Sanya Richards-Ross Accuses Kandi Burruss of Hypocrisy & Riling up Her Fans

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Sanya Richards-Ross and Kandi Burruss’ friendship is being tested.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Sanya Richards-Ross are having some tension during the current season. As we reported, Kandi isn’t on good terms with Marlo Hampton. They have been clashing because Marlo accused Kandi of not acknowledging her nephew’s death. She later said Kandi should have catered food from Old Lady Gang and paid for the funeral because he worked at OLG. However, he wasn’t working at the restaurant at the time of his tragic death. So Kandi feels as if Marlo is entitled and very messy. In fact, Kandi accused Marlo of using her loved one’s death to make her look bad.

Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora have both sided with Kandi. However, Sanya thinks Kandi and the others are being too hard on Marlo. This has resulted in Sanya rubbing Kandi the wrong way. They discussed this during a recent episode. Kandi said it just seemed as if all Sanya has been doing is downplaying Marlo’s actions and defending her as of late. However, Sanya doesn’t see it that way. And she told Marlo that she wishes everyone could see the side of Marlo she sees often.

Well, Sanya and Kandi also clashed over a past interview. Sanya told Carlos King her dream cast, which did not include Kandi, Drew, or Kenya. But what may have come off shady to Kandi was the fact that Sanya said she’d sit Kandi out and bring back Phaedra Parks.

In response, Kandi called out Sanya on “Speak On It.” And she said that Sanya needed to be worried about her own status on the show because fans have been calling for her dismissal in droves on social media.

Kandi Burruss is accused of hypocrisy.

Sanya was asked about this during her interview with Haus of Aaron. And she said Kandi left her off of a dream cast list weeks prior.

“So the reality is Kandi gave her dream team weeks before I was asked and I wasn’t on her list. But she conveniently forgets what she does. She throws a bomb and hides her hand. I’m like why is it only offensive when someone else does it?”

She added, “She literally did a cast. I was not on her cast.”

The YouTuber said, “I didn’t know that.”

And Sanya responded, “Exactly because I didn’t go live. I didn’t go on Twitter. I just said okay, no problem. So then when I was asked, I was like okay, you don’t want to film with me, why would I put you on my list?”

Sanya thinks Kandi is being a hypocrite, “Why is it okay when you do it but when I do it, we gotta speak on it? You left me off your cast, right? You’re saying you’re listening to the fans. They don’t want me on the show. Cool. Well, when I’m asked who I want on the show, I’m not gonna cater to your feelings if you’re not gonna cater to mine. So that’s why I left her off my cast.”

Sanya Richards-Ross thinks Kandi Burruss can be messy with her platforms.

She explained why she didn’t pick Kenya, “I don’t have any real animosity towards Kenya. I just feel like Kenya and Marlo really don’t get along, so if I’m casting and I choose Marlo, I’m not gon choose Kenya. It’s just too much stress with both of them on the cast. So that was the Kenya reference.”

Sanya went on to say, “I don’t have no beef with Kandi. I actually respect, admire, and have a lot of love for Kandi. The issue is I feel like at times the things that she says, she wants you to just eat it. Like okay, it’s no big deal. But then it’s like no so then in that case, what is the difference? It impacts your business, it impacts my business. You leave me off the show, I’m not getting paid either.”

Regardless of the frustration, Sanya still thinks they can move forward.

“So I feel like it’s something we could talk through. It’s not a big deal. But at the same time, if you go back to her Shade Room interview, and they asked her her dream 6, I wasn’t in it. So I don’t see any reason why I should be walking around saying you’re in my dream 6 when I wasn’t in yours. You were in my faves until I wasn’t in yours sis!”

Sanya also feels like Kandi weaponizes her fan base, “But the reality of it is, the fans can be very fickle. So to read into what they’re saying, to make this whole thing about it, I think that’s truly unfair especially how big her platform is. She gets to sway a lot of people’s minds about things. I just want her to be as thoughtful as she wants you to be about what she says. Period. You leaving me off doesn’t put me in a good light.”


