‘Married to Medicine’ Fans Question Quad Webb’s Status on the Show Due to Recent Comments

Photo Credit: Bravo

Cast changes were made for the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” fans have been hearing a lot of rumors about the upcoming season. To no surprise, speculation about casting has been the most popular topic on social media as of late. As we reported, Phaedra Parks has reportedly joined the cast. She mentioned she was dating a doctor at last year’s BravoCon. Quad Webb‘s ex-husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford is said to be returning as well with his wife-to-be.

It was also recently confirmed that Anila Sajja and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe are out. Contessa said she decided it was time for her to walk away from the show and do something different. As for Anila, it was alleged that she was fired. 

Well, Dr. Heavenly Kimes answered some questions from fans on social media. And she told her subscribers that Contessa was actually fired.

What is Quad Webb’s status?

“She did not leave they let her go. And the reason being, I told you it was about the money. She was mad about it. I’m sure, I heard. I don’t talk to her. But I think they told her that she could be a friend and then she ain’t never hear from them. They got so much going on with Bravo right now. And ‘Married to Medicine’…she didn’t leave. I’ma be truthful. She didn’t leave, she got let go. So did Anila.”

Heavenly also said that she doesn’t think Audra Frimpong was given a fair chance, “Audra never really got her fair share I really do think because she came late because her mother died. So she had to go to Africa. Then she got married in Africa. So she was off then. Then she got Covid so she was off then. And then for the reunion, she was pregnant. So she never really got her foot in the door.”

Another interesting part of the video was Heavenly confirming Dr. G’s return.

“Is Dr. G coming back? Yes, yes. And his fiancée. What y’all want? Y’all know that already. It’s been confirmed already. I ain’t giving y’all the information. It’s already out there.”

She also answered when she was asked if Quad was pushed out, “Is Quad gone? That’s been a question, hasn’t it? We haven’t heard too much from her or about her have we?”


  1. Heavenly and Quad have a fake friendship. Videos like this always remind me of that. Anyway, Heavenly isn’t making sense here. If Contessa was demoted and she didn’t want to be a friend, then she wasn’t fired. She quit and decided not to take the demotion/offer. As far as Quad is concerned, she probably hasn’t signed her contract yet because I can’t imagine she’d be okay with Greg and his new wife being on that show. But she won’t win this fight with production because they think Greg, his wife, and Phaedra are all needed to save it.

  2. Heavenly and Quad don’t like each other. Have you forgotten how Quad threw shade at Heavenly on Instagram two year ago about all the surgery she had done.
    Heavenly stole Quad’s crown as the face of show. It serves Quad right for the way she treated Mariah on the show. I heard Simone & Heavenly talked production into giving Dr Gregory & his fiance a contract to boost ratings.
    Quad needs Bravo’s check to pay the huge mortgage on her mansion so she has no choice but to film with Dr Gregory & his fiance. I think Phadera & Quad will team up against Heavenly.

  3. It doesn’t matter–I’m not watching if Phaedra is going to be on the show. There’s a similar situation with Love and Marriage-Huntsville. Evilene (Toya) is going to make everybody miserable anyway. Do you actually believe she’s going to let Quad and Phaedra upstage her (won’t be that hard)? Let the games begin………………….

  4. Phaedra on M2M…..Meh, not interested. Dr. Hard jaw Jackie is going to fade further away, cause of late she gives nothing to the show. HOPEFULLY, they let Quad the Fraud Forehead go as well. She’s bitter and fake 95% of the time.

  5. Why would we believe Heavenly. She dislikes Contessa. I wish they would let her low class ignorant acting go.

  6. This is one way to get rid of quad bring her x husband then they are going to bring a man on the show for Quad to even it out

  7. If they would get rid of Heavenly ratings would go up. Everybody is sick of her. I can’t watch anymore because of her.

  8. Stop the madness, Quad is worried about her ex and his woman, You’ll just don’t like her and that’s okay! Keep her on and bring her new man too! Quad has money for whom said she needs a check. She got good money from her ex- husband Greg and she had a TV show and her dog clothes etc. So she can pay her damm mortgage and anything else that she wants.

    1. Thank u,Toya and Simon is the lowest of the low to be womans that they call themselves, Simon and her husband was having 3some and he fell in love with the other woman and that’s why Simon was going to divorce him,he said he loved the other woman and couldn’t she to his wife that he loved her.

    2. Umm where is this dog clothes line??? I’m a dog Mom and was excited when she pitched this idea however it never came to fruition.

  9. I don’t think Married 2 Med needs Phaedra. The show would be better if they brought Mariah and Dr. G back and kept Quad. Fans have been saying this for years and they won’t listen.

  10. Pheadra start rumors on Housewives of Atlanta, she’s gonna start here if comes on Married to Medicine I won’t be watching this season.

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