‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Rok’s Mother Worries His Relationship with Krystal Could Be Toxic

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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Krystal and Rok decide to take the romance to the next level. Krystal apologizes to Rok with lit candles and even asks him to marry her. Although Rok is hesitant at first, he recognizes that it took a lot for Krystal to reach out to him first. And it seems as if she’s changed a lot. So he tells her yes, however, his mother is not ready to celebrate quite yet. 

Rok’s mother feels as if he and Krystal are way too off and on to seriously consider marriage. In fact, she wonders if their relationship may be too toxic to continue. Rok values his mother’s opinions due to their close relationship. However, he’s willing to give Krystal a chance to prove she’s a different person. And she’s serious about being with him. 

Plus, the new artists continue to have tension as they compete for a permanent spot in the crew. And AMH is looking like a mean girl to Puma and others. Here’s a recap for, “I Do’s and I Don’ts.”

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  1. I agree Rok needs to tread cautiously. Krystal has some anger and jealousy issues which I agree with his Mom is toxic

    Whenever a person show you who they are , they can’t change that quickly. Krystal left the relationship to be with someone else then when if didn’t work out she comes back and expects things to go back to normal. Rok needs to take some time because Krystal is going to trip out, she seems to have violent tendencies.

  2. Alex and EQUANIMITY…I love it!
    Rok & Krystal…the jury is still out. They should get counseling first. Krystal has been hurt I feel.

  3. Krystal doesn’t love Rok. She just don’t want to see him with someone else. I knew a guy like that once. He said it was over and he didn’t love me anymore. So he broke up with me. Then as soon as I started seeing someone else, all of a sudden he couldn’t live without me. Listen to your Mom…don’t do it Rok! Don’t marry Krystal. She’s all over the place.

  4. Rok is giving me light skinned ASAP Rocky vibes! So handsome! 😍❤ BTW, he shouldn’t ring Krystal. She plays too many games. Listen to Mom please!

  5. Black ink crew LA I don’t blame Nelly I would only share it with Kat…Don’t trust the rest of them

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