    1. Kandi does need to take a sit down, if she Ms Worldwide ( NOT), then what’s the problem, if she’s not help bringing the ratings up, she shouldn’t have a problem with it, what she afraid Phaedra, might come back and do too much damage, with ratings so low, Bravo is really losing not winning, each season they lose more and more viewers. I don’t see her doing anything on the show, when I watch, all I see is starting get really out of pocket, threatening that she’s gonna do something to somebody yet, she was gonna drag Mallory( Cynthia sister) punch Marlo in the face, and headbutt Courtney, child if that’s the best RHOA and Bravo can do, then that’s why the ratings are down, people get tired of the same ole same ole, and she nor Kenya in particular are not bringing anything new, and please if Kenya talk about her divorce one more time!!

      1. I totally agree, Kandi, Kenya, Drew and the other side kicks are Grown women’s acting like children. As though they are in a mean girl sorority. Also when Kandi has a issue with someone else, she expects you to choose a side , her side only. Not to stand up and tell her when she’s wrong. Otherwise you’re not her friend. And Drew (Smh) they all treated her like S last season, poor thing she just want to belong. Now she’s sucking up to the very one’s who were unkind to her. Kandi not one time spoke up for Drew.

        1. It’s like y’all watch a completely different show from everyone else. How is Marlo not considered a mean girl? How is Sheree not a mean girl? You care about Drew but neglected to mention how Sanya completely flipped on her for no reason because she thought Drew was the most unpopular in the group. Sis your faves Sheree, Sanya, and Marlo ARE the mean girls. It’s like NeNe left the show and y’all hate Kandi like she’s responsible. Now y’all are lying on her character. It’s weird.

          1. They are all mean ans messy girls in their own way, I agree with Sanya you can’t throw rocks at others and expect them not to get them thrown back at you. Kandi needs to let her mouthpiece know that she doesn’t need them to speak for her, everytime there’s a confrontation that involves Kandi, there’s Kenya, she should have taken up that same energy she has for protecting Kandi with Marc and maybe he would not have treated her the way he did Period!

        2. Yes the real housewives act just like children sometimes and they have beautifu or bragging about how much they have Their is so much they could reach the young people that watch them I really believe Nene has really grown even though she’s not on the show I have love 💕 for them all God bless everyone’s journey

      2. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are so right Cher! I thought it was just me, I really believe Bravo ought to let Kenya & Kandi go!

        1. So true! It is time to let Kandi and ms. Beauty Queen Kenya go because they’re one of the reasons for lower ratings, they really have no storylines and always bickering and backstabbing every new character on the show and sheree is the same . They should have left her off the show she’s so annoying and phony..

          1. Let Shree get her coins like everyone else. Kenya been boring and yet they kept her for so many seasons. It’s a shame they keep firing her. To many haters.

    2. Exactly! Is she above the rule of truth and true friend instead of throw a rock hide your hand

  1. She described Marlo more so than Kandi because Kandi is literally a don’t start none won’t be none kind of person. I think Sanya, Sheree, and Marlo are jealous she has the biggest following.

    1. I totally agree….I don’t see where Kandi does that and I am not a fan of Kandi….even if Kandi chose her I STILL say Sanya is boring….she’s BEEN boring and brings nothing to RHOA….bring back Cynthia……

      1. This right here. I’m not a Kandi fan either but people are really lying on her character this season and I’m about sick and tired of it.

    1. Yes! She’s very, very, very, very boring. She’s coming for Kandi (WHY)???????? I’m tired of Marlo, too. Andy Cohen, we need some replacements really bad for example:Cynthia, Lisa, Eva, Porsha (sister) good fit; get rid of Sanya, Sheree, & Marlo

  2. Boy, someone seeing that Kandi feels she can say whatever she wants about the others but they can’t say what they want about her, because it can hurt her business interests. Her comments can hurt their business interests also. Kandi is fake

    1. Kandi is no way near fake, she speaks what’s on her mind truthfully with no feelings toward the person. She doesn’t mess with people lives starting BS.


  4. You’re absolutely correct 👏 👌. Kandi thinks her sh-t doesn’t stinks. Fans have been asking that she be fired for a long time. She’s boring 😴. She only wants to talk about the good things in her life. She gets upset 😡 if u talk about the real stuff and issues that are going on.

