Quad Webb Says ‘Married to Medicine’ Cast Will Have to Step up to Carry Show Without Her

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Quad Webb hasn’t signed her contract.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb had an eventful recent season. Fans had a lot to say as her feud with Toya Bush-Harris worsened. As we reported, Quad questioned if Toya had anything to do with Anila Sajja’s home being broken into. Anila and Dr. Kiran Sajja were seemingly on the same page. While her supporters felt like it was a fair question to ask, others as well as Quad’s own coworkers said things had been taken way too far. In fact, Dr. Heavenly Kimes said she felt the need to pull Anila aside. She didn’t think it looked good to link a Black doctor and his wife to the crime.

Well, Anila and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe are out as far as the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine” is concerned. And Phaedra Parks is in. As we reported, it’s alleged that Anila was given her walking papers. Contessa said she decided to leave the show on her own accord. However, Heavenly told her YouTube supporters that Contessa was demoted and chose to leave as a result.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t just Heavenly’s comments about Contessa’s status on the show that had fans talking on social media. Heavenly also discussed Quad. And she told her fans that it should interest them that Quad’s name didn’t come up much in the casting conversations. Hours later, Quad told her Instagram followers that she hasn’t signed her contract. She also confirmed that if negotiations don’t go the way she wants, she will leave.

Is it the end of an era?

She had more to say to her Instagram followers recently. And it seems as if negotiations still aren’t going the way Quad wants.

An Instagram user wrote, “SIGN THAT CONTRACT QUAD! We the fans need you & they for sure need you!”

Quad responded, “I want to be treated fairly.”

Another person wrote, “Pls say you coming back this next season 😢 it’s gonna be boring w/o u 😩.”

Quad replied, “Well, everyone will have to step up and pull their weight without commentating on my life. There’s a lot of stars on the show. So they should be able to do that with no problem!”


  1. That was the problem you weren’t showing your life. Nothing but your nephew and mother. You just talked about everyone’s else life to keep the spotlight off your. The best thing you do is be messy. I hope she does take a seat. Byyyyyyyyy

  2. I won’t miss that trash mouth, ghetto broad! She isn’t even married to medicine! She has a lot of nerve talking about being treated fairly! When does she treat people w/ respect and fairness? If her job is to insinuate her arse into other people’s business, I say we can do w/o her! She has no story worth paying attention to! No one on the show is more fake as she performs in her home w/ her family no one cares about! ;-(

  3. Well bye Quad! The show WILL GO ON with or WITHOUT you and it’s best without you anyways best of luck to you. Now bring back Mariah!

  4. Quad must have forgotten she literally made Toya’s life her storyline last season. Honestly, Quad’s life hasn’t been a focal point on the show since her divorce. But she really shouldn’t be surprised she’s being treated this way. Looked how they did Mariah. No one is safe unfortunately.

    1. I love Quad but who won’t to see Phadrea Azz on the show. She is a liar and fake as all get out. Quad come on Andy pay her her worth. You’ll going to need somebody to get Phadrea together Heavenly can’t do it. She picks on people that can’t defend themselves.

        1. And don’t forget GHETTO! She may be a good dentist but an awful messy person! Zhe gof lots of issues!

          1. Heavenly has everything going for her, but can’t help insinuating herself into other people’s business! I’m really surprised “Daddy” puts up w/ it since he seems to rule his house! I can do w/o that obnoxious POS, but she stirs the turd too much to let her go I guess! 😉

  5. I’m really curious to see what the ratings look like because one of two things is going to happen, A. Phaedra’s fans are exposed or B. Quad’s fans are exposed.

  6. Oh she was definitely demoted to a friend of the show. It’s the shadiest way to push a main cast member out. I’m really shocked they did this. They basically said they will bring in Phaedra to replace Quad and I did not see this coming.

  7. Oh sh-t she’s really gone. I won’t miss her but the show was peak when Mariah and Quad were friends. Sad they let producers turn them against each other.

    1. Now that’s when it was best. Show went downhill afterwards. Not watching with Phaedra… bad Bravo decision.

  8. Poor baby hasn’t realized this is the nice way she’s being pushed out. The ratings have been bad the last two seasons I believe. Quad no longer delivers ratings so a shakeup was long overdue.

  9. I’m sorry to hear Contessa leaving,I like the way she got with Heavenly I think Heavenly is the worst one an always starting trouble ,an involving herself in other people marriages ,I don’t think Toya had nothing to do with anila home being broking in ,Toya not gaining nothing having that done,I hope Anila didn’t need a story line,I don’t have to much to say about Quad,I do no she told them all how she fill she never bite her tongue to none of them replacing Phaedra don’t no if that gonna help not a fan of hers

    1. Contessa was nice enough, but I couldn’t trust much that she said about her life! Initially she was this hurricane of energy that worked so hard she had a housekeeper/Nanny! She starts to complain about missing her kids growing up so she fires “the help!” She cuts back her work hours then goes back to school in another state w/ more complaining that her hubby’s not supportive! Contessa made it seem as if he was abusing her for some reason when it appears w/ her training she could probably kick his arse! Contessa has been falling out w/ her friends for a while and it just makes little sense to me! She won’t be missed either! 😉

  10. Quad got besides herself when Mariah brought her on board and now, she is full of herself. Good riddance. Her thoughts of herself are overrated.

  11. Let’s be clear WHO IS QUAD????????? We didn’t know of her until our girl introduced her to the show. So again WHO IS QUAD????????? She not Dr Jackie, Dr Contessa, Dr Simone, Dr Heavenly, these are women with CAREERS……………….not depending on reality show for a paid check, the talk show still would have worked, she the reason why the show was cancelled, she wasn’t a good fit with the show nor with those Classy Ladies…….She want be missed. Come Back Contessa

    1. She made a statement regarding her finances in other words her cookbook, and stocks so I assumed she’s good——————also her previous checks from the show.

      1. The cookbook didn’t sell. I saw it on clearance. All she did was attack Toya with hate and venom. I didn’t like that. So unnecessary.

  12. Phaedra will bring ratings down , she is just like Quad and doesn’t have-a pot to piss in .She will definitely take the class out of this series

  13. I’ll definitely miss Ms Quad is she doesn’t come back. Let’s see what the rating do if she leaves and they bring back chipmunk sounding Greg with anyways it’ll soon be canceled too much gossip and shadiness

    1. Connie, I agree with you 💯 % about goof ball, chipmunk Greg. Sad to see Quad leave. While that person will bring drama with her lies & alibis, in the long run having her on M2M isn’t worth the cost of admission, or possible lawsuit.

  14. Quad was just a mess she was not a good person noe is heavenly.that was Mariah show that’s what happened when you get on tv.you think you are big it..when a friend bring you on tv than you get greedy and back stabbing..look what happened to Nene/Vicky/the housewives of new York…get rid of all these crazy reality shows shows..

  15. Quad is a prime example of fame going to ones head. I have no idea why they kept her on the show after her divorce. From that point on they never filmed Quads life. Quad thought she was the new Queen after Mariah left and boo boo you are not her. As for Phadra being on the show. I think she will fit in just fine. She will be giving Dr. H-ll oops Dr. Heavenly a run for her money. She will not be bullied.

  16. Say what you will about Muss Quad, but she would never do to her friends what Atty Parks did to Kandi & Porscha. What an awful person!!

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