Quad Webb Confirms She’s Not Sure She’ll Be on the New Season of ‘Married to Medicine’

Photo Credit: Bravo

Quad Webb didn’t like that she was accused of messing around with a married man.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb had a few complaints about the recent season. In her opinion, she had to deal with some unfair moments. In particular, she took issue with being accused of sleeping with a married contractor to afford her luxurious home. Not only did Quad deny doing this, but she also took a lie detector test to prove her innocence. She brought the negative results to show that she did not sleep with the man. And she said it was offensive to even suggest a single woman had to sleep with someone to afford her dream house.

One person who didn’t see an issue with the accusation is Dr. Simone Whitmore. In fact, she revealed that she was the one who brought the rumor to the group. And she thought there could be some truth to it because she isn’t convinced that Quad can afford her own home as a single woman.

Simone and Toya Bush-Harris weren’t impressed by Quad taking a lie detector test. Toya said that the test isn’t admissible in court (Andy Cohen agreed), and Simone said that Quad is a “fraud.”

Quad went on to speak her mind during an interview with Carlos King. She accused Simone of telling her that she had to do whatever was necessary to keep her friendship with Toya in a good place. So that required her siding against Quad during filming. Quad also said that it just seems like the other women are jealous of her fanbase.

Quad Webb’s future on the show is up in the air amid her ex-husband’s return?

Interestingly enough, Simone also caught the attention of “Married to Medicine” fans when she posted pics of her and Cecil Whitmore hanging out with Quad’s ex. Not only were they spending time with Dr. Gregory Lunceford, but his fiancée as well. It’s since been confirmed that the couple is filming for the upcoming season.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes also hung out with the couple. And she pointed out to her YouTube subscribers that Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Anila Sajja’s departures made room for Phaedra Parks to join the cast. However, not much had been confirmed about Quad’s future on the show. This resulted in Quad’s fans questioning if she will be on the upcoming season.

Well, Quad revealed her status to a fan on Instagram.

The Instagram user wrote, “They see it!!!! 💎💎💙💙💙 I can’t wait til this season starts. You are not playing with the girls!!!! @absolutelyquad”

In response, Quad wrote, “Well we are still working through my contract sooooo, we will see about me joining this season. Hope we come to an agreement.”

You can check out the screenshot here.

The cast of “Married to Medicine” started filming for the upcoming season last week reportedly.


  1. If I had to guess, they demoted Quad again and that’s why she hasn’t signed yet. Phaedra likely asked for a lot of money. And they were willing to demote Quad to pay her.

    1. Phaedra is not even needed. They traded one liar/liability for another and much more expensive one. Makes no sense.

    2. But they got rid of Anila and Contessa quit…I think Quad don’t want to be on their cause her ex and his fiance will be in the mix….since ppl are hanging with them….

  2. They don’t need Quad anymore because Phaedra is the bigger ratings draw. It’s a dirty game but that’s just how it is. So she will have to take a pay cut to come back. Quad’s ego won’t allow that so I don’t see her coming back at all. No Mariah and no Quad is definitely the end of an era and the beginning of a new one with Phaedra. Will this work? I’m not so sure. They waited too late for a cast shakeup.

    1. “They don’t need Quad anymore because Phaedra is the bigger ratings draw.”

      And there it is. Dirty game but it is what it is. They probably think a Heavenly and Phaedra duo would bring more ratings than a Quad and Phaedra one. They might be right.

  3. Now see I thought the whole point of bringing Dr. G back was so they could give Quad something to do since she became boring with her Toya obsession. Now they are telling us she isn’t needed at all anymore. Yikes. LOL.

  4. They have the original cast and nobody wants to watch.
    They should shake things up but at the same time maybe consider canceling the show.

  5. I don’t like this situation for Quad. They only brought Greg and his wife on to get under Quad’s skin. So they need to give her a raise if they expect her to tolerate the disrespect.

    1. The producers are doing what they should have done back in the day. Greg should have never been fired. Greg and his fiancee literally hang out with all these people more than Quad does. She doesn’t have to go but he should be on the show too. He’s more Married to Medicine than Quad is. And that’s a fact. Phaedra needs to go too if she doesn’t stay with this doctor. This show needed to go back to focusing on couples.

