Malaysia Pargo Posts An Interesting Message About Loyal People After Recent BBWLA Episode

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DJ Duffey and Brandi Maxiell have tension on the current season of BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode on social media. As we reported, DJ Duffey was called out by Brittish Williams. The offense? Duffey reposted Malaysia Pargo‘s Instagram post. In the post, Malaysia was promoting Duffey’s bands. So Duffey really appreciated that Malaysia did this without her even asking. Although Duffey didn’t think that it would lead to some drama in the group, her loyalty to Brandi Maxiell was questioned. In fact, Brittish told Duffey that it was messy to repost it.

This is due to the fact that Malaysia and Brandi are no longer on good terms. They attempted to hash things out before Malaysia departed the show. However, Brandi realized that she wouldn’t be able to trust Malaysia again. She said that Malaysia wasn’t supportive or loyal enough. Malaysia disagreed and said Brandi is still angry about being fired years ago. She suspects Brandi believes Malaysia didn’t do enough to save her job on “Basketball Wives.” And Malaysia said she tried everything, including continuing to film scenes with Brandi when no one else would.

Malaysia Pargo reposted a message about loyal people.

Well, Duffey wasn’t all that receptive to Brittish’s points. In fact, she told Brittish that she doesn’t owe Brandi any loyalty. Duffey was still upset about Brandi’s comments about her and Iman Shokuohizadeh going to counseling. After Brooke Bailey urged Brittish to tell Brandi what Duffey said, Brandi was furious. She denied that she was angry about Duffey reposting Malaysia’s Instagram post. But she was not okay with Duffey saying she doesn’t have to be loyal to Brandi. In response, Brandi alleged that she is the person who got Duffey on “Basketball Wives.” She also alleged that Duffey lived in her basement at one point.

Some fans of the show said Brandi took things way too far. And some of them felt the same way when Jennifer Williams accused Malaysia of losing her Atlanta home.

Interestingly enough, Malaysia reposted a certain message about loyal people hours ago on Instagram Story.

The original message reads, “Loyal people don’t change. We just stop ******* with people who don’t appreciate it.”



  1. I see Brittish is a instigator, she need to be more focused on her ankle monitor situation, an Duffey do not owe loyalty to someone who called her weird in front of a bunch of people, Brandi lucky she is not dealing with the old Duffey, I don’t understand why don’t Duffey put Brandi in her place,to me the whole crew need to grow up an stop acting like high school girls,the only real.sensible person on their is Angel.

    1. Yes I agree British needs to worry about her own mess u would think almost going to jail possibly losing your kid would have humbled her

    2. Brittish is messy as h-ll.. She was going to tell Brandi anyway without Brook saying anything cause she’s messy..

  2. A tether wearing criminal carrying gossip. Brooke need to tend to her own business, WHICH IS RAGGEDY ENOUGH. This show has lost all appeal. Brandi, not sure who she think she is. She is a re-hired, fired loser. She not even there with her own child. None of them even understand loyalty. Jennifer ain’t nothing but a gold digger constantly on the prowl. Malaysia saw what a nasty twit she is and he gone, miserable show,

  3. Brandi nee to be fired again along with British. Yes, British need to worry about what is on her ankle!!! period!!!

  4. British needs to go first she a messy criminal Jen finally got some balls now she act like she a top model and head b-tch in charge but when her ex threw that drink in her face she didn’t move then evelyn came across the table on her brooke messy too and think she to cute that’s why her husband cheated

  5. Brandi just jealous of Malaysia and so is Jen cause she dress better than all of them Brandi just miserable her husband cheated so much she use to being a sister wife

  6. Bandi thinks that Duffey supposed to just to her but it doesn’t work that way at all. Bandi just a shitty woman trying to get bad. Bittish needs to worry about her d-mn self an that ankle monitor. She did the crime she needs to do the time.

  7. This show is full of MOSTLY Basketball EX-Wives so it really doesn’t even make sense any more. All that fighting and fussin as if they weren’t all card carrying members of AARP is so stupid! I liked this show when Tammy and Shaunie and Evelyn were on it (even though they had lots of childish moments too) but it seems every episode now there are stupid childish fights. I’m just about ready to give this show up like I gave up Housewives of Atlanta.

  8. Malaysia is the best dress the prettiest on the show her Shaunie Tammy Elevlyn but let just sit this here Brooks a-s is fake Brittish need sit her ankle monitor a-s down some where and poorly Jen still looks like her breath stank big mad at Malaysia gone do her so proud of BBW find source of income BBW season is coming to end not even interest no more

  9. The only Basket ball wife is Jacky, she is the only one that is still married. Brandi full a ……, Duffy don’t owe her nothing, she looking someone to crawl behind her like a puppy and that’s not Duffy, she need to get of the show just like British. Jenn with her Buegie self need to go, I don’t see no purpose for her on the show. If she look like a Deluxe girl, she worst than a Deluxe girl. She got the darn nerves.

  10. Duffey need too beat British and Brandy a-s because British talk too d-mn much and Brandy thinks she all hard. When Brandy got in Duffey face Duffey should’ve knock the f-ck out of Brandy. And for Miss Jennifer don’t try to come for Malaysia.Because we all know that you scary as h-ll and you ain’t about that life where are you saying yo tall, goofy a-s up there Tryna talk about Malaysia.

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