Drew Sidora’s Sister Clashes with Courtney Rhodes + Kandi Burruss Slams Sheree Whitfield

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Drew Sidora has been rethinking some of her friendships on RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Drew Sidora is having an interesting season. In fact, she’s not only clashing with Ralph Pittman, but she’s been clashing with Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton, too. Marlo and Kandi along with Kenya Moore have been telling Drew she kissed LaToya Howard on the night of the Bolo drama. Drew said she’s being lied on. Kandi took this personally because she doesn’t like being labeled as a liar. So they have been going back and forth about this. Kandi even said things only worsened between them at the reunion during a recent interview. Bravo has since released the first trailer for the reunion.

In the video, a lot of insults were tossed around. Sheree Whitfield even got into it with Kandi at one point.

Kandi says, “You always talk about shots.”

Sheree stood up to say, “**** yeah. Let me stand up, honey because you could never!” Kandi then responded, “You put all the shots in your face!”

Marlo Hampton was put on blast.

Kenya made a very interesting revelation about her ongoing divorce/custody battle with Marc Daly. Apparently, Marlo’s name and number came up in his court documents.

“It’s a little thing called discovery. Her phone number appears in Marc’s phone records. You will have to appear in court. Here is your subpoena.”

Mimi Faust‘s ex Ty Young was also discussed. As we reported, Mimi caused a stir on social media when she accused Drew of messing around with Ty. Apparently, someone sent Sheree’s alleged text messages that were exchanged between Ty and Drew.

After Drew confirms she attended Ty’s WNBA game in Texas, Sheree says, “I was given some information. It just paints a different picture.”

Andy Cohen reads the messages, “These are private messages between Ty and Drew. They’re very incriminating.”

Kandi watches it all unfold and comes to the conclusion that Drew gaslights Ralph.

“But the way you just sat here and lied on this **** chair, I for sure feel like you’ve been gaslighting Ralph.”

Drew Sidora’s sister has a heated exchange with Courtney Rhodes.

When Courtney Rhodes visits Ralph in his dressing room, she gets into it with Drew’s older sister Allison Jordan. Allison asks, “You calling me a *****?”

Courtney answers, “I did.”

A very heated Allison then made reference to Courtney previously saying she couldn’t have called Drew the B word because she doesn’t use the word.

“Oh you don’t use the word ***** though.”

Ralph eventually appears on the stage with Andy and Drew for their one-on-one segment. Drew shows Andy some text messages of her own. And she claims these texts are from a conversation Ralph had with another woman.

Andy says, “It said are you going to bring me back that ****?”

Regardless, Ralph accuses Drew of being the unfaithful one. This really upsets Drew and she storms off the stage after Ralph accuses her of acting.


    1. Yes, Peachy! Say it!

      I love Kandi but this was her worst season. You were not a sister to anyone. You made under handed remarks about everybody but the people who treated you the worst, you kissed their behind.

      I am so, disappointed in your treatment of Drew. Whether you think she’s acting or not she is a wife and mother who is going through a hard time. Why drill her about the kiss if she doesn’t want to acknowledge it? Then you say she’s gaslighting Ralph. If that were Todd and you, you would be ready to fight. Like, Marlo saying that you put your momma before your husband.

      Not good, Kandi, not good! I’m going to need for you to make up for that.

      I wish you all the best and I especially wish Drew and her family healing.

    2. I don’t remember neither Sheree or Marlo calling Kandi a liar . Reputation is EVERYTHING for Kandi’s brand and she becomes cutthroat when being misrepresented.

      1. Girl what? Sheree and Marlo called Kandi promiscuous and mocked Kandi’s cousin getting shot. Don’t forget Marlo also brought up the previous OLG shooting and said Kandi’s businesses aren’t safe. That’s not only a knock on Kandi’s reputation but her business too. Kandi looks absolutely unhinged attacking Drew only.

  1. Kandi knows that Drew is weak and she will go extremely hard on her. Marlo and Sheree will not be as easy Drew.

  2. Drew brought everything on herself, this woman is far from innocent, even though she is trying to pretend she is. Why is it a problem to call her out on her mischievous ways when Drew doesn’t mind calling anyone else out on theirs.

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