Erica Mena Seemingly Shades Safaree Samuels & Amara La Negra in Message About Daughter

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Safaree Samuels and Amara La Negra caused a stir on the internet recently.

Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels have been a hot topic on social media since their romance was confirmed days ago. Safaree showed up to the birthday party Amara planned for her daughters. The “Love And Hip Hop Miami” star is a mother to twin girls. But what really had folks talking was the gifts Safaree came with. He gifted Amara’s daughters Rolex watches. Erica Mena wasted no time making her feelings known regarding the matter. And she called Safaree out. Erica accused Safaree of doing more for Amara’s children than he has for his own. Interestingly enough, Safaree and Erica’s co-parenting issues played out on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” as well.

Erica has consistently been critical of Safaree’s fathering. In fact, she said that it’s been a pattern with Safaree since their divorce. She alleged that Safaree is promiscuous and buys lavish gifts for the random women he deals with. But he is allegedly lacking when it comes to their children. So Erica wasted no time putting her ex-husband on blast yet again.

Well, Safaree and Amara have been receiving some backlash as a result of the accusations made by Erica. And Erica had more to say on Instagram Story hours ago.

Erica Mena threw some shade at Safaree Samuels and Amara La Negra amid their romance.

In a message about her daughter, Erica wrote, “Trust & believe my daughter will know better. NEVER will I bring strange random men around EVER. Let alone because her mom needs tv time.”

She continued, “She already knows her mother is a force on her own. The show will always go on for US. We don’t gotta fake anything. She will be strong and she will be powerful. She looks like me & she will be even better than I ever was. This one here will be an incredible woman. She may not have a consistent male figure in her life but she won’t have a random one in it either.”

Erica threw one final jab at the conclusion of the post, “Having a daughter is extra work. And I’m here to raise her doing everything it takes so she knows independence and isn’t misled by love-bombing Narcissistic men in her future.”

Check out the screenshot here.


  1. I wouldn’t even give my ex and his new fling this type of energy. You’ll never see me sweat. Erica needs to tighten up. The best revenge is success and not letting those who wronged you have power over you. When you still care, they win.

    1. She needs to stop the social media shenanigans and drag Safaree’s clown a-s to court. I don’t care what new b-tch my ex is playing with. Run me and my kids our coins sir. Put him on child support and keep it moving.

      1. She tried to put him on child support but Safaree told the judge Erica makes more than him so the child support she gets isn’t very much. Safaree really did her dirty.

      2. Ms.Jackson she did through the divorce and basically court said she makes more money so he only pays $1,600 a month chump change while she has to hold the rest of the fort down that he created with her. The court system basically jipped her babies. Safaree makes me sick 🤮 he is disgusting and lacks manhood from head to toe his mother has to be embarrassed of the trash he turned out to be.

    2. I didn’t get that she was bothered. She just said what she said and it was all strong and positive. Respect to her comments and Blessings to her Daughter.

    1. Most of them are desperate for storylines. The funny thing is the more desperate they act, the less people watch. I will say I’m starting to think Shay and her brother told the truth about Amara. And if so, Amara and Safaree are the same kind of people.

    2. It’s just a mess…. Safaree is a total clown…..That man is only for himself and I don’t know why Erica would marry him!!! My heart hurts for the children and not the adults in this matter… Getting into these relationships for a storyline will make u look foolish every time!!! Know who u dealing with before u marry/ have children with them…

  2. Erica is desperate to be claimed! Took her two children to relize that she is wasting her OWN time.

    Zero sympathy

    1. Right! Remember when she was with Bow Wow and they were engaged. She was spending all his money and looking very beautiful every time you seen her. She wanted a husband so bad back then but Bow Wow dodged the bullet and boy was he glad. She did everything in her power to be this man wife (safaree) and then ran him away because she has a big mouth and is very loud and aggressive when she is poked. Jus ask Rich Dollar. She must still care for him to be so bothered by all his relationships with other women. Tha first thing she does is run to IG to air out all their biz and try to make him look bad but when she is with her click (friends) she talking all this sh*t but by herself she drowning in sorrow.

      1. You have to be unserious. Bow Wow dodged a bullet? Umm, lady, Bow Wow is an abuser. He also tried to kill himself in front of Erica’s son. He is not a prize and needs lots of therapy. Erica dodged a bullet not marrying him because it would have been worse than Safaree. Rich Dollaz is nearly 50 years old with commitment issues who is also so aggressive that he’s still trying to fist fight on TV for a check. Like do y’all hate other women that much that you’re defending and overhyping trash men? Do better.

  3. I agree. With you all. The same energy she’s wasting on social media and checking what Safaree is doing, is time she could spend in her kids. It’s funny how she has all of this negative stuff to say about this woman and how she raises her children. Can we say kettle calling the pot black. How many woman and men were you fooling around with fro air time and didn’t worry about how it would affect your older son. It’s ok to be hurt but don’t put it off on everyone else. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror Sis

  4. Ok people y’all Soo hard waving the flag for Mena check on past comments made about quote “ugly black nappy headed roach faced women” lololol 🤣🤣 it is feasting on her soul about Amara 😭😭😭

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