Marsau Scott is Put All the Way on Blast by LaTisha Scott’s Cousin + LaTisha is Devastated

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Melody Shari still isn’t back in a good place with LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” is close to concluding another eventful season. On the current season, Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s co-parenting relationship continues to be contentious. The only good moment viewers saw was when Melody invited Martell and their mothers to vacation with their children in Destin, Florida. Martell was grateful for the invite. However, he rubbed Melody the wrong way when he invited LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott over to the vacation house. And he did this without talking to Melody first to confirm that this was something she wouldn’t have an issue with. As it stands, Melody isn’t in a good place with Marsau or LaTisha.

LaTisha and Marsau were friendly to Melody during the brief time they spent together in Destin. The cast members said it even felt like the old times when things were still good between all of them.

Interestingly enough, LaTisha had a very different stance when Marsau planned a sit-down meeting with Melody behind her back. He wanted to update Melody about his conversation with his brother Mark Scott. Mark had been saying some controversial things about Miss Van on social media. This is a result of her denying that they had a romantic past.

LaTisha went off on Marsau for planning to meet with Melody without talking to her first. She said that he shouldn’t be communicating with Melody since she has said that LaTisha is her enemy. Marsau felt like LaTisha was overreacting. He accused her of being jealous and she clapped back at the accusation, denying this was the case.

Destiny Payton and LaTisha Scott come for Melody Shari at the LAMH reunion.

Well, LaTisha and Melody’s contentious relationship will once again be addressed at the reunion. OWN released the trailer. And LaTisha doesn’t mince words when it comes to Melody.

She tells Melody, “You have a dark soul.” LaTisha continues, “She is the true definition of the devil in sheep clothing.”

Destiny Payton also still has heat for Melody despite them coming to a cordial conclusion about the demise of their friendship a few episodes ago.

She threatens Melody, “She knows the truths that I hold about her.” After Melody tells her to spill what she supposedly knows, Maurice Scott tells Destiny not to do this. But Melody tells her to bring it on, “No, let her.”

Maurice Scott wants to sue after he’s been targeted by some messy accusations.

In another scene from the trailer, Carlos King asks Maurice about some interesting rumors. He’s been accused of having *** parties at his Credit 1 USA business. And Maurice isn’t against filing a lawsuit, “Somebody’s gonna find themselves in a lawsuit if they keep ******* around.”

Martell has a shady moment after LaTisha says she expects “faithfulness” and “loyalty” from Marsau. He responds, “That’s why he went to Africa?”

Marsau Scott is put on blast.

Carlos has a segment in which he asks Melody if it’s true that she thought Destiny was “too chummy” with Martell. And she answers, “She called him the other week at like 1 in the morning, 5 in the morning.”

Destiny then asks, “Oh you talking bout when you hacked his phone?”

Things get even messier after LaTisha’s cousin Keke joins the stage. Carlos asks Keke, “A lot of things have been said. Keke you know for a fact that Marsau has cheated on LaTisha?”

LaTisha later says, “I found a picture of a girl on Marsau’s phone.” After Carlos asks if the woman was in her birthday suit, Keke answers, “Yes.”

This results in LaTisha becoming upset and walking off the stage.


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  1. I used to feel bad for Tisha…..until I found out that Marsau was with another cousin and has a child by her then got with Tisha and she married him…that’s just foul…so she gets what she gets…

      1. Glad to hear that cause I was looking at her sideways….my nieces mom ( my twin brothers child’s mother) did that to her sister ..

    1. Ok, I feel the same way. Also, the jealous energy she and Destiny exude is off putting. My husband and I watched this show for black love and black enterpernuers. This is what they should be showcasing, but I guess if you don’t have a real business to showcase or real love🤔…..


  2. I knew Tisha was nasty, and she knows her husband cheats on her and she acts like her husband is a saint. LaTisha has the dark soul.

    1. Latisha’s Mama is the one with the Dark Soul and she damn sure knows this. She needs to sit down and shut up trying to talk about anybody.

    1. Destiny has no destiny so she I have to stay relevant by staying in other peoples business
      Probably why she’s divorced
      I’m just saying

        1. Her storyline should be co-parenting her child with her ex. Or she could really show her business with real customers. Cause all I see her doing is grifting and instigating. Why did her husband divorce her after she had his child??? I’m still waiting on that answer.

