Sanya Richards-Ross Says She Would Bring Phaedra Parks Back to RHOA + Kandi Burruss Responds

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Sanya Richards-Ross’ recent comments about Marlo Hampton aren’t sitting well with Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss hasn’t been feeling Sanya Richards-Ross lately. Sanya has been trying her best to validate Marlo Hampton‘s comments in regard to her nephew’s death. Marlo accused Kandi of not acknowledging the situation. She strongly believes that Kandi should have sent flowers, catered food from Old Lady Gang as well as paid the funeral expenses. Marlo’s reasoning is that Kandi should have done more because her nephew used to work at OLG. However, he was not employed at the restaurant at the time of his unfortunate passing. So Kandi as well as some RHOA fans are confused as to why Marlo had so many expectations.

Another interesting part of it all is Kandi believes she did acknowledge Marlo’s loss. In fact, producers flashbacked to an older scene of them discussing the matter when it initially happened in 2020. Marlo was emotional as she brought up her nephew’s death. And Kandi hugged her and offered her condolences.

Well, Sanya has been speaking up for Marlo on the show as well as in interviews. But it’s her recent interview with Carlos King that caught the attention of fans as well as Kandi.

Phaedra Parks is someone Sanya Richards-Ross would bring back to RHOA.

Carlos asked Sanya which five RHOA cast members past and present she’d like to do a season with. Sanya answered that she’d keep Marlo and Sheree Whitfield. And she’d bring Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks back.

“I’ve been on with Kandi and Kenya so I’ve experienced them. So do I bring them back or do I bring on somebody new? I always thought Phaedra was a hoot. So I think it’d be cool to film with Phaedra even though I know Kandi and Phaedra won’t film. That means I have to leave Kandi off one season. I’ma bring her back for Season 20. Bring her back. And Porsha.”

Sanya concluded the cast with Claudia Jordan.

Kandi responded to this during the latest “Speak On It.”

She said, “And what I was saying before about how Sanya is getting on my nerves on the show and off…yeah, I saw that little clip of her doing an interview saying that she could see me off the show next season, did YOU really say that? You see me off but you don’t see YOU off? Okay, boo boo.”

Kandi continued, “She sees me off and she sees what was it Kenya? Yeah, she was trying to bring back people that she’s been fans of on the show. You don’t even know them people…You want to bring back these people that you haven’t even met before, some of them. I’m just really cracking up because you are talking as a fan. And if we wanna talk about what the fans have to say, then you might not want to talk about who shouldn’t be here cause I see what the fans be saying online. And you gon talk about me not being here next year, ma’am? Then you might want to talk about yourself.”

She also reiterated that she has no say about who is let go but there’s nothing any of them can do but accept their RHOA fate, “When it’s whoever’s time to go, it’s gon be their time to go. Whether it be me or you.”


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    1. Sanya really need to shut up ,an stop kissing up to Marlo,Sanya can’t touch Kandi ,Sanya just got on the show, an acting like she making decisions of who come an go ,she needs to go an focus on trying to evict her family,an stop acting like she some type of therapist or counselor who can solve kandi an marlo problem

      1. She has no storyline boring as h-ll…please get rid of her she don’t like the ones that have more going on than her‼️

        1. Kandi and Kenya need to go their time on the show is over they are boring and tired at this point seriously

          1. No they are not it’s Sanya that needs to go and take Marlo with her

          2. I’m so over Kandi and been over Kenya who is the biggest sh-t starter but always playing the victim. As for Kandi, definitely double standards… on Sunday’s episode she told Sanya stop trying to be Marlo’s lawyer while both Kenya and Drew were defending her. Girl bye!!!

          3. Renee you don’t watch the show either. Drew and Kenya have their own issues with Marlo that Marlo initiated. Maybe Marlo should use her common sense and stop picking fights with people she needs to film with.

      2. She wasn’t trying to discredit anyone, he asked her a question , she answered it honestly the way she feels, Kandi attitude is just bad, more and more people are dissatisfied with Kandi’s action and comments, if they trying kiss up to her she’s upset, her head has gotten too big, Her and Kenya do need to go it’s time, there storylines are non-existent, say goodbye gracefully, new faces, new storylines, bring more variety to the show, they both need to move on to other things, if they can., I think they know they won’t be as successful, that’s why they keep holding on, if not , step on out there, sooner or later it’s gonna happen snyway

        1. Kandi doesn’t have a bad attitude and actually more fans are on her side. In fact, Sanya is the most unpopular housewife followed by Marlo. No one with morals wants a liar and awful person like Phaedra back. Sanya just showed her slip! You people want to pretend Kandi is so hated but she’s the most followed and most loved. Keep lying to yourself if you must!

