‘Basketball Wives’ Newbie is Threatening to Expose Jennifer Williams’ Fiancé?

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The new season of BBW will feature a good mix of OGs and new faces.

Basketball Wives” is set to return in October. Although the show is currently in hiatus mode, fans have been discussing rumors and casting news about the upcoming season. As we reported, Evelyn Lozada has returned for Season 11. She exited after a previous season due to her controversial feud with OG. OG and Evelyn never really got along while they filmed together. But things really went left after OG accused Evelyn of using a monkey emoji to shade her on Instagram Story. Evelyn denied this. She clapped back by suing OG for defamation of character. OG then countersued for emotional distress. Eventually, it got to the point that the ladies weren’t filming scenes together. Evelyn announced she was leaving the show because it became too toxic. And it was later revealed OG would no longer be on the show either.

With Evelyn back in OG’s absence, Shaunie Henderson has also been filming scenes for the new season. Jennifer Williams, Jackie Christie, and Brooke Bailey have also been filming. All the others from the previous season will not appear. So fans have been wondering how the OGs have been getting along with the newbies. Well, according to the gossip surrounding the show, there has been plenty of drama.

Multiple altercations took place while the cast filmed the upcoming season?

According to Blogger Spilling BBW Tea, so much has happened that the cast was told they will begin filming again in November. Supposedly, one of the newbies has threatened to expose Jennifer’s fiancé, Christian Gold. Weeks ago, Jennifer, 48, made headlines when she confirmed her engagement to Christian, 30, on social media. While many fans were happy for the couple, some squawked about the age difference. Others questioned Christian’s intentions since the only thing they heard was he is an “investor” who described himself as an “8-Figure Wealth Portfolio Manager” on social media bios.

As of now, it’s unclear what the newbie is threatening to “expose” about Christian. However, the blogger insists Jennifer might end up being unpopular with fans next season. So they probably aren’t going to have much remorse when things play out on the show.

It was also alleged altercations took place while the cast filmed the new episodes. Plus, Malaysia Pargo could be returning for the second half of Season 11.




  1. I already didn’t care for Jennifer during the last season. She has this pretentious attitude and I’m over it. That aside, I’m automatically side eying her fiancé because she has terrible taste in men and that’s been consistent since we’ve known of her. She’s a pro at ignoring red flags.

  2. This season is going to be so good. A good season of Basketball Wives finally after so many years of boring. We made it y’all! 😂

  3. Jennifer will ALWAYS attract a certain type on man (NO GOOD) because she”s EVIL …i am glad to see Megan James back on bbw I just hope she doesn’t take no crap like she did last time she was on bbw.

  4. Hopefully it will be a good season, and the women can stop tearing each other down. Agree to disagree is okay, but when you start degrading each other it’s bad. I hope Jackie have a different kind of perspective for herself.

  5. I’m happy for Jennifer. Sure her fiance has a past however, he can seek redemption. I just pray that he has honorable intentions and he doesn’t let her down.

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