Bambi Defends Erica Mena & Sierra Gates As LHHATL Fans Drag Them for Treatment of Scrappy

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Bambi and Scrappy’s split is playing out on the current season of LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Scrappy are in the middle of a very messy divorce. Bambi alleged she pulled the plug because Scrappy was allegedly cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend Diamond. They reconnected when they were both a part of the lineup for the Millennium Tour. According to Bambi, she discovered a text message from Scrappy inviting Diamond to hang out with him in his hotel room. Although Scrappy denied sleeping with Diamond, Momma Dee told multiple people that Diamond could have been pregnant. Scrappy said Momma Dee completely made this up and he has not been intimate with Diamond since their reunion.

Well, Erica Mena and Sierra Gates decided to confront Scrappy about the rumors. He told both that there was no truth to what they heard and that Diamond was not pregnant. They then confronted him about paying child support. During a previous conversation with Bambi, she told Sierra and Erica that Scrappy was allegedly not wanting to pay any child support.

Scrappy was furious about being confronted about child support, so he went off on Erica and Sierra about this while the cameras were rolling. Interestingly enough, some LHHATL fans are siding with Scrappy. And they think Sierra and Erica need to stay out of Bambi and Scrappy’s affairs.

It’s about loyalty for Bambi.

Bambi addressed the backlash that she and her friends have been receiving on social media during an Instagram Live session.

She said, “I should pin this comment, don’t lose your next man letting homegirls be in your business.” Bambi continued, “If you could comprehend what I’m saying, I had already filed for divorce because of some **** he did. But this is what women do though…y’all want to make it my fault so bad.”

Bambi once again accused Scrappy of cheating, “Somebody cheated, somebody filed for divorce. And that’s just that. Guess what? It just so happen the cameras were around to capture it. It’s okay. It is what it is.”

She wants people to stop dragging her friends for being loyal, “But naw, I just wanted to tell y’all to go easy on my friends. They were emotional too during that time. They were so ******* emotional. It was upsetting for them to see me in such a fragile state. They was like, oh no **** that. They wanted to go beat his ***.”

Bambi added, “But I wish things would have happened differently. I wish we could have had more civil conversations instead of everybody just being defensive or everybody just trying to ******* fight each other. It did kind of spiral too much. But at the end of the day, like I said if you look at your friend and see your friend going through some **** and really upset about it, it’s probably going to make you emotional, too. And if it doesn’t, you’re probably not a real friend.”

Check out the Instagram Live video below.


  1. Bambi will learn to stop telling her friends her business about what going in with her man.

    Erica can’t keep a man with all that screaming constantly. She had all the signs before she married Safaree but she thought he was a come up… look how that worked out. And the other friend she needs to go and let her face rest. It’s giving stress like it is was pulled too tight. Both need to mime their own business!!!

    1. You haven’t said anything but the truth. Sue arts and Erica have enough stuff going on in their own homes, but trying to be in someone else’s business. Focus and fix your own issues

    2. Bambi didn’t tell a lot of that tho!!! His momma insinuated to the collective and the fake news travelled if you watch the show

      1. Absolutely no one is even bringing up the fact that her girls are not mad about the cheating. It’s the “I luuuubb Bam” and them thinking he got someone pregnant meaning he’s BEEN cheating while saying Bambi is not a supportive wife and she didn’t hype him up enough.

        Yeah, all the yelling and wanting to fight the dude is waaayyyy too much but going to the guy that was telling you to your face that pretty much Bambi is lying on him to you because he’s been a great husband and placing no blame on his mom for putting out that someone may be pregnant for her son (and of course Momma Dee was happy to repeat it to multiple folks)

    3. I will ride for my friends but I’m not getting into their business and I’m not stepping to they men,I’m gonna be a shoulder to cry on and that’s it.

  2. Bambi sounds like a fool. This is definitely not what real women do. First of all you want to step to a man and then when he goes hard on u. U want to bring gender in the mix. It is not Eric and Serra business. They need to handle their own crap. Bambi needs to handle her onw crap. Its not like she so innocent and delicate. Girl stop. Put your big girl panties on and say what u have to say. You’re going to get your click hurt.

    1. Erica and Siera need worry about what’s going on they life,they running around stepping to Scrappy friends talking all crazy, then coming for Jessica yall two are weirdos for that. Stay out of other ppl business ok.

  3. How can Sierra or Erica come at Scrappy they got problems in their own relationship, Sierra man have no respect for her,an ,Erica the way Safarri cheated on her she really need to be quiet, Erica an Sierra need to solve their problems

  4. I think a lot of black women are male identified honestly because Scrappy has done every woman he’s been with the exact same way. But you have black women more angry at Sierra, Bambi, and Erica when Scrappy’s track record includes not paying child support, cheating, being a toxic momma’s boy, and having women pay his bills. He can’t even be the patriarch in his own family. Good on Erica and Sierra for holding Scrappy accountable since barely anyone else does.

