Amara La Negra Addresses Backlash Amid New Romance with Safaree Samuels

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Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels’ new romance has a lot of people talking.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra got caught up in some drama on social media lately. As we reported, co-parenting has been a mess for Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels. This follows a messy divorce. Erica accused Safaree of being an unfaithful husband. In fact, she even accused “Love And Hip Hop New York” alum Kaylin Garcia of hooking up with Safaree. Kaylin denied this. However, Erica still had doubts about Safaree’s faithfulness. She filed for divorce eventually after both admitted that getting married was one of the biggest mistakes they made in their lives. So the tension only carried over onto their co-parenting relationship.

Erica has taken to social media multiple times to accuse Safaree of being a terrible father. In fact, Erica accused him of buying random women lavish gifts while not willing to do the same for their children. Amara happens to be the latest woman Safaree is going all out for. In fact, he attended the birthday party Amara planned for her twin daughters. He also gifted her children with Rolex watches. To no surprise, all of this was filmed for the upcoming season of “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” So fans have concluded that Safaree and Amara are currently dating.

When photos and clips from the party began to make rounds on social media, Erica was heated. She put Safaree all the way on blast. And she once again alleged that he spent more money buying the Rolexes than he has buying birthday gifts for his own children.

Amara La Negra seemingly responded to the backlash.

The situation has resulted in a lot of conversations on the internet. Some people have been calling out Safaree and Amara on social media. Since the reveal, Amara has been posting some interesting messages on her Instagram Story amid the backlash.

One message reads, “As long as you know your heart and intentions are pure, don’t explain yourself to anyone.”

Another said, “Imagine how many people dislike you because they didn’t hear your side of the storv.”

And another message reads, “I don’t care how hard life gets, I’m not venting to social media…I’ll rather go outside and talk to a squirrel.”

And in another Instagram post, Amara said her focus is to be a great mom.

“I am a Good Mother and I will always do whatever I have to do by all means necessary to provide for my children and be there for them. The world can judge me, criticize me and do as they please but my babies will always be my priority! I Changed Because of them and you haven’t met the new version of me yet!”


  1. Only thing I have to say is way would you buy the next man kids Rolex watch and you didn’t even get your kids that my opinion

    1. Rolex watches for one-year old twins is over the top… not impressive. Gifting the children some bonds is more lasting than some watches that one year old’s could care less about. Some advise for Safaree,….make sure that no one could never have any reason to question the birthday gifts you give to other children because your own children received that and more for their birthday !

    2. Safaree is just following the money going on any reality tv show he can in all states available to him. He’s irrelevant so that his way of staying in the lime light trying to be relevant. Amara just still trying to make it big in the music industry. They will be each others karma.


    4. This is so sad I’m surprised at you because your a women who’s been there Smfh what comes around goes around shady asf

      1. Honey this is my opinion and I say what I want to say out my mouth and no my kids father is still with me who’s my husband and I have grandkids so please don’t come at me this is my opinion

  2. It is unfortunate how women will see a man treat another woman like trash and sign right on up like it can’t happen to them next. Solidarity doesn’t exist because most of us are very male identified.

    1. Amara has no loyalty to Mena. Amara is dating………it so happens to be with Safari. Erica has to put her Big girl panties on and realize who she chose to be the father to her children. She needs to begin to take care of herself and her children.

      1. Oh baby, your immature mindset will grant you the karma you deserve when you don’t care about other women. As for Amara, oh she will see soon enough that Safaree doesn’t discriminate. You and her have a lot to learn. Y’all really act like your whole purpose in life is being tied to a man so you’ll remain desperate for one. Could never be me. 😘

      2. So Erica needs to put on her big girl panties and accept that her ex-husband is a deadbeat father but Safaree doesn’t need to put his big boy drawers on and stop being a deadbeat? Society really did a number on black women and I pity y’all who don’t see it yet.

        1. It’s sad to see woman advise her that’s she’s being desperate instead of seeing that’s she is holding him accountable for what he is not doing for his children. It is apparent Mena has been put her big girl panties on because she’s solely taking care of THEIR ON HER OWN; However that doesn’t mean she stop putting his a-s on blast for NOT being a father and ANY woman laying with a man who openly doesn’t take of his children is the weak b*@!h.

          1. Mens only stopped having sex with Safaree in March. Check out Spices page. That’s why she’s really mad. And any woman that thinks they can change a manchild deserves all they got coming.


          2. That’s not holding him accountable….take him to court! Now that would be holding him accountable. Who he’s sleeping with and what he’s doing for someone else and blasting it all over social media is called immaturity.

