Erica Dixon Accuses Bambi of Being a Bad Stepmother As She Supports Scrappy Amid Divorce

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Scrappy has reconnected with exes Diamond and Erica Dixon amid his divorce from Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Bambi and Scrappy are in a contentious place. Bambi filed for divorce because she suspected Scrappy cheated on her while he was on the Millennium Tour. He reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Diamond since she was also on the tour. Bambi said she discovered some inappropriate text message conversations between Scrappy and Diamond. And she read messages from Scrappy telling Diamond to meet him in his hotel room. So she thinks Scrappy cheated on her. Momma Dee only added to the drama when she told multiple people that Diamond could be pregnant by Scrappy. He denied sleeping with Diamond, as well as knocking her up.

Interestingly enough, another ex Scrappy has reconnected with is Erica Dixon. On the recent episode, Erica and Scrappy confirmed they are currently in a cordial place. And they have been getting along for the sake of their daughter Emani Richardson. Erica also said that she’s happy to have a front seat for Scrappy and Bambi’s divorce because she can’t stand Bambi.

Erica Dixon gives Rasheeda an update about her current status with Bambi.

Well, Erica’s tension with Bambi will be addressed on the upcoming episode. In a preview, Erica sits down with Rasheeda to talk about the situation. And Rasheeda asks, “You know, with the whole situation with Scrappy and Bambi, do you think Emani will still be able to freely come and go and be able to see her siblings at Bambi’s? How do you think that whole dynamic will work out?”

Erica answered, “I hope they can. I have actually been supporting Scrappy just to make sure this whole divorce is peaceful. I’m just like you don’t need to go through…what we went through, you shouldn’t go through. Anything involving kids, I’m just sensitive towards that. So I want Emani to be happy, and I want her to have a relationship with her siblings. But she doesn’t have any desire to go over there based off of Bambi.”

She says more in a green screen interview, “Bambi, she constantly talks about me around my child. You’re negative and derogatory about her father in front of my child, you don’t feed my child so drop the good girl act like you’re the best stepmom ever.”

Erica also told Rasheeda that Bambi was rude to her during one of the times she dropped off Emani, “One time when we were exchanging Emani cause I’m like okay you’re gonna be with her, I’m like, ‘Hey. I’m speaking to just kind of break the ice, like what’s up, what’s going on. She said, ‘You don’t say what’s up, what’s going on to me. You say, hi Bambi. That’s how you address me.’ I said, Say what? I was like, ‘Girl what?’ I said, ‘Who you talking to?'”

Rasheeda says this is just shocking to hear in a green screen interview.

“Bambi’s like this nurturing mom. I’ve seen her and Emani together happy. And to hear what’s going on now, what’s the full story? Ain’t nobody gotta be best friends, buddy-buddy, none of that. But just a hint of a healthy relationship because it spills into the kids.”

Regardless, Erica tells Rasheeda that Bambi isn’t nurturing and she’s another way in private, “If you’re so nurturing, why do we have a child that does not care to be around you?”


  1. Erica really acts like she has clean hands. It’s hilarious. The truth is she loves toxicity and she’s going to have a problem with every woman Scrappy is with. The only reason Erica isn’t looked at as a bitter baby momma is her looks.

  2. It’s been over a decade. And still the only time we see or hear from Erica is when she’s talking about Bambi and Scrappy. How embarrassing. 🥴

  3. Where is Erica twins father? We don’t hear or see anything about that. If she is happy 😊 why meddle with scrappy situation

    1. The twins father is married. This is why Erica needs to sit down somewhere. She’s no saint herself.

  4. I’m tired of all of them now. Erica has Bambi’s address. She could have whooped her a-s years ago if she’s so horrible. But she waited to buck for the cameras and a storyline. I don’t respect it and Erica needs to get a life. None of them put the kids first so they’re all wrong. This family will always be dysfunctional because they want it that way. They’ll do anything for a check like some suckas.

  5. I’ve lost so much respect for Erica. She’s really moving like a pick me with absolutely no shame. It’s like she thinks we forgot how horribly Scrappy and Momma Dee treated her. But her hate for Bambi supersedes common sense and self esteem. And didn’t Emani lie and say Erica abused her? So she’s aware Emani like most kids will embellish the truth. She never wanted Emani to get along with Bambi anyway. It’s laughable for her to be offended by Bambi dragging Scrappy in front of Emani like she doesn’t drag Bambi in front of her all the time.

  6. Erica should be too happy in her own relationship and booked to be all involved in Scrappy’s divorce. This is weird. Imagine hating another woman so much that you’re willing to look this dumb. Bambi has her faults but this ain’t it either. They don’t get along because Scrappy constantly pits them against each other. Shay woke up and got a clue. When will Erica?

  7. This is silly. Why is Erica okay with them only inviting her back on this show to talk about Bam and Scrapp? That means the producers don’t see any value in her outside of them. And that should bother her. I wanted her back on the show but not like…this.

  8. None of these kids are going to like each other when they get older and it’s because of the adults. Scrappy, Bambi, Erica, and Momma Dee all have huge egos too.

  9. I hope Bambi and Erica will both one day realize Scrappy is the root of their issues and they don’t have to keep doing this to each other. And the moment that happens, all the children will be able to have good relationships with each other.

  10. Are we ever going to see Erica’s personal life on this show again? If she’s only going to fixate on Scrappy and his life/Bambi, she can stay away!