        2. Y’all say anything! Kandi and Kenya are the only reason this season is interesting! And this whole season is about Kandi! If anything Marlo, Sanya, and Sheree have no storylines! Martell and Sheree didn’t even really date!

        3. They make the show. Marlo needs a storyline. Every time they come for Kandi she makes the bag with it. Go Kandi!!! Kenya you go girl! She know how to put them in their place.

  1. Phadra needs to stay just where she is. Think about the real reason she departed RHOA?
    That caca she did was foul as H-LL. Leave her where she is on Married to Medicine. .I was a fan until I SAW SIMONE, AND JACKYS TRUE COLORS I wish Carlos would bring Moriah back., she is authentic, and true

    1. Phaedra is definitely not needed! And she has been boring in everything she’s been in since she was fired from RHOA!

  2. Sanya couldn’t possibly know Phaedra–at all. Kandi is a STAPLE. The others, including Sanya, are just there by the skin of their teeth. Phaedra lied, and Kandi isn’t fooling with her. Kandi is filming, Phaedra is not. Sanya, PAY ATTENTION!

  3. Sanya couldn’t possibly know Phaedra–at all. Kandi is a STAPLE. The others, including Sanya, are just there by the skin of their teeth. Phaedra lied. Kandi isn’t fooling with her, and neither is anyone else for real. She’s going to Married to Medicine.
    Who cares? Sanya, PAY ATTENTION!

  4. Sanya can watch Married 2 Med if she needs a Phaedra fix so bad. 🙄

    I can’t believe this woman is saying this knowing she just vacationed with Kandi and Todd. She’s everything Drew said she was.

  5. They are slipping! Sanya thinks she has come in and stepped way over Sheree, Kandi, Kenya and Marlo as a friend. You don’t even have a voice yet. Sit down before they ruin your career.

    Yes, you have 4 gold medals but before your RHOA debut last year, I didn’t know who you were. Kudo’s for the gold medals and I will put some respect on your name but you need to sit down.

    And, your husband is handsome but he does not beat out Apollo, Todd or Ralph in my eyes. Let them all put on some clothes and I’m sorry your husband is at the back of the line.

    I’m not saying he’s not handsome because he is but don’t get big headed thinking that he is and that you are in front of the pack. Also, why are you and/or Marlo so concerned about Kenya’s butt? Whether she grew it, bought it or whatever, why are you all so jealous that you are obsessed about it being natural. Sanya you could use a few butt shots your damn self.

    Girl move around, move around!

  6. Sonya just came to the show and thinks she can call the shots. She is weak and has no storyline. Sonya is 2 faced and knows what Phadrea did to Kandi. Why bring back a person who made up a vicious story and accused Kandi of rape. Sonya is messy and needs to exit the show.

  7. It is time for Kandi, Kenya, Drew, and Marlo to go. They cause too many issues. Bring back Porsha, Cynthia, and Kim. People is over all that bickering and acting up.

    1. Cynthia is the only person you named who isn’t messy. Porsha and Kim are no better than Drew, Kenya, Marlo, and Kandi in that regard.

    2. Seems like they are jealous of Kandi,she’s is my favorite on the her and her family because they.are real

  8. Anyway, Marlo is a sociopath. She needs intense therapy not a reality show. Sanya will be her next victim. I remember when Kandi thought Marlo was harmless too.

    1. I’ll add that she’s a degenerate too who likes to use her trauma to keep people from holding her mean a-s accountable. I can’t stand her. She’s the worst housewife ever.

    2. I wish y’all would stop making Kandi look like she is so innocent Kandi through rocks and have behind her back she is a snake and Kenya and Drew and the other girl her lap dogs let the truth be told, the only things good about Kandi she is a good business woman and she will help you if you are kiss her butt and it’s all about her. just my opinion

      1. And I wish y’all would stop hating on successful black women because mediocrity makes you more comfortable. But we can’t all get what we want, right? Kandi is not a snake and she’s not the one out here lying and using someone’s death and shooting to destroy someone. That would be Marlo, Sanya, and Sheree. Thanks for playing.

      2. Another lie! List all the things Kandi did that makes her a snake! You Marlo stans always project just like that felon does!