      3. You sound ridiculous! As a woman period you should NEVER want to put yourself or associate with a man like that. She can date whomever she wants nor does she have loyalty to the woman, BUT as a mother and she’s seen how this dude moves why would you want to associate yourself with this individual and have around your children? Just utterly ridiculous!!

      4. WELL SAID…who knows…he may have go them for free….or they may be fake…Erica …..In my opinion….just want something to be mad about…she don’t want him and she doesn’t want anyone else to have him…I wonder if she carry on like this for her older childs father

        1. This whole “relationship” is probably for a storyline on L&HH because they were filming at the party and Safaree switched from ATL to MIA. Plus, “holding him accountable” via social media has absolutely no purpose whatsoever. She should do that with the courts.

      5. Stop with that nonsense, it’s not about the adults it’s about the kids and clearly he’s went to far with the gifts TF

      6. Oh yes yu one of them too that fw yo friend friends ex cause she ain’t yo friend but y’all all share the same space.. foh

    2. You don’t know that to be true. If it is Safaree is a grown man. She can offer her opinion to him about his actions but she can’t compel him to fo anything. When we learn to stop playing the blame game and place responsibility where it belongs we’ll be better for it. When Erica realizes that enjoys the attention she feeds into his game and stops he’ll stop. Negative attention for some people is still attention. There’s a way to beat him at his game without saying a word. I wish I could speak with her.

    3. Ummm you do know he was in a relationship with ERICA MENA, right🫤. Can’t just burn him he was playing with 🔥🤔

      1. I have no idea why you all speak about Safaree like he’s some innocent lamb. Start at his relationship with Nicki and go from there. He sucks and has done some awful things to multiple women. Please stop coddling black men. It’s not helpful and you look foolish doing it.

    4. Say it in the mic 🎤 sis. These women out here ready to get crapped on next and yes we don’t want to hear your side of the story when it’s you.

  3. Can we all say…..🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️”STORYLINE”….. Safaree has jumped from one Love and Hip Hop Franchise to the next…. He’s went from New York to Atlanta to Hollywood and now Miami…. he’s only trying to chase himself a 💰…. Trust and believe…. He’s not serious about anything…..

  4. Well I’m not going to assume that 2 adults are dating. If they are I wish them the best.
    Erica needs something to do to take her focus off of her EX husband.
    They must’ve not seen T. Perry’s films WHY DID I GET MARRIED? and
    WHY DID I GET MARRIED TOO. They missed a lotta lessons.
    Bottom line… Erica & Safaree did it all for tv period. They didn’t know each other so how could they be in love?
    Baby girl arrived and we watched how much of a Father he was going to be. Then baby #2…no diff…no better. So Erica asked for her life to be turned upside down.
    Erica wanted to be wifed up so bad but she didn’t learn her lessons from previous situationships.
    I don’t feel bad for her at all because she’s whining on social media about it. I don’t understand why she’s still wanting Safaree(yeah I said it). It’s time to be a single Mother and do her duty.

    1. You know, it’s really a fascinating phenomenon how women will blame other women for men being terrible husbands/fathers. You’re usually a thoughtful and intelligent commenter. So this is very disappointing to read from you. Amara is actually going through the same situation as Erica. Amara’s BD doesn’t help her with her daughters either. Judging by your reasoning, it’s Amara’s fault for why he’s a deadbeat father. You should read some statistics when you get a chance. Women are not to blame for the high percentage of black men being deadbeat fathers. They are the problem. Not us.

      1. Well said like usual Shannon. Men understand the importance of sticking together. Women, not so much.

      2. I did not hear her blame Erica one time in that long paragraph. Yes when you choose someone to marry and make the father or mother of your children it’s a choice. If you make the wrong choice you take accountability, move on, and take care of your children. No one is saying that he’s not wrong if what has been said about him is true. Instead of using that energy to constantly attack your ex, use it as motivation and put that energy into something positive. Your energy does have an impact your children, although some may not acknowledge that it does. You can’t change anyone so it’s a waste of time. You will be surprised at the response you get when you are not bothered.

        1. Natalie wrote:

          “They didn’t know each other so how could they be in love? Baby girl arrived and we watched how much of a Father he was going to be. Then baby #2…no diff…no better. So Erica asked for her life to be turned upside down.”

          Ma’am that is placing blame on Erica. Black women are the only group of women who will say women should be able to spot every red flag, instead of actually acknowledging that black men statistically are not doing what they need to do as husbands and fathers.

