Tiffany Whitlow Responds to the Cheating Accusations Made by LaTisha Scott

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Tiffany Whitlow has been accused of being too messy on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Tiffany Whitlow is having an eventful season. She managed to rub Sheree Whitfield the wrong way during their first onscreen conversation. Tiffany asked Sheree what it felt like to publicly date Martell Holt. Tiffany figured it couldn’t be easy since he is known for cheating on his ex-wife. Plus, many know he also fathered a child outside of the marriage during the height of the pandemic. However, Sheree felt like this question was just Tiffany being hypocritical. So she told Tiffany that she watches the show. And she knows that Tiffany also cheated during her first marriage.

Sheree went back to Martell to inform him of the conversation. Martell was also offended and decided to confront Tiffany during the recent episode. Marsau Scott helped and both men had no problem letting Tiffany know that she crossed the line. Marsau even said that Tiffany deserved to be slapped for her actions. And well the comment is a controversial one since Tiffany was pregnant while they filmed the season.

In the upcoming episode, Tiffany will tell her husband Louis Whitlow about the very tense conversation she had with Marsau and Martell. And he’s not having any of it. So he ends up clashing with both men in the next episode.

Tiffany Whitlow said the accusations made by LaTisha Scott are “nonsense.”

Well, Martell and Marsau aren’t the only people who aren’t feeling Tiffany’s actions. LaTisha Scott didn’t appreciate the comments that she made about her and Marsau’s marriage. As we reported, Tiffany isn’t convinced that LaTisha actually has any power over at Scholt. She also said that cheating rumors about Marsau are way too common to be ignored.

After Stormi Steele informed LaTisha about what Tiffany said, LaTisha had a conversation with Keke Jabbar. And LaTisha made some accusations of her own. She said it’s been rumored that Tiffany had an affair with her business partner.

While some “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans believed there could be some truth to the gossip, others believe LaTisha made it up completely. And this was discussed on the show’s fan page.

One Instagram user said that Tiffany needs to address what LaTisha alleged, “Tiffany, your name is out here in these Huntsville streets. What’s going on with you and your business partner? You better tell Louis. I’m just saying.”

Another person responded, “ūüėā That is something them Scotts put out.”

Tiffany then wrote, “That part. I can’t even give nonsense life.”


  1. She’s ALREADY said she cheated before….so is once a cheater always a cheater or what?

  2. Why should we doubt the accusations abut Tiffany. She’s a known cheater. She’s saying all this crap while holding her stomach. Remember you’re going to drop that load. Don’t write a check your a-s can’t cash. She’s a liar and a fake. Tiffany is stirring up crap to keep a job.

  3. Agreed, Tiffany was out of line even questioning Sheree like that and its none of her business. If Mel is not concerned, then why is she? What if some random dude questioned her husband like that? She would be pissed.

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