    1. Marlo needs to leave Kandi alone. Kandi helps everyone,quit holding on to she didn’t do nothing for your nephew he didn’t work there anymore. I had places I used to work I wouldn’t get mad if they didn’t do nothing.

    2. Sanya was Drew friend before the show after she got on the show she went against Drew she is no one friend I don’t care for kandi but Marlo was wrong

      1. No it’s time for Marlo to go. Kandi and Kenya aren’t the ones using someone’s death for a storyline. Marlo is despicable.

  9. Sanya doesn’t really like Kandi or Kenya but she’s too fake to stand in that because she doesn’t want to end up off the show. She wants to pretend like she likes everyone. But that is a sure fire way to lose a peach.

    1. That’s why I say it’s jealousy, Kandi doesn’t bother no one she has too much going on in her life, I seen her son on his commercial Kandi that’s right keep going up that ladder,while your haters are trying to climb behind you😃👏🏽

      1. Kandi has outgrown that show and she knows it. She is only staying for the coins. You can never talk to her about the bad or the ugly same thing goes for Kenya Marlo is her storyline if she goes who will she constantly attack next and no one is noticing The vibes between Drew and her husband you can tell that there’s something going on

        1. You must watch clips only because you’re definitely not watching the actual show. Kandi is Marlo’s storyline not the other way around. You should listen to the interview Marlo did with Carlos where she admitted she was coming for Kandi because she’s the highest paid. Kandi is the most honest housewife. Marlo has shown the least and shares barely anything. She wouldn’t even have a peach if NeNe was still there.

  10. Sanya is delusional because Phaedra wouldn’t even like her. Phaedra would read her down quickly for being fake and having no substance. I have no idea why Sanya was even casted. It’s like NeNe’s removal made Bravo incredibly desperate and irrational.

  11. Sanya and Marlo are going to get eaten up at the reunion and I’ll have not one ounce of sympathy when it happens.

    1. I know that’s right, I hope they know that.Marlo just stop please,you need to quit talking about Kandi if you need her help with something just ask her. Sanya you just coming on the show it’s not time for you to be going against someone. Focus on your household that you need to get together,you said you can’t make it without your family help,try and get a live in maid,maybe that’s best.

    2. Sheree’s two-faced, back stabbing butt needs to be handled at the reunion, too. She, Marlo and Sanya are Bullies to Drew, because she’s younger.

  12. Andy FIRE Sanya please she does not bring anything. But she wants to run the show now. Not qualified
    Girl, go sit down and be quiet.

  13. Inger, I have to agree with you regarding Sanya, she’s messy herself really let’s bring Phaedra, back. Marlo, needs helped I’m thinking the incident happened yesterday, we’re talking 2 years ago really Marlo, she got a PEACH and she has turned into an idiot. I liked her as a Friend, not a PEACH. Marlo, Sheree & Sanya, NO PEACH, find 3 more to replaced them for example: Lisa Hartwell, Eva, & Cynthia😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀.

  14. Santa is BORING AF on RHOA, she’s 2 faced n us trying her best to be relevant n IS NOT!! Girl as er’ybody is telling you, GO HV A SEAT, PLEASE.. you sound STUPID!! (take that peach n give it to ME lol)

  15. Sanyo and Marlo needs to go they have no story line they are Boring asHe’ll. Sheree Please its time for you to go to Boring they kno who needs to be gone and Kandi aint one. Sanyo just messy and Jealous Marlo Messy and Jealous Bye girls Bye Bye!!

    1. And she can deal with the consequences of answering that question too! This is why Kandi, Drew, and Kenya don’t trust her now! Only a fake person vacations with someone’s kids and husband just to say that person should be fired a week later in an interview!

  16. I just think it’s interesting that Kandi’s haters have spent years saying she gets people fired from the show but they don’t see an issue with Sanya’s fake a-s saying her own friend she vacations with (Kandi) should be fired and sat out for 4 seasons. I’m glad all these hypocrites and fakes are exposing themselves. Y’all got all this anger for Kandi like she’s the reason Nene, Phaedra, and Porsha are gone. Phaedra got her own dumb a-s fired. Porsha left because she couldn’t stand Marlo’s thirsty a-s. And NeNe assaulted a cameraman and called the whole network racist. None of that is on Kandi. So get over it.

  17. Marlo digs her own grave. She picks a fight with everyone. If not for Sanya and Sheree no one would probably want to film with Marlo. So in that case boot all 3 🤣

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