      3. It’s not blame it’s accountability!!! She has been mad from the beginning of this divorce be cause she didn’t get the spousal and child support that she wanted. This woman talks like the 2 kids she has with him are the only 2 kids she has. And they aren’t. He pays his child support and has done what the courts told him to do. At some point she had to take accountability for her part in this. Like the fact that he told her he didn’t want baby #2 but she stopped taking birth control and didn’t tell him until she was months pregnant. No one is saying he is without blame but she is not a victim at all!!! She made her bed she gotta lay in it!!!

        1. If it was about accountability for y’all, you’d be on here holding Erica and Safaree accountable equally. But y’all aren’t. What y’all are doing is holding Erica accountable while making nothing but excuses for Safaree. Black women are the only group of women who will find every way possible to blame men for nothing and women for everything.

        2. Exactly!!!! Babies don’t keep men/husbands!!!! Just stop complaining take care of mixed race children!!!!! Children do not make women/men better individuals in the first place 😒 so I’m speaking from experience so they are just horrible/disgusting men/women w/children that try to corrupt your children making your job of parenting harder!!! Hopefully the children have sane/morally parent willing to do the parenting work!!! This world is so f**ked up!! Pocks on both of their houses!!!!!

      4. I agree they are the problem. However, when you lay with dogs you get flees. I’m not laying with a man that doesn’t take care of his children. If I get pregnant he not going to take care of mine either no way as a woman as a mother no way. I don’t feel sorry for Erica, she is reaping what she sewed. But her children deserves the love of a father. If he is not being a father then he suck. If he is not being a dad.

    2. @Natalie you made valid points! Erica should learn to take accountability for going along with this fake TV marriage. Saffaree and Erica Barley know each other.

    3. What does any of this have to do with Safaree neglecting his own kids but buying Rolexes for another man’s kids? Erica sucks. That doesn’t give Safaree a pass for being a sh-tty dad. Does anyone in the black community ever put kids first or is it always about what woman y’all don’t like more?

      1. I don’t know what “Black Community” you are referring to. There are plenty of “Black” parents that place their children 1st, single parents and married parents. That is a VERY stereotypical remark! I wonder, do you know All “Black”parents?
        You couldn’t because you DON’T know me!
        As for the “Reality Show”, It appears there’s a lot of immature individuals involved in sexual relationships, trying to make it in an industry that not only exploits them, it also helps in the destruction of any moral values, compass they nasty have had.
        And Safarree is a perfect example of a child in the body of an adult. (Mentally). There’s a lot of HURT PEOPLE CONTINUING TO HURT PEOPLE. Amara has always had attachment issues, so she gravitated to the mind of “partner” that treats her the way she “feels” about herself. Erica Mena is no different, she is also looking for validation from outside herself.
        W should be praying for these people to get the necessary help they need to become better human beings, because they ARE parents, the children they are responsible for will grow up just as F’d up, or worse than their parents. IJS

        1. I don’t care about your hurt feelings. Statistics back up exactly what I said and so do half of these comments. You have grown women on here making excuses for Safaree trying to spite his own children to hurt Erica. That’s not putting children first. You can pretend the black community isn’t full of dysfunction if you want to. I refuse to. It’s not a coincidence that you’ll often see adults defending problematic behavior that impacts children.

    4. This is the mentality I had to deal with after my boyfriend put his hands on me. My so called home girl told me I should have picked better. What y’all don’t understand is a man will treat you right at first and then switch up on you after you’re married/exclusive. That’s what Safaree did to Erica. He courted her for two years and told her he wanted kids. Then he hated being a husband and father once the life he wanted became his reality. How is that on Erica?

      1. What women don’t realize is that there’s always red flags but women have become professionals at ignoring them. Both Amara and Erica know wassup..Zero sympathy

        1. More, sorry, we’re just built differently then. I’m not going to sit here as an abuse victim and say I don’t have empathy for other women who have been hurt because they “ignored” red flags. That is like saying a woman deserved to be raped because she always walked alone at night. I’m certain you haven’t made every right decision in your life. You still don’t deserve mistreatment/abuse/harm. At what point do we hold men accountable for being horrible? The way women have no compassion for other women is so weird to me. That isn’t something I’d be proud to announce in a comment section. To each its own I guess. I’ll continue to be empathetic to anyone who’s in pain. I was raised that way. You do you though.

          1. I respect that you went through an abusive situation and it made you even more empathetic to other women because you remember how much it hurt to not have support from a woman you trusted. Much love and respect Bev. It definitely was not your fault that man put his hands on you. Are you still friends with the woman who blamed you?

