duffey strongly disagreed with Brittish. And she said that she doesn’t owe Brandi any loyalty after she made messy comments.

Brooke Bailey urged Brittish to tell Brandi what Duffey said. As for Brandi, she didn’t like Duffey’s comments about not owing Brandi any loyalty. She took credit for Duffey being on the show and also alleged that Duffey lived in her basement.

Interestingly enough, “Basketball Wives” fans took to social media to call out Brandi, Brittish, and Brooke. One Twitter user said that Brittish just doesn’t like Malaysia, “It’s obvious British don’t like Malaysia & it’s clear she don’t want anyone else to. She #WACK #BasketballWives”

Brittish spotted the tweet. She responded, “Why don’t I like her? Y’all are delusional 😂😭😂😂 I just asked a question!”


    1. Exactly! She doesnt like malaysia nor does Brook! I cant stand those two or Brandi they think they soooo bad! Boy i wish Tami was there to humble them 3..Brittish needs to worry bout her own situation

    2. These “basketball wives” were Initially fired for a reason! Now Malaysia walked? It all just seems to getto to watch almost like they are all fighting for TV time. The OG girls (expect Jennifer she is ridiculous in every way and so FAKE, its gross) can’t be replaced period. I don’t know if Jackie is enough to save it.

  1. British is a follower , because Jennifer and mainly Brandi didn’t like Mayleisa. Brandi lost her job because of her mouth. Brandi feels like loyalty means Mayleisa should have quit to. How selfish is that. These are grown women. They should have minds of there own. I hope they fire Brandi

    1. British is messy and jealous of Malaysia is that all she wear is straight pants girl go work out .duffey don’t owe brandy no loyalty since she started talking shit and telling her business and if duffey and British was friends she would of stayed out of it British brandy is Brooke like pups do whatever she say her sh-t ain’t even together

      1. Jennifer is a joke, I do not understand why that new guy is dating her, the show must be paying him 🤔.

    2. Right 👍 Yes she is and she should be worrying about going to jail instead of being MESSY 👍👍✅

  2. Baby the way my foot would stay on Brittish fraudulent ass!! Girl get away from me with that ankle bracelet.

      1. British why keep saying that ankle braces is frustrating..Think about the families the situation u put them in…Every check u make from this show should go to those families .

  3. facts brandi is envy of Mayleisa and it’s obviously why she keeps starting with duffy this chicks are poor cover ups and then get mad when it’s pointed out

  4. Brittish is being a trouble maker ,she did not have to mention nothing to Brandi about what Duffey done far as for Malaysia, Brandi would have found out anyway,you are grown ass women with daughters ,Jackie Brooke an Brittish,an Brittish be a leader not a follower

  5. But Malaysia don’t have a monitor on
    British, Brooke,Brandi,Jackie be fired
    Black. Women tearing down Black women

  6. They all envy Malaysia British need to worry about that monitor on her leg with her scamming a-s Brandi desperate for friends if Malaysia don’t wanna be your friend girl just move tf on and brook you literally just found out your husband was cheating on you you don’t even need to open yo mouth you literally was trying to make it seem like yo marriage was everything when in real life it’s garbage and as for grandma yea Jennifer old a-s please don’t make us bring Tammy back taking about you taking up for yourself a lot more bullsh-t u trying it now but if the old crew was back girl you wouldn’t be saying sh-t talking about mute I don’t blame Malaysia and Duffy for not wanting to hang with some two facested lying scamming a-s women ….period

  7. Brittish is Messy ASF. Jennifer, Brandi, Brooke and Brittish set up this animosity against Malaysia. But Brittish remember you in trouble with the Law and they find more evidence on your A$$. You Ladies are Horrible. Jennifer you not no bully, you lucky Malaysia ain’t jump that table after what you said. Malaysia out grown this Madness 😠 yall keep bringing up. Brandi worry about your husband who doesn’t want to move with you. He’s still sleeping about with over 100 females.

  8. Jennifer is a joke, I do not understand why that new guy is dating her, the show must be paying him 🤔.

  9. Brittish, Brandy and Brooke are so self-righteous and messy. They can do and say what they want to others but soooooo hurt over the smallest thing. They tried to bully Malaysia. Brittish should be home wearing that ankle bracelet like any other person and not out drinking and partying all the time. She has never been seen doing any real work on the show. I wish Duffy would stop apologizing to Brandy. She did absolutely nothing to her. When you genuinely help someone from the heart, you don’t expect anything back. Brooke needs to have several seats with her too little clothes and that blimp body, invest in a mirror please. I’m sick of her dabbing her face after that fake crying and I am so over her, Brandy, Brittish, and Jennifer.

    1. I don’t understand either why is Duffey keep apologizing to Brandi,Brandi have no respect for her at all ,she called her a weirdo in front of a bunch of people she told Brittish Duffey slept in her basement an she constantly make Duffey look stupid, Duffey what is wrong with you ,this girl do not care about you ,and she constantly put you to shame in front of all the other women,when are you going to literally put her in her place ,she’s all mouth with no action,Duffey stop making yourself look weak for this nobody,please bring the old Duffey back who didn’t take no stuff

  10. I agree with all of you every bit of it. Couldnt stand Brandi from the beginning she thinks he poop dont stink and she can say whatever she wants and nobody can say nothing because shes right. Was she thinking or still thinking loyalty when that husband of hers slept with over 100 women are u screaming loyalty for that girl Bye. Brittish your a$$ need to go to JAIL you should be quiet as a church mouse because you are in trouble focus on trying not to go to jail so you can find a job and take care of your child because til this day I have no idea what you do besides fraudulent sh%t. Brooke well let’s just she’ll have a short divorce and then a remarry another one that’s not a BBW. Jackie ride off into the sunset and do something else you too old for this please. Duffy stop apologizing to Brandi because she dont care and she might be jealous of you and where was her loyalty when she told Brittish she let u sleep in her basement LEAVE HER ALONE !

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