  11. Erica is full of sh-t. She hasn’t done a thing to nurture Emani’s relationships with Bambi and her siblings. What she did do is talk about Bambi like a dog to Emani when she did have a good relationship with Bambi. Of course Emani was going to grow up and start disliking Bambi if her own momma is always dogging her out. This is why Emani gets on TV and the internet now talking sideways. No one has been a good example for her. Bambi’s kids won’t like Erica or Emani either because it will be encouraged by Bambi and her people. It’s just a cycle of toxicity. None of the adults in this situation are victims, they’re the problems.

  12. Ugh I hate this! This was the time for Erica and Bambi to come together and support each other since Scrappy has done them both wrong. But nope! They still want to claw each other’s eyes out. Meanwhile Scrappy barely gets any backlash. SMH some women will never learn!

  13. Erica is not over Scrappy and it shows. If Bambi really didn’t feed Emani, why isn’t Erica mad at Scrappy for allowing this? I also noticed that she’s only mad at Bambi for the abuse investigation but Scrappy was the one who told the authorities to investigate. So truth be told, Erica should have even more smoke for Scrappy than Bambi. Yet, she’s twerking in front of him and pretending like he’s father/husband of the year. I’d say this is bird behavior but birds are actually intelligent.

  14. The women could get along if the man would step up like he’s supposed to. Erica looks beautiful. But I want her to rethink how she’s moving.

  15. Every last comment was on point. When I tell you from the very beginning I said Erica is OFF! She lacks a tremendous amount of self esteem and she don’t even know it. For her to even want to get mixed up in Scrappys business something that has absolutely nothing to do with her it behooves me. As for Bambi I still like her I’m sure she has her faults as we all do but she couldn’t have been that bad to be around Emani and if she was then Scrappy had right to check that because she was in both adults supervision ( and I say that very loosely) As for Scrappy he really needs to get some professional help because he’s most definitely plays a HUGE part in the demise of their relationship. He claims she wasn’t treating him like he’s that guy, well he needs ask hisself has he given her a reason to treat him like he’s that guy maybe he didn’t put hisself in a position to be treated as such so she responded the way she saw fit. So in this case I’m not on his side or her side I’m on the side of their children because they are the ones that are going to suffer. I was told a very long time ago YOU CANT MAKE A MAN OR WOMAN TURN AROUND AND SEE THE TRUTH THEY HAVE TO DO THAT ON THEIR OWN!

    1. Whew Kae you absolutely nailed it. Remember the reunion show where Erica was so proud to say she was in a hotel room w/Scrappy when he was 1st dating Bambi and Bam said baby mommas can be side checks too? That was my 1st side eye at Erica. Then on another reunion show Erica tried to act unbothered because she was pregnant with the twins and Scrappy exposed her saying the dad was married. 2nd side eye because it turned out true. Now with her being in an actual meeting regarding his divorce and saying she’s happy to see Bambi’s downfall 👀 come on now sis. That’s going over the edge 😳. She better chill because them babies are young and she has a lot of years ahead of her to be smiling at anyone’s pain.

  16. Too be totally honest with you, I just feel THOSE children should be first priority, everything else will be placed into it’s order, as needed, I KNOW we have our very own personal lives as adults, but alot of us forget about the kid’s, until it’s too late, even though the kids aren’t spotlighted in ALOT of the episodes, they have feelings and are ALL that REALLY matters, when we as parents are going through certain situations, especially a divorce, hopefully everything/everyone can come to peaceful resolutions, the kids can have happy, healthy lives, and everyone resumes their lives, but we MUST PUT OUR KIDS FIRST, because what we think they don’t know,they know, and trust me they ALWAYS know when we’re feeling some type of way, with this being sad, praying everyone can come together, respect each other, and live happy healthy lives, but OUR KID’S ARE NUMBER 1.

  17. I can’t understand how everyone is bashing Erica. Bambi is a whole joke and this crap has blown up in her face. First chance she gets, she’s going straight for the juggler. It was supposed to be a peace-making moment…why would you bring up an abuse allegation like any mother aint bout to up with you real quick! Bambi throws the rock and hides her hands to play victim. If you don’t want the man any more, why are you and your friends acting like the bitter bm club, and you steady yelling “at least I was wife!” Just childish! Who cares when we all know you didn’t have much of a marriage!??

  18. I understand Erica has never been married so she may not understand it, but Bambi is not going to become a “baby momma” because she’s getting a divorce. In fact, the court of law gives ex-wives more rights than baby mothers. She’s an ex-wife and there is a difference. I have a lot of issues with Bambi’s way of doing things, but I respect her for doing what Erica should have done years ago. Instead of trying to fight Diamond, Bambi has enough sense to just divorce Scrappy and move on with her life. Erica spent years trying to fist fight all the women Scrappy cheated on her with and she’s still on TV arguing her value to him like he didn’t treat her like trash for years along with his momma. Her mother should have taught her to love herself more. She’s still a fool. Kudos to Bambi for leaving and understanding Scrappy is the problem, not the women he sleeps with.

  19. It’s all fun and games with Scrappy and he only runs to who he thinks would have his back because Karma is real and Erica only on his side cause he’s her baby daddy and she never cared for Bambi anyway and all the drama he put her through when they were together she still wanted that support from him as being his baby mother which he wasn’t giving at that point of time throughout the show so now they in a good place so she’s willing to support him of his divorce or whatever but honestly I don’t think she would take him back cause if she did I don’t think he would of went back to Diamond before trying to get back with Erica and that would of just to get under Bambi skin so she’s only trying to be supportive of him and making things right for their child even though she’s 18 now, Scrappy just won’t grow up and be the person he needs to be at certain point of time.

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