‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Evelyn & Vanessa Clash + Jennifer Has a New Boo

Basketball Wives Season 11 Episode 1
Photo Credit: VH1

On the season premiere of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn is back. While the other OGs are optimistic about seeing her again, one particular newbie doesn’t think she can be around Evelyn. It turns out Vanessa is friends with Amy, and Amy is Carl’s first baby momma. Evelyn and Carl were engaged years ago and share a son. Vanessa isn’t fond of Evelyn because she believes Evelyn got with Carl while he was with Amy. 

When Vanessa attempts to call Evelyn out, Evelyn tells her she has her facts wrong. She wasn’t a home wrecker and it’s not her fault Carl wasn’t honest. The heated exchange really rubs Evelyn the wrong way. Moving forward, she doesn’t even want to be around Vanessa. Their interactions have left a bad taste in her mouth.

Here’s a recap for, “Season Premiere.”

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  1. All I have to say is Basketball Wives 🏀 Orlando SUCKS!!!. All the newbies like who are they. Not entertaining at all. Sorry Not Sorry

  2. Production found a DUMMY to TRY and come for EVELYN…in the words of a rhoa peach she going down the wrong road THE WRONG ROAD….got Evelyn snatching wigs already😅🤣😅🤣

  3. Jennifer……. how is she gonna ask that lady what the tea is on Evelyn then in the interview say….I don’t know why she’s telling me all this stuff about Evelyn….it don’t have anything to do with me …I really really can’t stand her. Her relationship won’t last with this one either

  4. Jennifer messy boots. Evelyn on the show because she has the same story line. “A MAN”..but wait they have NOTHING if they don’t have a man…A CHEATING MAN!…OH AND FOOD!

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