Marsau Scott & Tiffany Whitlow Have a Messy Exchange

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Marsau Scott has been speaking his mind and he doesn’t care who he offends in the process.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott has managed to develop quite a reputation with his fellow costars. On the current season, he and LaTisha Scott‘s business expo has become a hot topic because some of them feel like the couple didn’t make the most professional decisions. Marsau refused to pay any of the Comeback Group for speaking on the event’s panel. So Melody Shari decided she would not speak for free since she’s been working as a professional speaker for years now.

Despite not being on the panel, Melody still attended the expo out of support. However, she wasn’t happy to hear that Marsau shaded her while speaking to the Fletchers. In fact, he told them he was against paying Melody because he didn’t take her business acumen seriously. This made no sense to Chris Fletcher or Nell Fletcher. They reminded LaTisha and Marsau that they were actually in business with the Holts before LAMH even existed.

Regardless, Marsau has reduced Melody’s multiple business endeavors to her just “selling t-shirts.” Melody confronted Marsau about this on the recent episode. And she said Marsau is wrong to put down any woman when it comes to entrepreneurship. She takes issue with any black man doing this.

Tiffany Whitlow and Marsau Scott have tension on the next episode.

Nell also came to the same conclusion and she said that she experienced the same thing from Marsau. She pointed out that he told her he had no idea she has been running a daycare facility for years. Instead, he thought Nell was just Chris’ pretty housewife. So Nell has come to the conclusion that Marsau may be bigoted towards women.

Well, another person who seems to have the same take is Tiffany Whitlow. On the upcoming episode, she and Marsau have a shady exchange, too.

In the preview, Marsau tells Tiffany and Martell Holt, “I’ma use the feedback as a tool for growth. Every single thing that y’all say, I’m taking it in and it’s helping me out.”

Tiffany asks, “Even the women at the table? I mean ****.”

Marsau responds, “I know you’re not used to being valued, but I’m telling you right now you’re valued here. Even if you don’t normally get valued, you’re valued here.”

Tiffany then says, “No, that you’re valuing what women say, that’s what surprised me.”

And Marsau adds, “Oh okay. Well, I’m glad you learned who I am.”


  1. He is an a-shole! He’s disrespectful, arrogant and really needs to go. It’s really getting ridiculous 😒

  2. Why Jesus, does he even open his mouth? If it were not for Martell and Mel, he would not even be on the show. Both of them are EPs. Tisha needs to leave because he only perceives women as being beneath him. If you all recall when Tisha wanted to go back to work, he did not want to babysit his kids. How do you babysit your own kids? He is just plain awful.

  3. The reason why Marsau has such a low opinion of women is because in reality he has a low opinion of himself, he doesn’t really think much of himself and deep down he is angry, he doesn’t like successful women so he has to tear them down and bring them down to his level.

  4. As the saying goes…..PRIDE comes before the FALL!!!! It’s something that’s gonna bring him to his knees and humble him!!! It’s coming and it will not be pretty…..I wonder how smart will he be then?!…

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