Kenya Moore Says Kandi Burruss Was Insensitive to Drew Sidora

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Kandi Burruss has been getting called out on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have a lot of opinions about the recent episode. While the ladies were in Portugal for Sheree Whifield‘s girls’ trip, some of the tension in the group was addressed. Drew Sidora explained why she hasn’t been able to move forward with Marlo Hampton. As we reported, Marlo and Drew clashed because Drew didn’t want to use the term “shooting” while discussing Kandi Burruss‘ cousin being shot at Blaze Steak & Seafood. Marlo accused Drew and the others of always giving Kandi a pass. Marlo believes Kandi doesn’t like to show her personal life on the show. And she thinks Kandi just uses RHOA to promote her businesses. Plus, Marlo also accused Kandi of not showing enough compassion when her nephew was killed a couple of years ago.

Well, Kandi’s empathy was called into question again on the latest episode of RHOA. Drew was upset about Sheree bringing up the lawsuit a woman filed against Drew and Ralph Pittman. Drew became emotional because she feels like the situation is an attack on her and her family. However, the others didn’t think Drew being sued for $1000 is a big deal.

Drew eventually walked off in tears after she called Sheree out in front of everyone else. Kandi then said, “And scene” before excusing herself to the restaurant’s restroom. And when Marlo asked her if she was going to check on Drew, Kandi made it clear that she had no plans to run after Drew.

Kenya Moore believes Kandi Burruss was insensitive to Drew Sidora.

At some point, Kandi’s actions got back to Drew. Drew confronted Kandi and Kandi immediately apologized for hurting Drew’s feelings.

This topic came up again during the After Show. Sheree, Marlo, and Sanya Richards-Ross were critical.

Marlo said, “Did y’all notice how fast Drew and Kandi made up about her saying, ‘And scene?'”

Sheree agreed, “They brushed right over that.”

And Sanya told Marlo she would have snatched her wig off, “Drew had to really be feeling some kind of way. If that’s your friend and you were crying…Marlo, *****, I would have came in there and drug your little wig off. Pulled your whole wig off if you tell me, ‘And scene!'”

Kenya Moore said Kandi was being insensitive, “Kandi and Drew are close. So I just feel like that comment was insensitive of Kandi.”

She continued, “It played down Drew’s real feelings.”

And Drew told Kandi she just wanted some loyalty, “I just felt like…well ****. This is my girl. I have your back. Have my back, too.”

This is something that Kandi understood, “I apologize, Drew. I didn’t mean to minimize your feelings.”


  1. Kandi did nothing wrong. Drew knew her crap was about to hit the blogs about her sexual escapade with Ty.

    Sometimes individuals can pull all of your energy with their constant issues they way Kandi reacted it was the first time Drew has done the crying drama to get attention.

  2. Kandi is about Kandi if you don’t say anything she won’t say anything soon as you confront about some things she’ll go off.. now drew have start the crying. Maybe Kandi
    Has bump the lips like Kandi and Kenya what Todd dont do Kenya or drew will. Kandi do go both ways. All three does.

  3. They are just realizing that Kandi is all about Kandi? If it were discussed Kandi being sued and that comment was made about her, she would have been enraged ” ruining her brand”.

  4. So this is how Kenya talk about people who go to the hospital with her. Was Kandi being insensitive then. Kenya is FAKE af. Including that fake back injury. She could barely move until she got those pain pill. So Kenya are you a pill Popper?

    1. Kandi can’t be wrong? Being a real friend means admitting when your friend did something wrong. Kandi and Kenya call each other out all the time because they have a real friendship. Marlo, Sheree, and Sanya never tell each when they’re wrong because they are just using each other. Kenya did nothing wrong here.

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