Jennifer Williams Responds After BBWLA Fan Calls Her out for Shading Jackie Christie’s Age

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 Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams are at odds on BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” stars Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie just cannot see eye to eye on the current season. The tension between the two ladies became noticeable at a fashion show. Jennifer attended the event as a favor but she also wanted to conduct a little research for an upcoming hair show she was planning. Jennifer has her own hair line. So she figured a really good hair show would be the best option to market her brand to the world. Jackie expressed annoyance with this. She went on to question why Jennifer just didn’t ask her for some advice since she’s modeled in fashion shows before.

The event really became messy once Jennifer strutted down the runway during one of the shows. Turns out, Jennifer is friends with a fashion designer. And they asked her to participate in the show. Interestingly enough, Jackie did her own runway walk next to the stage while it was Jennifer’s time to shine.

Jennifer didn’t appreciate Jackie’s actions. But when she attempted to call out Jackie, Jackie made an interesting revelation. She admitted that she sometimes gets even with Jennifer in public for things she did in private. Jackie said that Jennifer had recently hurt her feelings with comments she made about Jackie’s open house listing. According to Jackie, Jennifer complained about the quality of the house. And she said that the “white women on Selling Sunset” come harder.

These alleged comments from Jennifer really bothered Jackie because she is passionate about her real estate career. However, Jennifer felt like Jackie was overreacting. And she should be open to constructive criticism.

Jennifer Williams has been clapping back on social media.

Things only escalated when Jackie invited the women to Sacramento to experience Doug Christie’s day-to-day life as an assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings. Jackie took care of the hotel rooms. So Jennifer felt like it was shady that she ended up with a deluxe room instead of a suite. And Jackie went all the way off Jennifer when she complained about the room because she felt like Jennifer was making the trip about herself when it was about Doug.

Well, Jennifer and Jackie once again clashed on the recent episode. This time Jennifer was furious about the alleged comment Jackie made about her upcoming documentary. The documentary is based on one of Jennifer’s exes that she accused of scamming her out of a car. Jennifer was told that Jackie said that she was a producer for the project. However, Jackie said that isn’t what she said. And all she said was that she has been a producer before. So Jennifer reached out to her for some advice about how to move forward with the film.

Regardless, Jennifer and Jackie had another blowup. And when neither wanted to back down, the other women decided to separate them. This didn’t do much to keep the insults from flying though. At one point, Jennifer said that she refuses to have an altercation with a “senior citizen.”

Interestingly enough, some “Basketball Wives” fans weren’t feeling the jab at Jackie’s age. And they concluded that Jennifer isn’t all that young herself.

One Twitter user wrote, “#basketballwives Jenn is 48 years old calling Jackie a “senior citizen” acting like she’s a spring chicken.”

In response, Jennifer tweeted, “Get it right I’m 47…”


  1. It’s really all just straight up bullsh-t. Jennifer doesn’t even try to hide her delusion and hypocrisy. She’s knocking at 50 herself but calling Jackie a senior citizen for being in her 50s. Jackie should leave the show because what’s been happening is all these boring a-s people have become full of themselves. Let’s see how the show holds up when all the interesting people who actually contribute to the show are gone. Jackie is the last one left.

    1. That’s what Jennifer wants Jackie to do so she’ll then be top OG. Jennifer wants so bad to be top dog, y’all don’t see what’s happening here? Shay is, Evilyn, Tammy and the others are gone so she feels, well I’m the original OG. Well sis forgot, she’s got to get through who, that Senior Citizen named, JACKIE CHRISTLY

    2. Exactly!!! Its just not the same! Cause when did Jen become that person? Somebody needs to slap her back to reality.. and the rest just trying to get a name like Brooke thinks she can beat the world and British and Brandi does too ! Brandi just ewwwww swear she’s the baddest but wont none of them messing with Tami.. and the glad Malaysia gone Jen got a lil bit heart now til someone gets a hold to her.

      1. Bramdi just like jennifer got plenty of mouth now that’s why Brandi was fired. She mouth off at Shani and got fired she forgot who’s show she was on. Pitiful jennifer didn’t get mouthy when Evelyn was on the show. All of a sudden she got more mouth than carter got pills, and yes she need to be knock down a size and i guess she will when she lose this boytoy that she has now it probably will play out in the next up coming season if it will be another one Shani might decide to shut it down.

