Ceaser Confirms Disappointment About Teddy Not Quitting ‘Black Ink Crew’ + New Show

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Ceaser feels like Teddy and Puma betrayed him in a major way.

Black Ink Crew” is undergoing a lot of changes now that Ceaser is no longer on the show. As we reported, he was fired due to a video of him allegedly abusing a dog going viral on the internet. To no surprise, people had a lot to say. Many even called for him to be ousted by VH1. Former “Black Ink Crew” star Donna was one of the most vocal about ousting Ceaser on social media. Ceaser wasn’t surprised by Donna’s stance since he played a major role in her departure from the show. However, he expected loyalty from some who did remain on the cast. This is especially true when it comes to family and close friends.

In particular, Puma and Teddy didn’t decide to walk away after Ceaser was removed. They instead made the decision to move the show forward by looking for new tattoo artists.  And they also decided it was time for a new shop as well. These new artists will have to compete and prove themselves in order to earn a spot in this new era.

When it came to Ceaser’s exit, Teddy and Puma acknowledged that it was a very unfortunate situation. However, they understood that Ceaser earned his fate. So they had to focus on the future. And Ceaser can’t help but feel like both men have betrayed him tremendously. This is something he’s been talking about on social media, too.

Ceaser is working on another show now that he’s done with “Black Ink Crew.”

Recently, Ceaser answered some fan questions and posted his answers on Instagram Story. He said that Puma stabbed him in the back. But he should have anticipated this because Puma always wanted to be him.

Now Ceaser is letting his followers know how he currently feels about Teddy, too. Hours ago, a fan asked, “Are you upset with Ted for continuing to film?”

Ceaser answered, “Nah. I am upset with myself, I should have been seen how a person moves but love will blind you. #selfpreservation”

Despite his controversial departure from the show, Ceaser revealed he is working on another show. But he won’t be shipping the show to Zeus Network. And he didn’t like the alleged offer he received from the streaming service.

He wrote, “Nah, Zeus offer me to go on Bad Boys Club. I ain’t with that ****.”




  1. I’M STILL TEAM CEASAR! Only God knows what’s truly in his heart.

    Your previous president should be ousted but is he? No, he’s running again along with the other crooks in Washington. People are so quick to judge but slow to forgive. We all make mistakes. Ceasar, THIS TOO SHALL PASS! God is forgiving and you will have a reprieve. I watched every season and you surely did more good than not. People are always going to nick pick everything you do when they are trying to count your money. Tell them to keep coming! From the voice of Kandi Burruss “I FLY ABOVE ALL THE HATERS”. You will never be right or do enough for people in this world.

    I’m wishing you the best and I will watch whatever endeavors you bring back to television.
    A Mature Supportive Fan!

    1. A Mature Supportive Fan? Please! Give me a break! You wrote all that just to say nothing! All y’all Team Ceasar folks need to quiet down. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Ceasar don’t need support right now. He refuses to truly apologize. He thinks he King Charles. You should hold him accountable and ask him to take accountability. Then come back with your long nonsense comments. Until then…

    2. So since you brought up the other president. Have you forgave him? No, so what are you talking about.

  2. Team everyone get your coin no matter what. Caesar knew who he was dealing with. He started this journey and now Ted is finishing it. The vine is different it life goes on. Get your life Caesar. Get your life!!! Except the consequences and move on.

  3. I don’t think Ceaser should be band for a dog , when people beat each other up on All show’s . So Alex met nothing a dog more important than humans they to will turn on you dogs kill as well

  4. I still love you cease and looking forward to you and black ink wherever you go #theresnoblackinkwithoutceasar❤️

  5. Well on one hand I feel like Caesar wrong for wanting Ted to walk cause he got let go, that man still gotta eat and as of now Caesar and did nothing to make sure he eat, yeah he may have something in the works but what about now. As for him being let go because of a dog only goes to show you how us as humans are not relevant how many shows do they have where all they do is fight, if they was gonna let him go it should have been how he did Alex….jmo 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Ceaser I love you I’m a big fan of Black ink after your departure I was happy to see Ted and Puma step up to the plate to keep the Black Ink brand going I would think you would be proud of your cousin and friend doing what their doing after all they had a good teacher which is you and besides they have a right to make money to You produced soldiers not puppies let them make their bread Live and let live

  6. I feel that the Network did Caesar wrong. I felt that this situation with Caesar was an important storyline and could have been a teachable moment. They should have allowed him to stay on the show with the proviso that he would have to do volunteer work at a dog shelter or ASPCA and that he would have to do community work and speaking engagement dealing with abusive behavior and anger management and what he’s doing to overcome this.

