Ceaser Questions Teddy’s Loyalty After He’s Fired from ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Ceaser made Krystal and Rok make a tough decision.

Black Ink Crew” fans had a lot to say after the recent season finale aired. During the current season, Ceaser had some complaints about how his employees were doing things. For instance, Tatti skipped out on a team meeting. She chose not to attend because she was in her feelings about Rok and Krystal being asked to open up a Black Ink shop in New Jersey. The former couple originally named their shop Gods of Ink. However, Ceaser thought it was shady that they opened up a shop of that size while working at Black Ink as well as being on the show. So he proposed that they convert it into Black Ink Crew New Jersey. And if they didn’t agree to this, he would open a competitor shop nearby to take all of their clients.

Tatti was so upset about Krystal and Rok’s business move that she said she needed to talk a mental health day away from the shop. So she wasn’t going to attend the staff meeting. And Ceaser paid her back by not inviting her to the team-building workshop in Orlando. Tatti showed up anyway and it resulted in a major blowup with Ceaser and an altercation that was kicked off by Young Bae.

Ceaser’s firing was a hot topic on social media.

Interestingly enough, the altercation and subsequent firings weren’t even the most controversial events of the season. The biggest story of the season was Ceaser’s departure from “Black Ink Crew.” Earlier this year, Ceaser made headlines because he was accused of beating a dog in a video taken from his security camera.

Fans hopped on social media to call for action from VH1. After Donna aided the video in becoming even more popular on the internet, it was confirmed that Ceaser had been fired from the show. During the season finale, the cast members reacted to Ceaser’s firing. Some like Tatti even expressed that they didn’t see how the show could survive without Ceaser as the leading man.

By the end of the episode, Teddy and Puma got a bit sentimental as they reflected on ten years of Black Ink. And both decided that the show is too legendary to just die because of a bad decision that Ceaser decided to make. So they left the door open for the show’s return with them as the leading men. Puma even said he had been looking for a good spot for a new shop.

Well, the season finale has some fans questioning Teddy’s loyalty. And they expressed this on Ceaser’s Instagram post about concluding his time on the show.

One Instagram user wrote, “Why Ted always flipping states? He blood n be the 1st! He suppose to be 10 toes! But he always siding w the others over you.”

In response, Ceaser wrote, “πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ I been asking myself the same the lately.”


You can check out the post and comments here.


  1. Now that Ceaser is fired from vh1, everyone is fair game now I guess.
    Ted has been a seat-filler for a decade and Ceaser allowed it so no bruh keep that shine on yourself.

  2. Let,s keep it 100, meaning let’s keep real, it’s hard enough to keep a black show on tv, but you want to for get who got you there, this is a very good show, and ceacer is the one that people really no, o yes with some help, but remember your real loyalty, what you guys for got about that, ceacer help all of you, so if turn your back on him, that goes to show who you are, real people no real s..t so stand with the brother, IAming with him πŸ’― and that’s real, Sgt puckett aka sir james

  3. This mg beat a dog knowing all of what he preach about. His brand , him being the face of HIS brand and etc. Don’t make f’d up decisions knowing cameras are around on top of that then cry about who all ain’t rocking with your actions. Stand ten toes down and just admit you f-cked up my boy. You did this Ceasar. Not only did you harm an animal that could’ve easily took your life if he weren’t loyal but you screwed up your life and put every one who had your back in a no win situation. No sympathy for your dog huh. No sympathy for you either dog. You wrong. Admit it and stop pointing the finger for a change.

    1. Bruh it’s a dog an animal which you pay for so since you pay for it it becomes your property everybody feels so upset for a dog but nobody cared when they jumped Alex on the same show

  4. I told everyone that Donna had something to do with Ceasar getting fired because he had told her he was done with her. Teddy should have tried to keep Ceasar on instead vh1 firing him. It was Ceasar who made us watch y’all. We want Ceasar back on the show.

    1. It should not have been a firing. It could’ve been a suspension and anger management classes. Plenty of celebrities have been in trouble and come back and the fact that the matter is he was the main show and should still be the main show. I think sometimes we are quick to fire people instead of giving them a chance to redeem themselves. Whether for TV or not, he has helped a lot of people with their own issues, and it could have been a big moment to help him. I definitely think it was a mistake your so quick to fire people but if Michael Vick could come back why not Cesar.

  5. Definitely shouldn’t be beating on the dogs or any animal, and i hope he gets the help to change. But how they get the footage from his personal security camera?

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