LHHATL Star Sierra Gates Spills Tea + Calls out Bambi & Erica Mena

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Sierra Gates is getting called out by LHHATL fans.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Sierra Gates has been receiving backlash. This is due to the recent episode. As we reported, Erica Mena made a very controversial accusation. She alleged Safaree Samuels tried to hit on Sierra behind her back. However, Sierra declined the advances he made during the phone call. So Erica is convinced Safaree is trying to do whatever possible to hurt her. During the scene, Sierra and Erica acted as if it was Bambi’s first time hearing this. In a green screen interview, Bambi said she was shocked Safaree would do this. And Sierra said that she thought Safaree was foul to take it there.

Interestingly enough, some LHHATL fans are more outraged at Sierra than Safaree. So they have been very critical of her on social media. This wasn’t sitting well with Sierra. Earlier today, she decided to tell her side of the story on Instagram Live. She spilled a lot of tea, too. Not only did she confirm that she was no longer friends with Erica or Bambi, but she also said that Bambi already knew about the situation. But Bambi told Sierra not to tell Erica because she worried Erica wouldn’t take the news well. Sierra decided to tell Erica anyway. It’s been downhill since.

Sierra Gates thinks Erica Mena threw her under the bus.

The biggest revelation though is Sierra claimed she and Erica made a promise to each other to not discuss what Safaree allegedly did on LHHATL. However, Erica flipped on Sierra while they were filming the scene at Bambi’s house.

According to Sierra, Erica was furious when she found out Bambi knew about the matter before they filmed the scene. Erica also began to suspect that Sierra secretly wanted Safaree. And Sierra said she was eventually told that Erica was telling other cast members that Sierra wanted to hook up with Safaree.

This led to Sierra calling Erica out in a scene that was recently filmed for the next season. And Sierra said after things got heated, Erica told her that she was just happy Safaree showed her interest. So Sierra is done with Erica. She went on to say that Spice was also done with Erica because she allegedly said some racist things when they clashed over Safaree.

Sierra Gates wanted more support from Bambi.

When it comes to Bambi, Sierra said Bambi isn’t defending her amid all of the backlash. So it’s made her realize she was more of a friend to Bambi than Bambi was to her.

Sierra once again stood on her claims about Safaree. And she said she doesn’t want him and only wanted to tell her former friends what happened. She explained that the cast is very close and they all text and talk to each other’s partners. Over time, they have all developed friendships. So just like Bambi vents to her about Scrappy, Scrappy has vented to her about Bambi. At the time, she hit up Safaree to help her secure her own Bitcoin account. But the conversation turned into him bashing Eric Whitehead and telling her she should be with him instead.

She showed past text messages of Safaree allegedly contacting her that day. Multiple times, he told her to call him. So she thought he wanted to talk about Erica. Both her daughter and pastor came on the live to say they heard parts of the conversation. And Safaree did indeed hit on Sierra. She eventually rushed to end the conversation in disbelief.

Another point Sierra wanted to point out is how much it bothers her to be called a liar. She feels Black women are always seen as liars after a choice is made to share personal experiences. So she thinks it’s not cool that neither Bambi nor Erica has shown her any support.


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  1. I believe Sierra because Safaree does act like he’s constantly seeking women to keep a storyline on both shows. He really acts like reality television is his only income stream. So he’ll do just about anything to keep people talking. I don’t like him and I haven’t cared for him since he hit Nicki Minaj in the face with a suitcase and stole money from her to buy escorts. Erica was stupid to marry him. And if she wasn’t so desperate and male identified she wouldn’t be dumb enough to think every woman wants him. Everyone isn’t a clown. She’s going to get cancelled if she said anything racist to Spice. Tubi won’t save her either.

  2. The reaction to Sierra is what happens when the bulk of the community is made up of misogynists and pick me’s. Safaree should be the only one getting dragged. Erica needs therapy. If it’s true that man made her go crazy and lose a lot of weight, she needs help, not a reality show. Her obsession with Safaree is disturbing.

    1. Chile nobody wants Safaree like that but Erica. She is weak for getting back in the bed with him like he didn’t disrespect her while she was pregnant. LHHATL makes me so mad because all it’s about is watching mainly black women settle for the WORST of men. This isn’t entertaining. Sierra deserves better. People love to look down on her but she has more sense than the majority of women on this platform. I appreciate that.

    2. A large majority of Woman are “Pick Me” that’s why Guys like Safaree never run out of Woman to play with oh well.

  3. Bambi gave her that advice because she knew Erica was going to use it to go after her. Safaree is dead wrong and 100% toxic. But Erica has too many issues to be a real friend to any woman. She’s a big time pick me. Remember how annoying and condescending she was when she was engaged to Bow Wow of all people? 🥴

  4. A lot of women are dumb. They will dump their friends for telling the truth about their degenerate boyfriends and (ex) husbands. Misogynoir is a sickness.

  5. Idk everyone is doing the absolute most this season. It’s like they were told they would be fired if they weren’t in mess. And a lot of these storylines are fake as well.

  6. Bambi has defended Sierra though. She defended her in that interview or live I can’t remember which one. I think Sierra will make up with Bambi eventually. Erica is the one she needs to watch out for. She’s really letting Safaree be her downfall and it’s really wild to me.

  7. Sierra loves attention. Why now is she saying about Safaree trying to get at her. You see he no good so why entertain him at all.

  8. I feel Bambi just doesn’t want to take sides and choose between her friends. Sierra and abambi are both good people and I hope they can salvage their friendship.

  9. I’m going to pray for each of the that they can sit down and talk through and forgive each other. It’s a mess, but it’s not the end of the world and if they were truly good friends, they will find a way to work it out, even if they need to get help from a therapist. May God bless each of them

  10. The whole cast should be put on notice for bad behavior. They are out of control and disrespectful to each other and to the producers of the show. The comment made calling Spice a monkey and she should die pissed me off. But Spice is no angel either (she talks too much).

  11. It is a bigger deal with Erica calling spice a monkey and nothing saud about it. Erica needed a story line and money to feed all the kids that none of her babies daddy want. First Rich, then a woman. Be happy someone married your h-e a-s for a minute. Why was she even back in the show. Cancel Erica Mena

  12. Yoi are absolutly right, and i think instead of them (Erica, Bambi & Sierra) sitting around drinking and talking about there exes they need to seek therapy to help them learn how to heal from their divorces

  13. After seeing Sierra go after Scrappy last week about Bambi, Safaree probably flirted with her because he knows Erica has anger management issues and wanted to break up that relationship. Bambi, Sierra, & Erica meddle too much in each others relationships so they’re bound to turn in each other.

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