Dr. Contessa Metcalfe & Anila Sajja Exit ‘Married to Medicine’ to Make Way for Phaedra Parks?

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A cast shakeup has occurred on “Married to Medicine.”

Married to Medicine” fans have been hearing quite a few rumors about the upcoming season. Months ago, it was rumored that Phaedra Parks was approached to join the cast. Carlos King also confirmed this on his podcast, “Reality with the King.” Phaedra is currently dating a doctor. So producers figured this would be the best way for Phaedra to make her full-time return to Bravo. This way Kandi Burruss won’t have to walk away from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

It was suspected that Phaedra would most likely be introduced on the show as Quad Webb‘s friend if she agreed to join the cast.

Well, Carlos made an announcement on his podcast recently. He confirmed that Phaedra will officially be on the upcoming season of “Married to Medicine.”

However, it’s who he said departed to make way for Phaedra’s pay that has fans talking on social media.

Carlos said, “Phaedra ain’t cheap. She’s a staple in reality television. So in order to afford Phaedra, you have to get rid of some people. And this is where the alleged report…so allegedly, two people from ‘Married to Medicine’ won’t be back on the upcoming season of the show. Because one person doesn’t want to come back…at least that’s what I was told. And the other person, allegedly, was fired.”

Anila Sajja and Dr. Contessa Metcalfe are out?

According to Carlos, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe quit. Anila Sajja was fired.

“I thought Contessa fit like a glove when it comes to the rest of the cast members. And word on the street is that allegedly she doesn’t want to come back because she wants to do other things. Now with Anila, I’m said this from day one, Anila never made sense to me. The math wasn’t mathing. And the match wasn’t matching and the cast wasn’t casting. Period. Point. And the blank. I’ve always felt like Anila’s culture was the reason she was hired due to the fact that the creator honey, the legend, the executive producer Mariah Huq brought to the show…”

He continued, “I’ve always felt that way. Yes, I know she’s neighbors with Toya (Bush-Harris). It still didn’t make sense. Honey, I’m neighbors with some folks that I want to hang out with. So that’s not a reason to be on the show.”

Carlos also said that Quad’s ex Dr. Gregory Lunceford will allegedly make appearances on the show with his wife-to-be as well. This is something fans suspected weeks ago.

You can listen to the podcast here.


  1. 1. Well a shake up was needed!
    2. As mad as she made me lying on Kandi, she was great in RHUGT, so I think she will bring some life to the ladies of M2M. Between her and Miss Quad the reads this season are about to be LEGENDARY!
    3. I sure wish Carlos would mind the business that pays him cause is he a blogger or producer? I can’t tell these days. He needs to pick a lane cause it’s very much giving “stalker ex” vibes at this point. Leave Andy and his ladies alone and focus on building your brand WITHOUT the help of Bravo.

    1. I am somewhat sad to see Contessa leave BUT ultimately I believe it the right thing to do. I believe her marriage will be the better for it. She has a beautiful, loving, caring husband and family.
      These reality shows DESTROYS

      1. I agree with you, but I like her, and hate she’s leaving too! Farewell Contessa live your best life.

      2. Contessa’s husband is definitely not loving and caring. What show were you watching? Lol. He always put her down and rarely showed her any affection. I don’t think he’s been faithful either

  2. I love it! I’ve been sick and tired of Contessa and never liked Anila. I didn’t watch the past show that Phaedra was on so hopefully it’ll be some excitement because the show has gotten boring with all the back stabbing. I personally don’t care for Gregory Lunceford and will tune those dates out. Just my personal preference

  3. Well if they want to shake it up completely, get rid of Heavenly ( gonna get her messy life right) and Simone ( worrying about how Quad gets her coins). Both “professional” women show their messiness & jealousy when others obtain certain accolades. I would not miss them at all. I love Dr Damon and would truly miss his calm spirit. He is no nonsense. I know Heavenly wears that man out mentally!

    I was very disappointed with Simone insisting that Quad was sleeping with a married man to get her home which was very insulting. Keep your eyes on Cecil and his “best friend”.
    Be careful when throwing rocks at rubber houses, that “shat” will bounce back and hit you in the head every time!!!!

    Quad is a survivor, she’s been through a lot and she’s living her best life… let her! You don’t have to like her to give her what she’s due.

    Phaedra is going to serve it up. They may have to change it to the Quad and Phaedra Show because they NOT ready for them!

  4. Well I can scratch this one off my list….won’t be watching it… Fakedra? It’s a no for me.

  5. I love Married to Medicine my favorite people are Simone and Cecil along with Jackie and Curtis, I’m so ready for the next season to begin I hope it’s true that Phadera will be joining the cast she most definitely will bring spice with her and yes it’s going to be very interesting to see how Dr. Heavenly and Phadera are going to get along I think Quad will have to step her game up!

  6. More of a screw up, than shake up. Bravo missed the mark by keeping Dr. Heavenly, Quad and Anila. They bring no substance to the show, only deflecting from their own inabilities and messiness. That is not needed for exposing the privilege of professionals. Do better, Bravo.

    1. I totally agree on this it’s called Married to Medicine not, Use To be Married to Medicine, nor I’m Taking Medicine, I wish Quad will just go away…….

  7. Please Please 🙏 get Dr Heavenly off this show and Quad. Heavenly is o good and act like a child telling people “your mama “ . Don’t like her stop watching because of her and Quad what a fake. Only Toya and Eugene are more realistic

  8. I really like Contessa.. Anila I can understand.. Unless it was her choice to leave.. We will see Married to Medicine..

  9. Wow! Sorry to hear Dr Contessa is leaving. I really loved her. She was raw and real. Dr Heavenly irks my nerves but she really makes the show entertaining. Anila for sure can go. She was boring. Not sure how I feel about Phadrea. She was kinda messy also. Regardless, I love the show and I will continue to support it. Love Toya, Jackie and Simone. Quad was better last season. We’ll see what happens on the upcoming season.

  10. Thank you so much. All Carlos talks about is Andy Ladies. Talk about your 2 shows and leave Andy alone.

  11. I want to welcome Ms. Parks to the show if true. I hate the the fact that Contessa is leaving because she is the only one with enough balls to stand up to ole messy funny mouth Heavenly. If she made her own teeth she needs to give the job to someone else. Spend a lil money. And daddy as she calls her husband is a sweet loving genuine man looking at him from television . He needs to get rid of her and find someone who is compatible to him. Quad who looks like a over made up monkey shouldn’t have never been able to come back. She’s an ex married to medicine.

  12. Contessa was an light of sunshine on the show.She stood her ground.Dr.Heavenly should go she is so messy.Phadera is going to play for an while but she will be fighting later.Good luck ladies.God Bless you Contessa on your next chapter.

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