  2. Jennifer and Jackie’s age difference is only a few years. What an embarrassing response. The more I hear from Jennifer this season, the less I like her. Someone on here said she doesn’t have any substance. And yeah, I agree now.

  3. None of these people are spring chickens so they look foolish shading Jackie about her age. Then they tried to guilt trip Jackie about Doug like that man isn’t fully aware of the type of woman he married. Jackie was cutting up while he was in the NBA. He does not care. And he still remarries her every year. So Brandi needs to worry about that travesty she calls a marriage.

    1. Every since she met that guy she been showing her behind. I think she thinks she somebody all of a sudden. She’s really playing herself, she responded to someone who missed her age by one year and thought she was saying something

      1. I don’t think they are together any more. If the show come back it will probably play out on the up coming season. If Shani bring it back.

  4. I wonder what the season would even be about now if Jackie wasn’t on the show. I say keep Duffey, Jackie, and Angel. I’d love to see Tami, Malaysia, and Draya back personally.

    1. Tami not coming back she got to much going on for herself. She in a lot of movies she’s doing her thang. Then she got three shows that i know of where she’s the star of. She’s not coming back.

  5. I don’t care about Jennifer’s feelings after the mean girl sh-t she did to Malaysia. I don’t have short term memory. They need to step it up next season and stop using Duffey/Malaysia/Jackie for storylines because they have nothing going on in their lives to show.

  6. Jennifer is just as old. Take all the faux stuff off and I bet you look like a senior citizen. You paid for those Boobs. Jackie carry herself as a mature woman, and wife. She does get in everyone business but only to advice and help out. She is the only one who is still married and have a good marriage with Doug. They support each other real good. Get a Life Jennifer and a real Job. I don’t want to see how you got Scammed and how many times have you been married?

  7. Jennifer thinks her shir don’t stink. She has her nose in the air like she’s all that. Jackie is annoying but Jennifer needs to go. She wants to act hard but when Jackie goes off. Jennifer can’t handle that. Shaunnie please cancel this show. Brandi wants to be all that and she’s not.

    1. Jennifer never was sh-t on the the now she wants a suite talking about do she look like a deluxe b-tch u been a deluxe b-tch with them wack wigs go sit down girl

  8. She’s 47 and still looking for a platform 😂😂🤣 Brandy A-s too! Why are they on the show again? I’ll wait? Wasn’t Jen and brandy add-ons? Yeah ok let’s stop giving these two life

  9. Jennifer is right! Jackie is just too old, ratchet, ghetto, messy, unprofessional, mentally unstable & a HORRIBLE representation of Black women on national TV!!! BYE JACKIE CHRISTY! 👋 YOU’RE NO LONGER RELEVANT!!! PLEASE GET YOURSELF SOME PSYCHIATRIC HELP!!!💯

  10. They are all messy especially Jackie Christy. She is a nosy busy body, always in somebody’s business. Glad Jennifer is standing up for herself! And don’t keep letting Jackie call you a b-tch! Knock them fronts out!!!🤣🤣🤣😂

  11. Right, Jennifer is silly and those really short dresses and skirts are showing her age girl is not a teenager .I don’t like Jen no one has to try that hard to be relevant or bougie and PETTY .Jackie is real

  12. Jackie is delusional. Jackie must always be center of attention. Nobody seems to want to stand up to her. Im glad Jen has gotten some courage to defend herself. If it’s not Jackie way, it’s no way. Jackie is a delusional BULLY!!!!

  13. This show is about gossip but when they retell the story they put their own spin on it
    To make the other person mad. Jen keeps giving these shows.. when is she or Brandi going to take the girls on a trip .. Jen with a man whose family wants kids.. can she have them at her age ???

  14. Tami not coming back she got to much going on for herself. She in a lot of movies she’s doing her thang. Then she got three shows that i know of where she’s the star of. She’s not coming back.

  15. Jen got with that man that she is after for money I’m sure and done grew a pair.. she was never really relevant for real. I don’t like her or Brandi this season..

  16. The show will be better without Jennifer and Brandi both try to be bad but neither one is Jennifer did not act like that when Evelyn or Tami was on the show. Malaysia need to come back she the one with some classy

  17. Basketball Wives need to be cancelled period! The only basketball wife is Jackie Christy. All these ladies do is argue and travel then argue some more. Sheesh!

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