Kenya Moore Denies Being Jealous of Sheree Whitfield’s Romance with Martell Holt

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Kenya Moore clashed with Martell Holt while filming RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has been clashing with Martell Holt. As we reported, the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast member is dating Sheree Whitfield. Since their debut, the romance has been hit with its share of skepticism and backlash. Kandi Burruss said it’s likely the reality stars aren’t really together and this is just for storyline purposes. She also said that she heard Martell was hooking up with other women in Atlanta. Interestingly enough, this only became messier once Kenya Moore informed Sheree that Martell was up in her DMs. This resulted in Martell going off on Kenya to the point of her feeling very uncomfortable.

Kenya told Sheree that Martell took things too far when he got up in her face. In fact, Kenya said that Martell was being very aggressive. Sheree didn’t appreciate Kenya labeling Martell’s behavior as aggressive. She accused Kenya of having a pattern of calling Black men aggressive. And this isn’t cool. Sheree even told Kenya that she was the aggressive one in that situation.

As for Kenya, she was baffled by Sheree’s interpretation of things. But she didn’t want them to end their friendship over Martell. So both ladies agreed to disagree. And fans have had a lot to say about the situation on social media.

Some side with Kenya as they feel Martell was out of order. And others believe Kenya escalated the situation. They even said they feel as if Kenya is jealous of Sheree’s romance with Martell.

Kenya Moore is not jealous.

Well, Kenya responded to this during her latest “Speak On It” appearance. She thinks it’s ridiculous to think she’d ever want Martell. And she saw all the red flags on LAMH.

Kenya said, “Let me just say this too because a lot of people have said this too, ‘Oh, Kenya’s just jealous.'”

She continued, “What am I jealous of?! Are you serious?! Every time I have a disagreement with someone, people go, ‘Oh, she’s just jealous!’ What the **** do I have to be jealous of that relationship for?! All **** ain’t good ****.”

Kenya is disgusted by the thought, “I don’t care how he’s slanging it, throwing it, busting it…all **** ain’t good ****. That’s the **** I don’t want. Ain’t never wanted it, never will want it. I don’t care if I’m the last person on earth and I’m sitting up there playing with myself with Bedroom Kandi. I will take Bedroom Kandi over that **** any day.”


  1. How can someone be jealous of a “romance” that doesn’t exist? The math ain’t mathing.

  2. I know that’s right, Kenya!

    There comes a point in your life when you know without a shadow of a doubt that some people are just not good for you. I wish Martell and Sheree the best but if he treated his wife like he did over and over because she wouldn’t concede to his demands and desires and then cheated with the mother of his outside child while calling her a peasant, OMG! That’s enough for me! Yes, Martell looks good but he looks like trouble too. That’s a heartache waiting to happen. I even have compassion for his outside child’s mother now because she looks like she just didn’t know any better but Kenya does.

    Kenya, your Mr Right is still out there. You’re a beautiful, self made business woman with a lot to offer. Any man would love to have you and Miss Brooklyn. When you find him can you ask him if he has a brother who lives near Chicago. LOL!

    I will continue to meet my own needs before I have to share my needs with who knows who.

    Bye Felicia! Team Kenya and Miss Brooklyn all day, every day. Mark, please go away and just love on your daughter, PLEASE!

  3. That’s hilarious! I don’t think it’s too many people standing in line to be with a douchebag. Unless, you are as dumb as a doorknob and need a storyline.

  4. Child please, do not remember last season?!!! Kenya was all on that man questioning Sheree about him & talking about his package. Was we not watching the same show? Even in the interview she did with Carlos King, she was talking about how much of a man good man/father he was & he made a mistake (even after he cheated on his wife). Now, that he is with Sheree he is all of a sudden the scum of the earth & once a cheater always a cheater?!! Where was all of this once a cheater always a cheater energy when she did the interview with Carlos King? Get real, Kenya has done this with just about every man that has came Real Housewives of ATL. She is aggressive with these men & then want to play victim

    1. Ok! So I’m not crazy! I don’t believe Kenya wants Martell but she does get jealous of other people’s relationship because she wants to be in one. She was all for their ‘situation-ship’ last year and she brought up – months later – that Martell DMd her as if to say, “He wanted me toooooo!” So Yeah, I believe she is envious of anyone’s relationship. I want her to find her person sooo bad. It may be a non-black or it may be a woman for all we know and have seen these days. That’s the Kenya I can’t wait to see.

  5. At this point I’m just gonna sit back and see how this fake “relationship” blow up in her face!!! They’re both desperate trying to hold on to something that’s not there…As the saying goes…Birds of feather flock together… Neither one of them (Sheree and Martell) has no type of interesting storyline

  6. Yeah I do think that Shereé and Martel’s relationship maybe fake. But Kenya do have the tendency to be aggressive towards someone, especially men, then play victim when they snap back.

  7. Hey all she seems to go to is his package or reference how he’s slang in it?! Seems she wants something! She was the one who commented about him to start and he thanked her as he said he would. If he was so bad, she wouldn’t have said anything about him from the start. Oh she wanted ti see what he was working with and is jealous that Sheree is getting all of that big package and more! She has some nerve to talk about the men Sheree has dated. When she’s had nothing but fake paid for romances this whole time. Even her marriage seemed to be a paid for storyline to get a baby the conventional way instead of IVF! So yes, she’s jealous as hell!

  8. If Kenya was interested in Martell, she would have read and accepted the DMs he sent her. Answering questions Carlos asked her about him and LAMH during an interview doesn’t mean she wanted him either. Martell is not desirable and Sheree has been consistently dating losers before RHOA.

  9. Kenya has nothing to hate on and honestly none of us have anything to hate on. Martell is a terrible person and Sheree has never made a good dating decision. IIRC Queen said Sheree is the raggediest real housewife of all time and I can’t unsee it now.

  10. I am not a Kenya Moore fan but in this case I feel as though Martell was dead wrong getting all up in her face. I mean he went sideways for what? This is how he is used to speaking to Melody. Sheree will get her turn. Time will tell. Kenya didn’t come off to mean as being jealous. Ijs

  11. Kenya needs to focus on her relationship. Oh, she doesn’t have one. Sheree and Martel are grown, adults. Martels appear to enjoy his time with Sheree. Leave them alone. Life is short. Kenya stop making a storyline. Talk about ur husband. Who’s causing u drama?

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