          2. Thank you Shannon. It was a very dark time for me and I’ll never forget it. But no, I ended our friendship. I wish her well but she showed me she wasn’t a real friend I could trust with my well-being and safety. I love women like her from a distance.

          3. I agree empathy not sympathy. There is a difference. How do we know Safaree is a dead beat dad? Because Erica said so. Her mouth is no prayer book. That man is living his life. Erica is no angel this time she got the short end of the stick. How many married men has she been with? This is a single man doing him. If he is not a good dad he need to fix that part only. Erica need to move on they divorced.

        2. It’s also possible to have sympathy for women who have been hurt by toxic men and still encourage women to be vigilant in their dating choices.

        1. I know the American public school system failed a lot of you, but it takes two people to create a baby.

    5. It doesn’t matter how long they dated before marriage. Safaree still has a responsibility as a man to take care of his children and not do more for another woman’s children. I only see black women defend deadbeats online.

    6. Someone not having the best judgment doesn’t mean they deserve to be mistreated. And you don’t have to have empathy but announcing you have none for someone isn’t a flex.

    7. Nah, you just don’t like Erica so you’re going to be obtuse and coddle a grown man like black women usually do. If this was Kitty from Black Ink, you’d have a very different take because you were mad when Ceaser dogged her out. Safaree is dead wrong then and now.

    8. I don’t even like Erica but I’m not about to say she and those kids deserve what Safaree is doing. Safaree is a bum and I don’t understand why people defend him so much. Google what he did to Nicki. He’s terrible.

    9. WELL SAID….she wanted sole custody and she got it….we don’t know if that man do for his children or not …it’s sad if he doesn’t….but he told her he didn’t want anymore kids…that alone would have put me on pause…I’m not team either…but we truly don’t hear from Safaree on their children or the relationship….but I bet the story is different…IF SHE WOULD LET HIM SPEAK WITHOUT INTERRUPTING.

      1. If he didn’t want more children that’s when he should use protection to stop the procreation of more children . I don’t want more children so I got my tubes tied to prevent having more kids. It’s not rocket science.

  5. And the cycle continues. Nicki warned Erica about Safaree and Erica didn’t listen. Now Amara is up next. Women are the biggest idiots I swear bro.

    1. Safaree’s actions should have been enough alone. He hit Nicki in the face with a suitcase and cheated on her with h**kers. How were those not red flags to other women?

    2. They are foolish and lack self esteem. When I was single, I definitely tried to do my research on the men I was talking to. If you treated one woman like trash, why would I be exempt? It’s Amara’s life, I’m just baffled by her dating choices. She consistently picks the worst ones. I would not ruin my reputation for a toxic man!

  6. Ladies ” All I will add on this tab. Get you and your kids together 1st. Then deal with a dead beat Dad later. Ms Tamara you saw how he treated his then wife Erica. I would not have anything to do with said supposedly man/ father. If he did Erica bad what must you think he a will do you the ” Same Way”. Lookout for your twom little princess. And ERICA STOP CONSUMING YOURSELF WITH SARFAREE

  7. Why is everyone mad at Amara? The only person should be getting bashed is Safaree. If he doesn’t take care of his kids that’s on him. She can’t make him be a father. She can encourage him though. She could be talking to him privately about steps he need to do. Or she may be saying nothing. Either way it’s not her fault or Erica’s. This is on Safaree.

  8. Shay and her brother tried to tell people how big of a snake Amara is but a lot of people didn’t want to listen.

  9. Safaree was just on tv complaining about how much he didn’t like being married and taking care of his own kids. I would have avoided him like the plague if I was Amara but to each its own Chile…

  10. I see EVERYONE is jumping to assumptions that these 2 are dating. I haven’t heard from the horse’s mouth that they are. I’m no big fan of Safaree but he could have ONLY been a guest at that birthday party and “gifted” the rolex for the babies. Who probably took it back when the cameras stop rolling. Everyone is always quick to blame “the other woman for a man’s wrong doing”. Also I love Erica but no matter how mad she is at Safaree, keep your personal life off of social media. Because at the end of the day, he is STILL a man and you are looked at as a WOMAN SCORNED.

  11. Just because him and Erica relationship didn’t work and he treated her bad don’t mean he would treat Amara the same 2 Women can be with the same Man and Date the same Man don’t mean they get the same Man everybody is Different PERIODT ‼️‼️‼️‼️

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