Amid Reports of Phaedra Parks Joining ‘Married to Medicine,’ Major Cast Shakeup is Confirmed

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Toya Bush-Harris was the target of messy rumors on “Married to Medicine.”

The recent season of “Married to Medicine” was very controversial due to accusations about certain cast members. Toya Bush-Harris was accused of cheating on Dr. Eugene Harris. In fact, it was alleged that she cheated with a man who lives in their neighborhood. She denied this. And Eugene made it clear that he felt like the rumor was nonsense. Interestingly enough, Toya blamed Quad Webb and Anila Sajja for the accusations. However, one of their mutual friends did an interview and said that Anila alone is to blame. And Anila allegedly made up the cheating rumor entirely because she was desperate to have a storyline during the recent season.

Toya wasn’t just accused of cheating though. After Anila’s house was broken into, Quad and Anila began to question if Toya had anything to do with it. This really bothered Toya. She and other cast members including Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Dr. Simone Whitmore, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes just thought that it wasn’t a good look to associate Toya and Eugene with a crime.

Heavenly in particular said she called Anila to tell her that associating a black wife and her black doctor husband with a crime really wasn’t a good look considering the show’s commitment to supporting the BLM movement.

As the drama went on, Toya said she was considering filing a lawsuit, too. She and Eugene have vehemently denied having anything to do with the robbery.

She also nearly came to blows with newbie Audra Frimpong after they had an argument over Toya and Eugene’s finances.

A cast shakeup was necessary for the upcoming season?

The accusations had fans talking quite a bit on social media. Some fans complained that the severity of the accusations made just didn’t sit well with them. In their opinion, the tone of the recent season was way too dark and confrontational. So conversations about cast changes and shakeups have taken place.

It was recently rumored that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Phaedra Parks has been approached to join the “Married to Medicine” cast for the upcoming season. Carlos King confirmed that he was also told that Phaedra was asked to join the show. She revealed she has been dating a doctor last year at BravoCon.

Well, the Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that a major cast shakeup is happening for the upcoming season. But the source can’t announce what all is going down just yet.


    1. Parks is worst than the others she shouldn’t never been asked to come on the show she accuse Candy and Todd of drugging somebody it’s wasn’t true the show is going to be worst!!

  1. I think Anila was fired. I noticed how the other cast members kept saying she’s the only one they don’t really hang out with like that.

      1. Me either. At this point she looks desperate to be on a reality show. I never thought she was transparent about her life and I’m not anticipating that it would be any different with her being on Married to Medicine. Sorry but I’m not interested. Find some new blood please.

      1. I hope not, quad has acussed cast members of crimes this isn’t her first time. She needs to go along with anila

        1. I agree. Quad need to go. She don’t have a storyline or a man like the others. She is jealous of Toya for sure. Please find her something else to do.

  2. Hoping it’s hard jaw Jackie and Quad the forehead Fraud were fired or leaving..don’t care which…just poof be gone witches..and take Anila with ya!

  3. Get rid of Quad and Anila, let’s not forget Audra. Those 3 made the season tiring. I don’t believe Quad is going anywhere because she is Phadrea’s friend and that is her in.

  4. Quad is no longer married to medicine, heavenly keeps up enough mess for the entire cast. Quad is a me and I person. She admitted what she said about Toya was a lie because she wanted to hurt her. She didn’t care that the lie could’ve destroyed her marriage and family. Quad is heartless and she’s jealous that Toya and Eugene are friends with Gregg and his fiancé. If Quad stays she’ll do the same thing again. She doesn’t mind accusing people of crimes she’s done it before and got away with. I’m one fan I don’t want to see her continuously do that to anyone especially African Americans with families to provide for.

    1. But, Cecilm and Simone happily talked about their relationship with Greg. Cecil said he talks to him all the time. Quad wasn’t mad at them. So that’s not the reason she is mad at Toya and Eugene.

  5. Quad is just too messy and she’s arrogant. She’s so ratchet with her nose up in the air like she better than somebody married that man know what he wanted children and she didn’t you don’t Mary someone that you know want children and you don’t find a man quad and a Anila she needs to go.
    And Phaedra she’s a snake what she did to Kandi Burris was so wrong she’s fake and cannot be trusted. She don’t need to be on married to medicine she need to be on ashow just tell all kind of lies, ratchet, And Heavenly is just plain delusional and her mouth is always flapping. She talk too damn much. We don’t need all of these messy arguments fighting talking about each other. Disrespectful shows and show us what you’re doing in the community to make it better. How are you happy how are you helping young black girls you’re not show a better side and not the racket wretchedness and the hate how about lifting black women not tearing each other down we better than this our ancestors who died are turning over in the graves because of your foolishness on television Carlos you got to do better I love you man, but you got to do better than this ratchet mess on television


    1. Learn to write the English language correctly and use full stops and commas. And the word is “marry” not “Mary”! Mary is a female’s name. Your comment makes no sense and it’s not clear because you haven’t written it correctly!

  6. I hope Anila and the new getto girl are getting the BOOT….I don’t like some of the things Quad do but she still my boo and GOOD TV.jmo

  7. Bring Greg back. Get rid of Quad and Anila. And why would they want Phaedra on the show. I see a lawsuit against her.

  8. house·wife
    Learn to pronounce
    a woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework, while her husband or partner goes out to work.

    None of these words fit ANY of the ladies on ANY of the Housewives franchises, so WHY are y’all tripping! Those ladies ALL Have JOBS!! Producers and TV Execs have a JOB to do! Make GOOD tv and get RATINGS!! Quad is simply put GOOD tv!! I seriously doubt she’s going anywhere but to the BANK to CONTINUE cashing those Married to Medicine checks!!

    1. I’m a Quad supporter but this is disingenuous. Married to Medicine is not a Real Housewives show. It is not a part of the housewives franchise and is its own separate entity. Mariah’s vision was to feature doctors and WIVES who are married to medicine. With that being said, Quad is important to the show because she brings drama. No drama, no ratings. So her spot will always be secure.

  9. Bravo fired Phaedra for a lie so they should do the same thing for Quad the Fraud. She needs to go. Never liked Quad, always saw her as a User.

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