    1. I totally agree with you Mary Cobb, and Ceasar feeling betrayed by Ted I can’t blame him one bit. Ceasar has carried Ted’s lazy couch potato a-s through all seasons of Blackinkcrew, which shows he will make sure his fam is good. Ted was the first to look down on Ceasar (beside Donna) when that video came to the surface. I sure hope Ceasar was not surprised by that betrayal, but at the end of the day Ceasar will come through and continue to win. Family will sometimes follow you until they get to where they want to be in life, and then forget how they got there in the first place. Ceasar has already taken accountability for his actions and apologized for what transpired in that video. He does not have to keep saying sorry, time to keep making moves. #stayabossCeasar

  7. Ceasar committed career suicide abusing a dog. He expects people to loose their money because he did something stupid. He killed his brand therefore life goes on for the others. Deal with it.

  8. I actually like the show without Ceasar. I tired of seeing narcissist, bullying, violent behavior on television. Ceasar knew ted was all about himself and find the easiest spot to still…do nothing lol, but I digress. Ceasar thinks the world revolves around him and in his world he is always right. Seems to me the show is still thriving, and seeing more healthy readers with less disrespect or intimidation toward others. I would like to continue to see how everyone does in their new journey. Hoping for the best. Bye Felicia, oop Ceasar! 👋🏽😂

  9. It’s crazy that Caesar was let go because of a video of how he attacked his dog. I don’t think how he responded was ok, but I don’t think he should have been fired either. Caesar I don’t think you are being fair expecting them to quit they job because you lost yours.

    Not for one moment do I believe if that was one of them you would walk away from feeding your family. At the end of the day this is a job. And everyone has responsibilities. Let’s not forget they started this show with you this is also they legacy as well not just yours.

    We have to keep friendship and business separate this decision is business not person so let’s not take it personal. They did not cause you to be fired so don’t put the blame on them. Them making the decision to continue with black ink crew is strictly business.

  10. Teddy is showing no loyalty to his cousin who opened up the door and offered him an opportunity. He should’ve quit when Caesar got fired, because he could be with him on the new show. Instead, he’s there with the Caesar want to be Puma. Teddy is who I’m disappointed in. Caesar keep your head up and I’ll be watching your new show. When it’s all said and done, we live in a country full of sick people. Dogs lives is more valuable then our kids lives and that’s pitiful smh. I’m not saying what he allegedly did was right, but it’s valued more than human life in this country and that makes absolutely no sense.

  11. I really like Ceasar even though his head was getting bigger by the minute. I say everything happens for a reason and don’t hold grudges with the remaining original black Inc. cast. Apologize, be humble and wait until this all blows over.
    Michael Vicks waited out his time before returning to the public eyes and now he’s on a broadcasting team. At least you’re not forgotten. Puma and Ted and other cast members are constantly keeping your name relevant as an OG so just relax. You’ll be back out there before you know it and maybe back with VH1.

  12. I love Ceasar, and I think he deserves a second chance, just like they do the “good old boys”. Ceasar, now that you know how your fake friends move. Don’t look back, learn from your mistakes and keep moving. Actually, I feel Teddy always moved very shady. Now you don’t have to carry dead weight anymore.

  13. That was really nice! It should be more people out here in the 🌎 it would be a better place!! GOD BLESS YOU 🙌 🙏 ❤️ ✨️ 🙌

  14. You shouldn’t be mad at puma and teddy.thet are keeping your name out there.you did what you did own up to your mistakes.we want the show back you forgot what you did to others that’s wasn’t a boss move you was dirty I like you a lot but puma is not trying to be you he has a shop and other things going on so you shouldn’t be made at him but Ted is another story he does nothing tryed to be a producer that went no where.they are starting out new they know they are not you and don’t want to be you at the end you was mean a-s h-ll.and other things…..

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