Jennifer Williams Demands Respect as the Last Remaining OG on ‘Basketball Wives’

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Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie’s feud continues.

It’s probably safe to say that “Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams will not be on peaceful terms anytime soon. There has been a lot of tension between them during the current season. But multiple blowups brought them to the point of no return. Jennifer believes that Jackie’s first priority is to try to “son” her. This is why she was so upset about Jackie booking her a deluxe hotel room. Jennifer felt like it was shady for Jackie to not book her a suite for the cast trip to Sacramento. So she was really set off after she was told that Jackie told people that she helped produced Jennifer’s upcoming documentary.

As we reported, Jennifer made a documentary about the ex she alleged stole her Range Rover. Interestingly enough, Jackie denied saying she produced the project. And she said that what she did do was give Jennifer advice when she asked for it. However, Jennifer has denied asking Jackie for advice.

Jackie and Jennifer’s issues only worsened when they were pushed to hash everything out in front of the other women. Insults were exchanged. And Jackie said she was set off by Jennifer calling her a *****. Regardless, Jennifer claimed that Jackie crossed the line herself because she said Jennifer lied about being scammed by her ex.

Jennifer Williams wants respect.

On the season finale, Jennifer said that she had no choice but to hit Jackie with a cease and desist letter since she’s currently been facing off with her ex in court. Jackie was given the letter during DJ Duffey’s re-proposal event in Mexico.

Jackie responded to the letter by accusing Jennifer of being broke and wanting some money. She also told Jennifer that she would deal with her when they got back to LA. And it’s likely that Jackie was referring to the reunion.

Well, VH1 has released a first look at the “Basketball Wives” reunion for Season 10. In the trailer, Jennnifer demands that she be shown respect since she’s on OG.

“I’m a OG around here. You’re gonna respect my got **** name.”

Other interesting moments from the trailer include Brandi Maxiell and DJ Duffey getting into it once again regarding their friendship.

Brandi says, “Stop being fake on this show!”

Duffey once again addresses her comment about loyalty, “You brought up my man. I had showed you loyalty.”

Brooke Bailey also has some words for someone, “This wasn’t even something that I planned on addressing. **** your apology!”


  1. Jennifer needs to go somewhere…….no one respects her as an OG…she got fired so she has to start from scratch….if you quit or get fired from a job you start over….she’s not an OG Jackie is cause she’s been on the show since day one with no breaks…she did too much all season. That’s why she can’t keep a man…. she’s fake and phony and a wannabe

  2. Jennifer, the mean girls, amd even OG really ruined this show. Imo. Noone takes accountability or acknowledges that they do have bullying aggressive behavior. I’m done at this point. I’m glad everyone who was pushed off or back is happy and still getting their bag.

  3. I wish Shaunee would shut this show down and focus on being a first Lady or start over with Jackie, Angel , Duffey and cast some other real basketball wives. I’m so sick of Brandy trying to bully people, Brooke crying about nothing, Brittish breaking the Law and expecting to get off and Jennifer looking like an ostrich talkiing about she presiidential and deserves respect. .Seems like she spread herself like butter with all the different guys, girl bye! That’s nasty, not presidential.

    1. Connie, I totally agree with you, it’s time for Shaunie, change direction regarding her show. Who is Jennifer? Who is Jennifer? Who is Jennifer? Who is Jennifer? She running around in Georgia asking questions about Malaysia, according to the streets, that’s why she had no problem putting Malaysia, business out there to make her look 👀 good very messy Jennifer. Let’s be real let’s rolled the Tape back, when Jennifer, was lying and Shaunie, had to check her just looked at the tape in Amsterdam.

  4. Girl bye, it’s time for Jennifer to go, she not a basketball wife anymore, so her time on the show is over

  5. Jennifer want to of a sudden be somebody with her broke a** when Jackie lawyers finish with her she’ll see she need money that’s why she gave Jackie that paper she to broke too have it served they need to take her off what’s her story line anyway no man stays with het

  6. I feel like I’m this season nobody had Jackie back at all I love Jackie because she so real they all in Jennifer face like they scared of her I won’t believe nothing Jennifer have to say did she lie on Evelyn and tami so why trust her I just believe that they need to be replaced you see nobody else came to shauine wedding but who she wanted

    1. I agree! Let’s be real Evelyn, Shaunie, and the others didn’t want Jennifer, around after she had “Lie” on Shaunie. Jennifer, her status “Wannabe”

    2. I totally agree, I love Jackie. I really use to love watching the show but now it’s rather disgusting! I can’t stand Jennifer and her stinky mouth. Brooke is too much, yes she lost her daughter but she shouldn’t expect people to act a certain way! I mean that’s a part of life! No Jennifer didn’t say she’s a OG, lol what a OLD GOOFY! I won’t be watching anymore! Period!

  7. Not sure why this show have women on the show like Jennifer, Brandi, Brook, and British. British broke the law and should be banned from the show. I have no sympathy for her. Fraud is a serious crime! Jennifer is not an OG and is not making a good name for herself this season please get rid of her. Brandi and Brook not sure why they are on the show. Their storylines are just whacked! Let’s get some Sisters on there who are real basketball wives! Trying to hang in with the show but it’s becoming difficult. If no changes occur ratings will continue to go down so please go back and try to breathe some life back into the show. I repeat get rid of Jen, British, Brook, and Brandi!.

    1. Jackie is too old to be creating drama!!! She pretend that she’s trying to help everyone work out their problems but in reality, she’s the problem! She’s too dramatic!! Brooke is too fake for me. British is an instigator and Jennifer is too sneakie. The guy she’s dating is too good for her. I like Brandi and Duffy. I think Duffy needs to appreciate Iman a little more.

      1. Charletha, I agree. Jackie waaay too old to be creating drama! Jackie clearly got issues. I think Iman is an over all well rounded guy. I agree, Duffy needs to appreciate Iman more or some lucky women will be happy with him.
        The guy Jennifer was dating…hmmm I dont know about to good for her. My intuition is, he is more about his self, trying to make a name for his self at Jennifers celebrity status. Remember, Jelani met Jen through Brook at a meat market. WTH?? Jelani is a nice-looking dude. Why do he feel the need to try to find some one at a meat market? I am sure women/hoes throw their self at him all the time. It is not like he cant get a female. I think the question should be more of, can he keep a women (thats solid/careersmatic/financially well off, down to earth) and or he is having a hard time finding the right one for him, if in fact he his looking for a committed relationship?? Jelani know who Jennifer is. I feel it was more of an opportunity for Jelani to try to come up financially. Jelani name dont ring celebrity status and or in the streets like that for the world to know who he is. Makes sense?

  8. Jennifer is only saying this because she knows most of the day one basketball wives fans have moved on. But the truth is Jackie is actually the last OG left. The Miami show was canceled and that forced the Miami OGs to come over to the LA one. So this is Jackie’s show, not Jen’s. Jen wasn’t even the star in the Miami group, she was a side kick.

  9. Wow, after reading all the comments, I was drained with negativity, dont feed I to the script DRAMA, as you heard them say repeatedly that it’s a job and they all work together, trust me , this is a job not a sisterhood, everyone Is competing for a position, not temporary, Permanent, Jackie said it, I get paid to do what I do….keeping 100 im done with it. We as black women need to be more into uplifting, motivating, congratulating, not hating one another

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