‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Krystal Puts Rok on Blast + Rok is Unbothered

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Krystal and Rok’s romance had its issues.

Black Ink Crew” stars usually do not have the best of luck regarding shop romances. Alex and Donna’s relationship started in a very controversial way. At the time, she was in a relationship with someone else. However, flirty moments with Alex turned into a public restroom fling. Alex later told Donna that he had genuine feelings for her. And he wanted to see where things could go. Their engagement fell apart after Donna was fired from the show. She was accused of being physically abusive to Alex. Donna has denied this. But Ceaser strongly believed she was. So he wanted her out of the shop. Luckily for Alex and Donna, they went their separate ways before actually getting married.

Interestingly enough, the same cannot be said for Rok and Krystal.

During the previous season of “Black Ink Crew,” Krystal and Rok had some tension over a potential business deal with Ceaser. The couple successfully opened up their own shop together. However, Ceaser felt like this was a violation. And he expressed that it wasn’t cool for them to make money off the Black Ink brand when he’s not getting a cut. So he proposed that they change the shop to another Black Ink location. At the time, Krystal didn’t really like the idea of being in business with Ceaser and giving him a percentage of the money their shop makes.

Rok didn’t see the big deal and this bothered Krystal. In her opinion, Rok needs to toughen up and take charge more.

Rok and Krystal tied the knot but broke up shortly after.

They eventually agreed to change the shop to Black Ink. However, Krystal went on to tell her followers that she and Rok had broken up. But they are still good friends and will continue to run their shop together.

Hours ago, Krystal took to Instagram to give her supporters a surprising update. Not only did Krystal claim that she and Rok tied the knot recently. But she also accused him of abandoning her as well.

She posted a photo from their wedding day. And she wrote the following caption, “This was last month! He’s alive. I’m the one that’s dead to him. 😞💔”


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Rok didn’t respond directly. However, he reposted an interesting message on Instagram Story. It reads, “Before I give up on somebody, I try & I try & I try until it’s no more in me 🤷🏾‍♂️.”


  1. Black Ink Crew is Ceasar. I’m only commenting to state that I will not be supporting your new world of Black Ink Crew. A person makes a mistake and you want to crucify them for life. Our president can lie, cheat, abuse and cause people to die and you still let him run for president again.

    Then you take people of color who wants to make money and you make them an offer they can’t refuse and that includes being disloyal to the person who supported your beginning.

    I boycott you and I wish others who have been fans from the beginning would do the same. One of those snakes set him up and it could have been Dutchess. In either case, I’m done! Make your blood money because not only does Ceasar get his Karma, the rest of you do too. Good luck!

      1. I receive and respect your opinion. If the universe says bye to every wrong doing we all do, BYE FELICIA WOULD BE AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

        The world is full of liars, deceivers, wrong doers and abusers. What should we do with them all? Because right now, we’re allowing them to run our government, kill our children, human traffic us, pay no taxes etc, etc.

        How does everyone get their KARMA? Where do we draw the line?

        Thanks for your response but I will still boycott Black Ink, Black Ink Crew or whatever they call themselves. I will watch Black Ink Crew Compton because I want to see KP WIN!

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