  3. LaTisha didn’t believe in what goes around comes around. She was so in Mel affairs she forgot her house was made of glass. Mel a devil in sheep wool clothing. It looks like her husband played her for that devil she called Mel. I wonder what wanda is saying long in now. I am glad to see they dirt come out in the light. Because I got tired of it, they story lines was Mel and Martell all the time. Now I want to see how she handle her husband. Since she so smart in Mel life. And now I see why destiny hate Mel so much she is sleeping with Mel ex. Destiny has no morals at all. Ladies on the better keep a close on Destiny

    1. How did you come to the conclusion that Destiny is sleeping with Martell? She was close friends with him before she even knew Melody.

    2. Yes yes yes and I’ll be glad when Mel gets Destiny’s a??. She think she untouchable like Latisha thought she was. Hang hang on in there you two dummies. Ha ha ha what goes around comes around latisha. Look at Ms. Destiny DIVORCED. You next …..

  4. It stated out being professional black power couples to let me put all the dirt out now. I used to like the show, until all this BS started. Once again bravo to the deceptive couples. We they got to do better. You reap what you sow.

    1. LaTisha is in denial she knows her husband has cheated she knows all these rumors or not just lies but she chooses to stay she’ll have enough when she’s had enough !

  5. Destiny should mind the business that pays her and stop her obsession with hating on Mel. She had absolutely no storyline, and is dead weight to the show. Tisha, on the other hand is so much in denial that she hasn’t realized that she’s married to a chauvinistic, no-it-all who doesn’t even value her as an equal in their marriage. She’s spent time juggling between him and her overbearing, ignorant mama. Mel has moved on. She doesn’t want Martell or any of the other drama in Huntsville. She can and will do much better than tight suit wearing, can’t pass a test or read a speech Martell Holt.

  6. I think they all are FOS. Why would destiny be texting martell at 2 in the morning. Why does Mel know that destiny texted him in the first place

    1. I agree ..Mel knows too much for me…they all are messy… except Kimmie…Mel… Destiny…Latisha..Miss Vann AND Miss Wanda….ALL OF THEM

    2. Mel knows because Martel hired a guy to hack Mel’s phone and the guy messed up and sent his information to Mel’s phone. And Mel had nothing to do with that.

  7. I think it’s sad that the show could be uplifting but it’s not. I feel like Tosha is projecting her anger and embarrassment on Mel that is meant for marsau. However, I don’t like how Melody is moving either because she is too grown, well all of them to be arguing over pointless things. They are successful black indiscretions that are doing big things and rather resort to ignorance for a show. I like Kimmie and Stormie the most because they act more mature even though they have gotten out of character in heated moments. Melody used to be my favorite but I didn’t like that she forced Tiffany on the group and defended Tiffany as if she didn’t know she was dead wrong with her actions toward destiny. I like destiny but I don’t like that destiny confided in tisha about her issues with melody and she know melody and tisha ain’t been in a good place since the retreat she invited them both too when she was sort of new on the show. Destiny, Latisha, and Destiny are all hurt by each other and need to have an adult conversation because I feel like they all would be sad if any one of them died suddenly. This show has been taking turns for the worse and their children are apart of the show that makes even more sad that they all can’t come together and stay positive. Marsau is a gaslighter, Martell is a narcissist and Maurice is pathetic in the way he goes about things he talks about. Tiffany, I have no words for. Louis and Courtney seem like solid men. I like Stormie because she is real. Kimmie is the most mature on the show along with Stormie. Ms. Wanda is out of order and ignorant and I’m sad to say that about someone’s mom but that’s just BIG ole FAcTS. I’m starting to think this show trying to keep up with love and hip series.

  8. It is sad for a little fame they are willing to blow their lives up. I use too love this show they were movers and shakers. Now I can’t stand to watch so much jealousy. All need to be let go but the original cast members and they need to be told if the only story line they have is bashing the others they will be let go too

  9. WOW! I knew it was something about her sneaking a-s…She getting her Pay back!!! Becarful what you do because it will come back on you…

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