LHHATL Recap: Bambi Feels Like a Target + Diamond Sends Warning to Mena & Sierra

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta,” the drama continues for Scrappy and his family. Dixon and Bambi’s feud spills over onto social media. Bambi gets even by blasting the abuse accusations on Instagram. This then leads to Scrappy and Dixon’s daughter, Momma Dee, and Dixon coming for Bambi. 

Sierra and Erica Mena feel as if Bambi is unfairly being ganged up on. But Diamond thinks they need to mind their business. And she plans to check them soon. 

Safaree is back on Mena’s radar when she learns he bought Rolex watches for Amara’s daughters because they are dating. Erica says the issue is Safaree isn’t that giving to his own kids. But they were in bed together months ago. 

Sierra makes a confession of her own. She alleges that Safaree tried to get with her behind Mena’s back. 

Plus, the drama between Erica Banks and Renni Rucci worsens. They come to blows when a sit-down goes left. 

Here’s a recap for, “Hot Tea, Wet Banks.”

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  1. Not to be ugly but I don’t see the appeal of Diamond at all, giving me mosquito vibes. And those men gawking over her was just pure messbox! Joc is the only somewhat mature one and I’m being generous with that.

  2. Diamond is so corny. Sis needed the check bad to run back to the same man who dogged her out and called her every h-e in the book with his momma. These women are weak pick me’s. Can’t stand them!

  3. I can’t believe Bambi is the only one with some common sense in that situation. Diamond and Erica D are both acting like brainless idiots fighting Scrappy’s battle when he treated both of them like trash before he got with Bambi. Bambi was right, Scrappy is extremely manipulative. And he will always find a gullible and desperate woman to do his bidding. He thought Bambi was going to let him play with her because Erica did for YEARS. Bambi got a divorce the moment he cheated. And he’s trying to break her down for leaving. I respect Bambi for having the common sense his other exes lack. When you’re a strong woman, weak little boys like Scrappy need a whole Avengers squad to take you.

  4. Bambi was a side piece and she has multiple kids by Scrappy. Bambie was in a hot tube with Kirk and a side to Scrappy at 1 POINT
    Bambi is just as weak as Diamond and Erica. idk what show you watching

  5. I agree Elizabeth! That’s why I like Bambi now. She’s the only one who is moving like a real boss! Diamond and Erica Dixon look so pathetic! Scrappy is not a prize!

  6. Everybody needs to mind their on business. Also, stop sleeping with your friends and enemies. LadyDee needs to sit down and so trying to Party with her Son. Scrabby needs to grow-up and stop going around saying You Feel Me. He needs to tell his ex to leave Bambi alone and handle his on Business. Sit down and talk to Bambi about you guys marriage. Erica Mena get some help. Ladies, we normal be there for each other, but right now, everyone needs to mined their own business and raise your childrens. Let your man act a fool and then he will realize hope much you mean to him and he don’t let the dog out of the House for go.

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