LHHATL Drama: Spice Drags Erica Mena + Makes Messy Accusations

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Erica Mena blasted Safaree Samuels over his romance with Amara La Negra.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Mena has been very open about her feelings regarding her controversial split with Safaree Samuels. As we reported, Erica has been making a lot of accusations about Safaree on social media. In fact, she accused him of not being a good father to their children. So she definitely was not happy to see Safaree gifting Amara La Negra‘s twins Rolex watches. Erica took to social media to slam Safaree because she alleged he’s never bought his own children lavish birthday presents. She also shaded Amara for giving Safaree the time of day considering his track record.

Amara seemingly responded with some shade of her own.

Interestingly enough, fans recently had some questions after they saw Spice take some photos with Amara and Safaree. This confused them a bit since Erica and Spice have a close friendship. Apparently, Erica had some questions as well because hours ago, Spice dragged Erica on Instagram. And she said she recently had a blowup with Erica over the situation.

Erica Mena and Spice’s friendship is over.

Things kicked off after Spice dragged Erica on her Instagram Story.

Spice wrote, “Big ***** Erica. You trying to blame every one for what Safaree doing to you but can’t blame your dam self. ***** YOU LOSE THEM HOW YOU GET THEM GO SUCK YUH MADA. SAFAREE

She continued, “You flipping table to try to get scenes is weak AF. You Scared Mother ******. You couldn’t even talk to me cause you know I got all your little dark secrets. #EricaMena you jealous of me so bad BIH YOU FAKE AF and quess what you still gonna eat your heart out cause it’s still Bambi Season *****. Not yours.”

Spice had more to say during an Instagram video. She brought up Erica’s oldest child as well. And she also said Erica is playing the victim.

Erica has not responded to any of the accusations or comments made by Spice.


  1. I’m sure Spice will get lots of pats on the back for this because Erica isn’t likable but I’ve noticed some things about Spice that have me on pause about her too. She faked bleaching her skin, a near death surgery, and now pregnancy for attention and storylines. Her character is in the gutter. She’s not any better than Erica and I don’t doubt she switched up because she needed something to do on that show. None of these people are good people. It’s laughable when they try to gang up on one person as tacky and trashy as they all are. I’ll sit back with my popcorn though.

    1. when spice faked bleached her skin was for a video about skin bleaching which one of her songs as well as the pregnancy also for a music video. follow her music you will see

    2. Yes! Remember when Spice had Meda at the dinner then spilled that she was sleeping with Joc in front of Kenya then spilled all the ones at the table that he’d been with. Spice is messy af. She has a story too and anyone that spills all of you personal secrets as soon as she’s passed is low down and dirty. I literally stopped listening to her yesterday when she said Erica had syphilis, etc. I said if she did she thought she was telling a friend and at that point it was too far for me. Spice when right to social media as if she was talking to Erica.

  2. Every woman I’ve seen defend Safaree eventually ended up with egg on their face, including Erica. I have a feeling this will have the same ending.

  3. Spice is fake as f-ck. It took me a while to pick up on it but she’s grimy. It was blatant on the reunion show. Let them fight I guess because I don’t like either.

  4. I thought I was the only one that thought spice was grimy! I never liked her big mouth a-s! She’s messy asf!!

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