    1. Exactly. Preaccch. Everybody going off on Bambi, Serria and Erica but what about Scrappy? He the one that cheated with his EX but nobody isn’t getting on him about that. Smh he needs to GROW UP

    2. I feel alot of ya women take on scrappy side because ya use to taking care of a man and being cheated on ain’t no way in hell I’ma let a man live for free cheat on me and accept it Bambi speaking facts you can not be mad at her for that she confided on her friends and what they do and how they take she has no control over that;that’s just being a real friend 💯 but at the end of the end the people she confide in have more problems than a math book I would of kept it between my husband and me period but hey it’s for views this how they make they lil coins haven’t seen the show in God knows how long but it’s the same ole 💩 every new season….

      1. “…but at the end of the end the people she confide in have more problems than a math book I would of kept it between my husband” I’m with you sis but Scrappy and Safaree are the ones that go to the wife’s friends on the being-a-brother-to-them hype and share just as much if not more. She’s speaking to her friends but her husband is as well. But women do need an outlet and a circle to express themselves. You think you’re the only one going through things until you speak to others. The key is to find someone that can give you good non-biased opinions or just listening to give you an outlet (without repeating your words or situation to others)

    3. But all the women who get involved with him know these thing🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ It must be the 👅 or the 🍆…..ijs!!! #LLATL

    4. Correct Scrappy has done every woman like that and Bambi knew that. Let’s not forget she thought she had upped one on Erica because they got married. There’s not point in us continuing to get upset with Scappy when these women keep running to him. I’m sure Bambi isn’t 100% innocent. I’m a ride for my friends too but I’m not about to get in between their marriage. I’m not about to run up on a man all in his face either. Sierra and Erica both had their own relationships that can’t handle so why are they trying to handle Scappy’s.

      1. Y’all are so into that childish and embarrassing beef Bambi and Erica have going on that you think everyone is seeing the situation from that tired perspective. If Scrappy treats every woman like trash, he’s the problem. And if you’re more angry about Bambi’s friends actions and not him actually using and mistreating multiple women, I think I’m the last person you should respond to. I’m not a pick me.

  5. I don’t play about my friends. And I’m not nice to the people who hurt them. I don’t like Momma Dee or Scrappy. They aren’t good people but they still get a pass because a lot of us love supporting buffoonish black people. Scrappy always throws a temper tantrum when child support is the topic. He wants to be dad of the year but won’t pay up. He’s the last person I’ll ever side with.

    1. “I don’t play about my friends. And I’m not nice to the people who hurt them.”

      Pretty much. LOL.

  6. Telling your friends your problems is personal and not for them to confront anyone. If they wanted to help her, they should have listened, talked with her not get in Scappy’s face. It was not their place or business. They were not just speaking on Bamb’s issues but channeling their own.
    They say don’t run up if you don’t want to get done up. Serria ran up and got done up, her fault. No one can say whatever they want to someone and be surprised when that person responds.
    That is not mansplaining or male agreement.

  7. Oh please! Team Erica, Team Bambi, Team Sierra, and Team Erica Dixon! I’m GLAD Sierra and Erica dragged Scrappy! I’ll do the same for my friends! Scrappy isn’t a real man anyway!

  8. LOL. A lot of people are being fake on here because they don’t like Bambi. But most of us ride for our friends the same way. I really don’t care who got in Scrappy’s face just like y’all didn’t care when Erica Dixon was in his face screaming the same exact things Sierra did. Women wouldn’t get in his face and be in his business if he acted like a real man. He’s foul for not paying child support for any of his kids.

  9. I know some of y’all still ain’t being hard on these women like Scrappy ain’t been horrible for years. He just lied to Erica D about paying for Emani’s car. He was supposed to pay half but left Erica hanging but y’all swear he’s owed all this respect for some odd reason.

  10. Bambi need to quit putting everybody in her and scrappy business. What Erica gonna do nun besides holla and scream like she do and Sierra need to go back to Shoota bc I think she still loves him. Scrappy you the goat

    1. Bambi ain’t sweet either she’s been with her friends with married men entertained them and more. They need to talk just them

  11. Scrappy tells his business to his momma and home boys, and the same women on here who are dragging Erica and Sierra have said not one word about that though. So I guess it’s okay for Scrappy’s messy a-s momma and home boys to bash Bambi but Lord forbid Erica and Sierra say anything about Scrappy, right? Chile please! If Khaotic and Momma Dee can run their mouths about Bambi then Erica and Sierra can run their mouths about Scrappy! Next!

  12. Chile, Bambi needs to take her a** back in the hot tub with Benzino and Kirk…..and see if she can drag Sierra and Erica too. She’s been messy from the start. Maybe Erica should try to hookup with Cyn😜😜😜 #LHHATL

  13. Some black women’s standards are in h-ll. Scrappy was not a good husband and he’s never been a good partner to any woman he’s been with. Erica and Sierra haven’t dragged him enough. Y’all are so busy being anti women that you are defending the raggediest men. I’m glad I can’t relate.

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