  5. Just wait until Marlo comes for Sanya. IMO Sanya is trying to stay on Marlo’s good side so she will not be on the wrong end of her wrath. Just like Sanya was cool with Drew at first but she waited until some of the other housewives had a issue with Drew, then all of sudden Drew was an issue to Sanya. She’s a follower and I don’t care how many gold medals she has.

  6. She by Sheree, really your stuff is cute but it’s not (Jordan, Adidas, Nike) $162.00 – $180.00 too much, your line BOO giving me (Chic Me, Charlotte Russe & All other stores online) NOT ORIGINAL at all. T-shirts too much. You want catch your friend Marlo, in her stuff she’s completely DESIGNER CLOTHES, don’t forget Marlo, was not happy when a donor dropped off clothing from Walmart. Sheree, are you sign up on KLARNA for bi-weekly payments 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀?

  7. I never cared for Sanya from jump. I think she is messy and 2 faced. She goes with whoever she feels is going to make her more popular. How she treated Drew is all I had to see. On top of not telling Kandi and Kenya to do some free work for her promoting her lame clothing line. She is a snake that can run fast. She is such a wannabe.

  8. So you guys want a show with Sanya, Marlo, Sheree, and Phaedra?? WTH? It’s giving fake, petty, messy, and plotless. Bravo already has the nerve to be bringing Kim back who couldn’t be around these women without her husband bodyguarding and accusing them of attacking her whenever they questioned her failure to participate. Might as well add her to that cast too. You think nobody’s watching now…

  9. I think the show has too much drama. These are grown a-s women with the children and grandchildren and they are acting like high school mean good vs shy girls. Kandi is just a laid back non-drinking person. Who has her mind on her money and her money on her mind. She really not for all the extra stuff but in order for the show to have ratings they have drama so let’s pick with the non drinker this season. Kandi really do not have much in common with them except Drew and Kenya due to their similar careers. Marlo a gold digger, Sheree a wannabe entrepreneur, Sanya track star witj family issues. They are trouble making cackling hens who need a storyline recast those bums. Drew needs a hug she needs to be part of something. If these women do not have any mess to carry then they are bored and so is the show. They lost their most significant cast members (NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha) except Kim and now she’s back but not for long.. they will have her running soon, she can’t take the heat. What’s the purpose of that a new storyline. Andy Cohen needs to tighten ship a little bit and get rid of some of that chaos and show these women productivities. The House Wives franchise for him is $$$$$$$. So he don’t care if they kill one another but to have multi- millionaires African-American being petty on television is so sad. United we stand , divided we fall. The Dubi, Miami, and all the others housewives shows they have drama and they have altercations but they are still standing by showing them with mental/physical issues so they get away their pettiness. Housewives of Atlanta have to do better because they are elite women in statute and power

  10. Ok, now y’all sound like haters. Marlo is trying to irrelevant and you all re following for it. Marlo has a my mother on drugs and use to be old white men mistress. Sherrie can’t pay her bills. Dating criminals and say yea got got her two face a-s on the show needing her husband to stand up for her which he is wrong. They are the ones who are wrong and have nobody to blame but themselves….
    They knew what the show was about and wrong is wrong. Marlo did change her story we all saw that why she didn’t get one of her rich men’s she dated or sold some of her rich outfits she had to pay for her Nefew funeral.

  11. Andy Cohen you got to do better. Atlanta Housewives is getting VERY boring and sad. None of the ladies are real.. Kenya and Drew need to Go Kandi needs to stop bragging . I’m tired of looking at tiddies and a-ses. All of them are losing their story lines. Bring back Porsha and Cynthia real ladies.

  12. Kandi, Kenya, and Drew are not the problem. Marlo, Sheree, and Sanya are. Marlo is a terrible housewife who makes up drama because she doesn’t want to show her real life. She stabs everyone she’s cool with in the back so she can have something to do on the show. And guess what? She’s still boring! Everything Sheree does is tired and boring! Her Martell storyline flopped. Her She By Sheree storyline flopped. And her OG reunion FLOPPED. And all of Sanya’s personal scenes SUCK! She seems like a decent lady but she is BORING! They need to bring back people Kandi, Kenya, and Drew really have friendships with! Bring back Porsha, Cynthia, Eva, h-ll I’d even take Claudia at this point as well! The show is trash because all the real and fun friendships and beefs take place off the show!

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