Todd Tucker Says Martell Holt Didn’t Keep the Same Energy in Person

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Martell Holt took issue with Kandi Burruss’ theory about him.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt is dating Sheree Whitfield. So Sheree is set to make some appearances on LAMH and Martell made his debut on “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” During the Season 15 premiere, Sheree and Martell chatted about him coming around the other ladies. Martell wondered if there would be drama at Aaron Ross’ 40th birthday party. He didn’t like some of the comments Kandi Burruss made in her interviews. As we reported, Kandi said that she suspected Sheree and Martell’s romance is a publicity stunt. And the romance is something they are both pretending is real so they can have storylines on their respective shows.

Before saying this, Kandi also alleged that she was told Martell tried something similar with another reality star. So she felt like it was likely that he was just using Sheree. But now she suspects that Sheree is using him as well.

Martell clapped back at Kandi on the season premiere. And Todd Tucker was not spared in the process.

He denied being an opportunist and Martell also told Sheree that Todd is the real opportunist. Sheree as well as Marlo Hampton have expressed similar thoughts. So this is something that Kandi said she’s used to during her latest “Speak On It” video.

In fact, Kandi said that people always target Todd when they want to get under her skin. But she’s used to it. And she is refusing to let Martell get a rise out of her.

Todd Tucker addressed Martell Holt’s comments.

Well, Todd did respond to Martell’s comments. During a segment of Kandi’s video, Todd said that Martell didn’t have that energy when they saw each other in person at Aaron’s event.

While speaking to Kandi’s social media manager and “Speak On It” producer Jami Ziegler, Todd said, “You mean at the party they was talking about us? And then when they see me you all smiling in my face?”

He continued, “The thing is he didn’t give no weird energy.”

Todd added, “So you say that **** and then you come smile in my face.”


  1. Martell and Sheree are haters of anyone who has more than them. Low vibrational all around. Todd and Kandi should pay them dust.

  2. Now, from the looks of Todd teeth in the picture above the only thing he can do is bust a grape. Todd is not about that life unless he has his bodyguard Kandi behind his back about to head butt or choke somebody. It seems like to me all the slack Todd & Kandi got about Todd being an opportunist when they first started dating they should have been giving advice to Sheree & Martell instead of jumping on the same bandwagon that was attacking them when they first started dating. Kandi can talk about other women boyfriend/husband all day long, but as soon as someone talks about Todd she want to start crying & ready to fight.

    1. Facts and I don’t like how Kandi ans Sheree have allowed the show to tear true friendships up I assumed they were better than that

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