‘Belle Collective’ Fans Allege Clifton Rogers Put His Hands on Latrice Rogers + Latrice Responds

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Latrice Rogers’ fallout with SoGucci Williams isn’t the only situation fans are talking about on social media.

Belle Collective” star Latrice Rogers is having an eventful season. She’s no longer on friendly terms with Sophia “SoGucci” Williams. As we reported, the two women fell out over real estate. Latrice hired SoGucci to help her find a new building for her Goddess Lengths business. However, Latrice ultimately purchased a building with another realtor. This rubbed SoGucci the wrong way. She feels like Latrice backstabbed her. And she had some doubts about their friendship because she believes it was inappropriate for a person to work with two realtors. Regardless, Latrice doesn’t think she’s out of line. She went on to say SoGucci should have stepped up to the plate and been more aggressive in aiding her with her search.

SoGucci and Latrice’s issues led up to a blowup on a recent episode. However, Latrice’s marriage has been way more controversial. On the current season, those close to Latrice have expressed their concerns about Clifton Rogers. In fact, Latrice’s friend and employee Joshy accused Cliff of being controlling. His feelings were amplified after Cliff popped up to a club Joshy and Latrice were enjoying because he was angry Latrice didn’t tell him where she was going. Some “Belle Collective” fans were critical of the scene on social media. And they felt like Cliff crossed the line with his behavior.

Latrice Rogers responded to the speculation on Twitter.

Well, the fans have even more to say about Cliff after the latest episode. In fact, a couple of fans suspect that they saw bruises on Latrice during one of the scenes. And they accused Cliff of putting his hands on Latrice.

A Twitter user wrote, “We are not turning a blind eye!! How do you explain two or more bruises almost the size of a golf ball on the back of her left & right arm? The viewers want answers ASAP!! #bellecollective”

Another replied, “Omg somebody else noticed yeah Cliff beating this girl & everybody knows it & just turning their heads #BelleCollective @Latrice_Rogers1 blink 2 times if you need us, SIS.”

In response to the concerns and speculations, Latrice wrote, “Wait when did he beat me 😂😂😂 girl I wish tf he would ever.”

Check out the tweets here.


  1. This is why these people were crazy to agree to fake storylines and fake situations just to be “entertaining” on a reality show. Most viewers aren’t able to separate the real from the fake.

  2. Latrice could be like me I bruise really easy, just a slight bump or friendly grab and i bruise, i would think she would wear something that would cover it up if Cliff abused her. He may have because he is certainly mentally controlling her.

  3. We have to be VERY CAREFUL making ABUSE allegations. Cliff is CONTROLLING and MAYEBE MENTALLY abusive for sure…but just like another person commented I also BRUISE easy.I also think Latrice can do better than d-ck watching Cliff

  4. He has grabbed her arm before, that night they left the restaurant when he popped up on her.

  5. Cliff is old an insecure. She needs to move on from him. Her mom said it!! She has abandonment phobia. She’s afraid she will be alone. But it’s better alone and content than together and miserable. LATRICE YOU’RE YOUNG, MOVE ON, THERE IS A COMPATIBLE MAN FOR YOU!!J

  6. I’m Praying for her. She looks so sad this season. She doesn’t seem to be happy at all. I could hear it in her voice. I hope the lifestyle is not keeping her in an unhealthy relationship. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. I agree and Cliff is too much. I wouldn’t put up with his behavior and controlling ways. Marriage isn’t about control or him being the man. I never hear him give scriptural guidance to support his beliefs; therefore, he would be talking to himself. If he’s not living, behaving, and treating me the way God has Instructed, then biblically she doesn’t have to listen to him.

  7. He’s definitely mentally abusive so of course one would wonder if he’s possibly physically abusive as well. Latrice puts on this facade like she ‘Bosslady’ tough but clearly she’s not. She watches the camera and flips her hair constantly which is a sign of insecurity. Latrice you signed up for this so handle it

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