Sheree Whitfield & Kandi Burruss Drag Each Other + Drew Sidora’s Sister Calls out Kandi

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Sheree Whitfield and Kandi Burruss aren’t in a good space.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield‘s friendship is in a rather interesting place. They aren’t necessarily on bad terms. However, they have been shading each other in green screen interviews. Kandi feels like Sheree shaded her first. And she’s just made more of an effort to return the energy during the current season. Interestingly enough, Sheree thinks Kandi tried to ruin her business when she was critical of She By Sheree on social media. While Kandi did promote the brand on her YouTube channel, she also repeated some of the gossip surrounding it. At the time, someone alleged they designed the pieces for the She By Sheree fashion show. And allegedly, they were not paid for their work.

Kandi also said that she believed Sheree’s website wasn’t ready on launch day and it crashed because the site wasn’t properly set up. Sheree said the site crashed because of demand/high traffic.

Well, this all came up during the reunion. And it led to a messy exchange between Kandi and Sheree.

In a preview for part 1 of the reunion, Andy Cohen asks Sheree about the drama surrounding Martell Holt and her birthday dinner. As we reported, it was alleged Martell didn’t want to pay for the dinner. And he ended up asking those who came to the dinner to chip in via Cash App. The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star has been receiving a lot of criticism for this, too.

Sheree doesn’t really say too much on the topic, just that she doesn’t feel she should have to pay for her birthday dinner. This is despite Andy and Marlo Hampton explaining that the person who invites people to dinner usually foots the bill whether it’s their birthday or not. Sheree’s inability to understand this results in Andy throwing some shade.

“You have a very interesting relationship with bills.”

Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield clash at the reunion.

Drew Sidora and Kandi are amused by this. So Sheree lets them have it.

“No one’s ever taken me to court and said that I have not paid their bill, honey. Or tried to sue me for stealing their idea. Hey Johnny.”

Producers then flashback to a past scene of a man named Johnny meeting with Phaedra Parks. He accused Kandi and Todd Tucker of stealing the Old Lady Gang concept.

In response, Kandi says, “Y’all know good and **** well that my restaurant is based on my aunts, Old Lady Gang.” She adds, “Now let’s not talk about you not paying the guy for the fashions and that’s why them fashions not on that website.”

Sheree then whips out a piece of paper that contains a screenshot of a man named Rowan saying he paid the fashion designer for his work.

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. So Rowan was helping. I paid Rowan, Rowan paid him back then. Back then! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

Regardless, Kandi doesn’t back down, “Those fashions on your runway, half of them are not on your site!”

Sheree snaps, “So what?! Why are you so bothered with She by Sheree?! Girl, go mop those nasty *** floors in your restaurant!”

Kandi fires back, “Worry about your dry *** new face you got going on.”

And Sheree then says, “Let me stand up, honey so I can show you the body and the face cause ***** you could never! Never, honey, never!”

Allison Jordan called out Courtney Rhodes and Kandi Burruss.

In more RHOA-related news, people are still talking about Courtney Rhodes’ appearance on “Speak On It.” Apparently, some feel like insensitive comments were made about Allison Jordan’s mental health, as well as mental health in general. At one point during the conversation, Kandi said she didn’t believe Drew when she spoke about Allision’s journey. And that is because Allison didn’t “look like” someone who struggles with mental health issues.

Courtney accused Allison of drinking too much for someone who has mental health issues. She also accused Drew of encouraging it.

Another part that didn’t sit well with people is the idea that Drew discussing Allison’s mental health battle was just for a “storyline” instead of Drew just trying to be transparent on a reality show, in which she’s paid to do so.

The backlash for the interview has been thick. And Allison took to Instagram to defend herself. She wrote, “I went on RHOA to normalize the conversation on mental health. My vulnerability and willingness to share trials of overcoming PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression is to reduce the stigma and fear of those suffering in silence. No one has the blueprint of what a person looks like with mental health. What is ‘Normal?’ Was I supposed to show up in a straight jacket? Furthermore, I do not abuse alcohol or take any medications that interact with alcohol. The statements Courtney Rhodes made on SPEAK ON IT were reckless tasteless, insensitive, and ignorant. For Kandi Burruss to engage in such dialogue was diminishing.”

She continued, “Mental health does not own a look nor concrete symptoms. It is my hope, that Courtney reflects on her baseless, careless words and grows enough empathy to not only issue a public apology but take the time to educate herself on the many forms of mental illnesses with the goal of never belittling or attacking anyone experiencing mental illness again.”


  1. Kandi really lets Sheree disrespect her constantly but she wants to destroy Drew for saying she didn’t kiss somebody. Make it make sense.

    1. This was blatant Outing of Drew to me. Kandi wouldn’t let up. She never considered this woman’s feelings and what she could be going through. There was a time when this was completely frowned upon. You have no idea why someone doesn’t want to tell their truth (if that is so) at the time when you feel it should be done. For some, it takes a lot to completely change their lifestyle. Not everyone it’s not just “having fun” as Kandi called it when she was talking about being with women. Kandi was determined to reveal Drew just because she called Kandi a liar. Now look, I definitely hate being called a liar about anything, but Kandi should take into account this is not just a joke to Drew, it’s her life and something her husband could/would weaponize against her. And if it is true, she simply may have wanted to talk to her family first before it being blasted to the world.

  2. Veronica,
    I agree with you. I’m not sure what’s going on with these ladies but The OG’s have become NOG’s! At this point, I believe a total recasting is necessary. The show should go back to actual housewives. Not girlfriends, friends of the show or maybe, some divorcees if it’s recent divorce.
    Sheree doesn’t even have a man. Her and Martell are playing the role to keep paychecks. On the next season of Love and Marriage Huntsville Martell is wearing a ring that Melody gave him. When was that show filmed? They are becoming reckless and phony, phony and more phony.

    Kandi, you went way too far with Drew this season. Why? And, please don’t talk about mental illness because you clearly have severe anger issues and your mom does too. If you don’t know, severe anger is a form of mental illness. Now, you know! I love you and have supported you from the beginning but you’re getting messy. I don’t care for Marloooow at all but one thing she said was true about you. She said that you put your mother before your husband in front of millions of viewers and she was right. Not good!

    So, let Drew and her sister do what it takes for them to get better. Even if that means not admitting that you kissed someone. Why do you care whether she admits it? I applaud Drew and her sister for seeking help. 99% of the people in the world needs help with their mental capacity and some point. There’s only a small percentage that gets help especially within the community of Black people.

    Marloooow is seeing a life coach when she clearly needs to be seeing a psychiatrist who can prescribe some medication. She hits way below the belt. Does she ever give you a genuine smile? You can see right through her pain. She will sell her mother, nephews and friends to keep up with her want to be lifestyle.

    You all have become who I don’t admire to be.

    I wish you all well!

    1. You are so effing right one about mental illness. I have low grade depression managed with meds. My life is once again balanced. My doctor explain what it does & how it works. Made it less ‘bad’ that I now took antidepressants!! Keep up the good fight!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Mental illness doesn’t have a “look.” Kandi may be a successful businesswoman, but she’s very ignorant and passive aggressive. Courtney is vomit inducing. Allison is great and I enjoy her scenes. I see Sheree is finally activated after giving nothing this season. 🙄

  4. Kandi has always been a undercover messy person, always before she allowed DonJuan, Moma Joyce, and others be out front saying stuff about others while she laughs. Kandi feels that she has the clout to do and say whatever she wants and it will be allowed. Nowadays people are seeing the real Kandi.


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