Monique Samuels Breaks Down Her Divorce from Chris Samuels

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Chris Samuels and Monique Samuels have ended their marriage.

Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels’ marriage woes played out on “Real Housewives of Potomac,” as well as “Love & Marriage: DC.” On RHOP, Monique said that she wanted Chris to be more helpful when it came to their household and children. While she appreciated his commitment to being the provider, she just wanted him to be more hands-on as a father. Monique was feeling as if she handled most of the household stuff. So she felt very overwhelmed at times. Interestingly enough, it was clear on LAMDC that their issues only worsened despite leaving RHOP to protect their marriage. Monique said they were on the brink of divorce before they even started filming.

Chris and Monique did not return for the second season of LAMDC. When this was confirmed, Monique said that they departed because of their contracts. And they didn’t like what they were offered or how some of their situations were edited.

Well, it’s since been confirmed that Monique and Chris have parted ways. Monique filed for divorce and Chris unfollowed her on Instagram.

Monique Samuels broke her silence via Instagram Live.

Hours ago, Monique addressed what made her decide it was time to move on from the marriage. She said, “Last year was very rough. When we were going through our motions and we were trying to figure things out, the goal was not to get divorced…Chris and I were trying every which way to figure out how do we get that connection back how do we bring it back together…We weren’t seeking a divorce.”

She continued, “We have three children who are watching us. Our actions and how we interact with each other. How we run our households. That is literally an example for our children of how they’re going to live their life. I don’t want our children to ever be in a relationship where they feel like they’re not being heard. Whether that’s on my side or Chris’s side.”

Monique said that their marriage became a battlefield.

“Talking at each other, the marriage becomes like a battlefield. We have three little people that are literally looking at us and they’re taking notes and they’re like, ‘okay this is what’s normal,’ and it’s not normal.”

She went on to say that she and Chris have decided to focus on improving themselves and co-parenting their children.

“If you get to a point where you’re like, ‘you know what, we have grown so far apart that it may be best that we focus on ourselves individually and then focus on the three important people in our lives,’ which is our children, and that’s what we decided to do.”


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  1. I’m not sure the kind of peace Monique wants and needs will come from essential oils, holistic retreats and hotep beliefs. I wish her well though.

  2. Monique is full of it. She didn’t acknowledge anything Chris was doing positive. She told everyone what he was doing wrong in her eyes. I believe she stayed for the check. Now she gets child support and alimony

    1. Renee,
      Get the log out of your eyes before embarking on some one else’s marriage or problems. You do not know these people nor are you in their household or marriage.

  3. That is the sign of the disconnect, she was at the point where she didn’t see the positive in Chris or the marriage. At that point she was done.

  4. She was doing shady sh-t with their money before they left RHOP. Reality tv isn’t good for married couples that aren’t strong in their marriage. Maybe divorce is what’s best in the end

    1. I didn’t see it that way, I mean Chris being controlling. What I saw was him trying to please his wife to no avail. I agree with DC above who stated that we don’t know these people or what goes on when the camera’s were off. Chris seemed like a decent dude. I also believe that this was a money thing and I hope that Chris doesn’t lose everything because you can believe that Monique is about to go after those coins she use to brag that Chris has.

  5. Phonique snaked her way into that man’s life….has never loved him, I don’t care that they have children, she saw $$ signs and a security blanket. She was playing him like a fiddle from the start. She had entanglements with the “trainer”…I know she did. Has always belittled and emasculated that man. Chris, thank GOD and just do the best co-parenting ever. I wish you the best!! #SleepingWithTheEnemy

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