  6. Those ladies are so jealous of Quad it’s a shame. She showed them up when she bought that house on her own. Perhaps she invested wisely, saved her money, etc.!! She doesn’t strike me as the type to sleep with anyone for a few landscaping ideas. Quad, hold your head of high. They are trying to drag you down to the gutter since they have nothing else to do. I’m not watching this toxic show anymore so it doesn’t matter. It would be nice to see Quad and Mariah get together with Dr. Contessa and Dr. Heavenly. I really enjoyed the California doctors–mix it up Andy. You’re losing your fanbase on these shows.

  7. If they don’t bring Quad back, just call it Karma and move on. She turned her back on her friend, Mariah, who had given her a platform on that show.

  8. This show will keep flopping until Mariah comes back. Hate her or love her, she made this show interesting with her shenanigans. Quad was also better TV when Mariah was there to challenge her. Show was peak when they were friends too. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. One again Bravo missing the chance to pick the ratings up…now that Dr G and Fiancé joining the show having Quad stay would be good…I mean I LOVE Quad but you kept her when she didn’t have a REAL storyline BUT now she do with Dr G returning and you would let her leave is CRA to me.

  10. Idc what no one says all old faces were better on married to medicine now it’s a joke I don’t even watch it no more what’s the point when nothing make sense anymore

  11. Get rid of the Forehead Fraud…brought nothing to the show but negativity and lies. Fakedra is going to be another hot mess to contend with and for sure they paying her more to come on than Q. Let her go, let her goooooo!!….In my Frozen voice.

  12. Get rid of the Forehead …brought nothing to the show but negativity and lies. Fakedra is going to be another hot mess to contend with and for sure they paying her more to come on than Q. Let her go, let her goooooo!!….In my Frozen voice.

  13. @absolutelyquad. I’m praying that you can get everything worked out with your contract. you are my favorite on the show and you are the only one who keeps them ladies off you and in line. the show is good but you make it better because you are real and don’t bite your tongue. I know that they are going to be saying that you don’t want to do the show because of your no good ex and his fiance, but I know the truth you are a single lady and you have to support yourself and getting the right deal with your contract is important. So I pray everything works out in your favor and I will get to see you on this season. GOD BLESS YOU Quad.

  14. had worked harder, however, people saying Greg should have been on and for quad to stay on doesn’t make since. this is a married to medicine show, not a single, dating, or divorced medicine. so quad contract should have ended season 6, it might be hurtful to probably end her contract that season, but you have to. yes, quad brings a lot to the table, to me I think he should be an actor, because she has performing arts skills, and she also should be on a cooking show, and create a cooking business., but yes, she should not be on the show, this is a married to medicine show, with all due respect. That all should have happened after season 6. season 7 should have been a different season with new women. It should be 8 women total. 4 doctor women, and four wife women.
    – Jackie
    Buffie ( new girl)
    New girl
    Honestly, i dont think its a good idea to bring dr.greg and his future wife on the show, he has been on the show in the past with his past ex-wife. its time for a new cast shake down. and also with repsect, possibly take jackie off, in my opinion she does not bring anything to the table, but her business which is not bad, and in all honest maybe have new cast members.

  15. I cant be happier to see the end of Quad. Her made-up Tenn-Ga accent is just plain annoying and her turning to near nudity to try to keep relevant was a miss and a mess. The only problem is MTM is replacing one phoney baloney with no storyline with another phoney baloney who admitted lying to try to build a storyline on RHOA. I expect some drama, but can we have some dramatic truth? These ladies (and I use the term loosely) seem to think being messy and ghetto will keep them on air. I prefer seeing professional families who find themselves in controversy able to resolve a conflict while retaining their self respect. These 2 women brought the same blah blah blah to TV that causes many of us to skip our own family reunions. The show started good…showcasing professional families, using the platform for public service messages and spicing it all up with family, work and friendship issues that were handled as you would expect educated professionals to act. I get more from watching Good Times reruns than from MTM’s pointless and malicious squabbles.

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